Poll results are in: 55% of voters believe Obama is a disaster and a fraud!

*  30% of all voters believe he will bring about the end of America as we know it

*    5% believe he is ‘cool’

*     9% believe in CHANGE &  ‘yes we can’


New Poll starts today:

Is Islam a criminal organization?


6 thoughts on “Poll results are in: 55% of voters believe Obama is a disaster and a fraud!”

  1. Now..if we can get another 20 million people to google “The Obama File”.

  2. Do I get to vote twice? Islam is a criminal organistation developed by satan, which box do I tick?

  3. It’s bad enough Obama stutters so badly, but what comes out of his mouth has so little substance. Forget waterboarding, they ought to make terrorists in Guantanamo listen to Obama for an hour or so–then they’d give us any info we want!

  4. Since I don’t believe in Satan (what with humanity possessing more than enough evil to make such a creature redundant) I would have wanted a “demented cult” option but I had to satisfy myself with “criminal ideology”.

    It has become more and more apparent to me that vast numbers of Muslims know next to nothing about their religion and the scriptures it is based on. While that is a good thing in the sense of limiting the number of terrorists, knowledge is necessary to produce apostasy. If accepting a certain increase in terrorist acts is a sacrifice we need to make to cure this problem it is a price worth paying.

    Literacy, education, and exposure to information that is free from the filters of corrupt states and Western media cartels must be our highest priority for the developing world. People (like that Egyptian Coptic priest) who are willing to debate and confront Islam in its homeland and native languages need to be supported, commended and given all the extra exposure we can get them. As much as I admire sites like this which provide criticism of Islam in Western languages – and not to diminish their importance and impact – Critical information about Islam in Arabic, Farsi and even some other Western languages like French and Dutch serve to reach a lot more people at a faster rate.

  5. Saul Wall,

    I know some muslims quite well, and they seem to be ‘brainwashed’ from an early age into following the basic muslim practices (halal food, ramadan, etc etc) but the depth of knowledge of their own religious book is often surpassed by ‘infidels’. I think that what you say is correct about education, but how do you propose to ‘un-brainwash’ them?

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