Hamas statement praising bulldozer attacks in Jerusalem

* The usual demented crap from the genocidal pedophile worshippers:

Text: Hamas statement praising bulldozer attacks in Jerusalem

*  Bulldozer in terror attack in Israel

Military Communique
“Jerusalem operations are facing the Zionist arrogance and haughty”

Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades is the armed branch of the Islamic Resistance
Movement (Hamas).

As the escalation of the Zionist crimes, against Palestinian people in
Jerusalem and the occupied territories in the West Bank ,continues with the
continuation of the illegal siege imposed on Palestinian people in Gaza
Strip, the Palestinian people refuses to surrender to the Zionist enemy.
Hence, the Palestine uprising “Intifada” came against the Zionist haughty
and arrogance, the operation of the Zionist “Biblical school” came to send a
strong message to those who attempt murderous and genocide operations
against our people, then the two bulldozers operations came to raze any hope
for the Zionist settlers to have a quiet life over our occupied land, as the
shooting of fire at the Zionist police who was standing at the gates of the
Al-Aqsa Mosque came to emphasize the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
We ,Al-Qassam Brigades, believe that these operations came as a response to
the Zionist crimes and atrocities which committed against our people. The
Palestinian people would say to the Zionists that whatever you try to
prevent our operations, we will fight you even by the white weapon or with
the unexpected means.

Al Qassam Brigades affirms the following issues:

1) We congratulate these operations which resist the Zionist occupation and
we consider it as a natural response of our people as long as the Zionist
occupation forces assassinate our children,
(When and where? The Pals habitually assassinate Jews, not the other way around) detain our women and our youth
and our children and confiscate and destroy the homes of our people in
(Israel should have evicted you all, murderous animals!)

2) No force in the world will be able to stand towards our people, trying to
seize his freedom.
(Israel stands and will not fall because of you barbarians!)

3) We salute the steadfastness of our people in the capital of Palestine
(Jerusalem) and in the blessed Al Aqsa Mosque
(this bloody mosqe on top of the temple mount should have been razed ages ago. Why was it not done?) and we call them to strength
their steadiness on the face of the ferocious and savage attacks against
prospects of our people in Jerusalem.

Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades
Information Office
July 23rd ,2008

And then there’s this:

“Just a traffic accident, not an attack..”

Don’t you wish these demented bastards would make up their minds?

The injured Israelis have been sent to  hospitals while Ghassan is dead and the Palestinian official from his family remains in Israeli prison. Members of the Israeli government are threatening to demolish the family home and revoke their Jerusalem identification.

One of his co-workers stated, “Ghassan worked for seven years on the bulldozer and this seems to have been a traffic accident and no more, because Ghassan does not belong to any political faction.” The area where the incident occurred is heavy with traffic and several are saying that Abu Tair hit the bus on accident, and then lost control of the bulldozer causing him to hit the cars.

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  1. Did you know about the foot of Moham [Piss Be Upon Him] in Jerusalem’s al-Assa mosque?

    The centre of al-Assa is a shrine to a big rock [yes, just like in Mecca where The Pedophile’s followers pray to their big rock.

    Anyway, as you approach this rock you are instructed to place your hand through a holy hole, and there on the very surface of the sacred rock you can feel … a hole … a crater .. yea verily, an indentation.

    And depending on who’s guiding you around the sacred temple of the moon god that day. you will be informed that that was the footprint of Moham [Piss Be Upon Him] himself, or the hoofprint of his heavenly steed Buraq!

    This is what is left of the mighty man-god’s Night Journey (al-Isra wal-Miraj), in which he miraculously travelled first to the Noble Sanctuary (Temple Mount) and then to heaven for a chat with other Moslems like Moses and Isaac, and where he told allah were to shove it (this allah demanded that Moozlims pray some ridiculous number of times a day, and Moham [PBUH] said, “Yo, Dude! That’s wack. yo!” They would have had no time for looting and raping so on. So allah told Moham [PBUH] to chill and 5 prostrations a day would be enough.

    Anyway, the hand typing this very record once touched the footprint of Mighty Moham [PBUH] (or Buraq’s hoofprint).

    When I meet Moozlims, I love telling them this true story.

  2. The magic rock is actually in The Dome of the Rock. Confusing because Moozlims call the entire mountaintop “al-Aqsa Mosque”

    Here’s a follower of the Pedophile:

    “Al-Aqsa Mosque: After completion of the Dome of the Rock, construction began at the site of the original timber mosque built in the time of ‘Umar. … The building became known as Masjid al-Aqsa, Al-Aqsa Mosque, although in reality the whole area of the Noble Sanctuary is considered Al-Aqsa Mosque, the entire precincts inviolable according to Islamic law.”

    I, I guess I shouldn’t have pissed on the wall…

    “While the Dome of the Rock was constructed as a mosque to commemorate the Prophet’s Night Journey, the building known as Al-Aqsa Mosque became a centre of worship and learning, attracting great teachers from all over the world.”

    (Teachers of crap.)

