Sally Neighbour of the bleeding hearts

* Sally Neighbour has been featured here previously. Its bad enough she gets to deposit her turds in Australian papers like the  Age and sometimes the Australian. Looks like she hit the big time now, because CNN discovered her thanks to her talent for spotting  politically correct flying body parts:

Dangerous Ground

We set out to do this story after hearing anecdotal accounts of a rising sense of alienation and resentment among young Australian Muslim men, a result of the fallout from September 11 and the Bali bombings, and the subsequent “war on terror.”
Their typical experience is being yelled at in the street: “Go back to where you came from. We don’t want you here.”

But the fact is 40 percent of Australian Muslims were born here. They have nowhere else to go.

* Fact? It is highly doubtful that 40% of Muslims are ‘born here’. But if that should be truly the case, it should worry us even more. Because  the rapid increase of their numbers would signify a population explosion that, if it continues along with unhindered Muhammedan immigration, inevitably lead to conditions like in Lebanon, where indigenous Christians are now the minority.

I felt this story was important, not just because everyone deserves to feel at home in the country of their birth, but because I know from my own research on terrorism that alienation is a key factor in the evolution of disillusioned individuals toward terrorism.

* We need to take a closer look as to what kind of ‘research’ Sally does. What we have seen so far is not impressive.  Ideological blinkers and the obligatory left wing bias don’t substitute for cold facts, reason and common sense.

The first obstacle we faced in making the program was getting anyone to talk to us. Muslim groups and communities are deeply suspicious and resentful toward the media, which they feel has stigmatised them.
* Hmm, and why would that be? Why aren’t Buddhists, Hindus, Zaroastrians or Christians and Jews ‘stigmatized and feel alienated?’

Many groups and individuals we approached refused to co-operate, out of (an often legitimate) fear that they would be typecast as “the bad guys” or potential terrorists.

Thankfully some of them decided it was worth taking the risk, in order to have their say.

Another difficulty was distilling the historic and political complexities of the current global Islamist insurgency into a 45-minute television program. We think the results are revealing and disturbing.

* Your sympathizing is disturbing, Sally. Very much so.

— From reporter Sally Neighbour

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  1. I do not care if they were born here or not. They are muslims and if they want to practice their filthy religion they can bugger off to whatever Islamic crap-hole that best suits their delicate sensibilities.

  2. What the hell does she mean they have no place to go if they are native born? There’s a vast paradise out there called the ummah to move to. Get closer to your god and move to Mecca.

  3. >>”Dangerous Ground

    Joe Grey>>You’re definitely on dangerous ground! You’d be the first one to be gang raped for days on end if the Muslims were to take over.

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