    The Moozlim writer also has photos of the very metal ring ‘pon which Moham [Piss Be Upon Him] tied his noble steed, Buraq of mysterious species.


    Prophet of Doom has more info on The Pedophile’s nocturnal wanderings with his magical beast:


  3. More on The Sacred Rock [no, not cocaine!]

    I know, 3 comments, but among all the evil and inanities of Izlam, I think Moham[Piss B.U.H.]’s pedophile activities and his laugh-a-minute trip to Jerusalem really win the prize for lunacy.

    * * * * *



    Masjidul Aqsa

    Muslims are absolutely certain that Allah revealed Quran through his angle Gabriel to Muhammad and nothing of that is changed.

    Let us put this claim to the test. There is a hadith that reports Muhammad one night, rode on a winged horse [actually a strange flyng horse-like camel-like creature] that took him from Masjidu’lHaram to Msjidu’l Aqsa (in Jerusalem) and from there to the seventh heaven where he was shown the hell and the paradise and then taken to the presence of Allah. This story that is commonly accepted by All the Muslims and is known as Mi’raj is also confirmed in Quran

    Glory to (Allah) Who did take His Servant for a journey by night, From the Sacred Mosque to the Farthest Mosque. — Quran 17:1

    Here we are not going to question the absurdity of such trip. Considering that it would take the light (fastest thing in the universe) 8 years to make a round trip to the closest solar system, and 30 billion years to the outskirts of the known universe, and considering that wings don’t serve beyond the atmosphere of the Earth, such trip performed on the back of a horse with wings in one night is just stuff of the fables. If Muhammad could travel from Medina to the presence of Allah, riding on a winged pony, and come back in one night, then Allah’s palace must be not much far from Medina. I wonder how come no one has found it yet? We are not also going to ask whether the gate of the heaven is in Jerusalem? Why Muhammad had to go to Masjidul’ Aqsa in order to go to heaven?

    The biggest problem with this story is that the Masjid’ul Aqsa “Farthest Mosque” was built after the death of Muhammad.

    When Omar conquered Jerusalem he performed a prayer in the site where Temple of Solomon used to stand. The Romans in 70 A.D destroyed that temple. Since then no temple, church or mosque stood on that spot. It was Calif ‘Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan who built the Dome of the Rock around 691 A.D. i.e 72 years after Hijrah. And Masjidu’l Aqsa was built on the Temple Mount by the end of the 7th century. This is reported in The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam, Harper & Row, 1989, p. 46 and 102.

    Muhammad’s alleged Mi’raj took place around the year 622. At that time Jerusalem was in the hands of the Christians. There were no Muslims living there and certainly there was no Mosque in Jerusalem. 53 years after the death of Muhammad, Muslims built the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa on the site where Solomon had his temple.

    This makes one wonder that perhaps, just like the Bible, also Quran was written, manipulated and “enriched” years after its author passed away [of course neither the Orthodox or Roman churches have ever taught that the Bible is a documentary. Church councils were called precisely to try and determine which texts were authentic and reliable and which were not], permitting the fables that were constructed around Muhammad after his death to creep into his book. Whoever has been the author of the verse 17:1, was not aware that Masjid ul Aqsa did not exist during the time of Muhammad and he could not have made his trip to heaven from a place that did not exist.

    This, is an obvious blunder of those who compiled Quran so much so that many Islamic scholars, including Yusuf Ali are of the opinion that by Masjid’u’ Aqsa, it is intended the SITE of the building and not the actual building.

    This apologetic line could have been a way out of the dilemma if it was not for the following Hadith, which unequivocally asserts that Masjid’ul Aqsa was an actual building which existed in the time of Muhammad.

    Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 636:

    Narrated Abu Dhaar:
    I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Which mosque was built first?”
    He replied, “Al-Masjid-ul-Haram.”
    I asked, “Which (was built) next?”
    He replied, “Al-Masjid-ul-Aqs-a (i.e. Jerusalem).”
    I asked, “What was the period in between them?”
    He replied, “Forty (years).”
    He then added, “Wherever the time for the prayer comes upon you, perform the prayer, for all the earth is a place of worshipping for you.”

    Muslims could bring the excuse that “Masjid’ means any place of worship (sojda), that is why the prophet refers to the temple of Solomon as Masjid. In that case, all churches, synagogues and the Zoroastrian Ateshkadehs are Masjids. During the time of Muhammad there were many such “Masjids” built in cities much farther than Jerusalem. (i.e farthest from Mecca or Medina) and the Masjid’ul Aqsa actually was not the farthest mosque.

    This hadith presents yet another problem. Masjid’ul Haram (Ka’ba) was allegedly built by Abraham. He lived about 2000 BC and the Temple of Solomon (the site of the Msjid ul’Aqsa) was built about 958-951 BC. There is a gap of about over 1040 years between the dates of the construction of the two buildings. His holiness Muhammad’s mistake was a mere one thousand years.


    The so-called “Popular Conference for Palestinians in the United States,” a large Arab conference, is planned to take place in Chicago between August 8-10 of this year, at the Wyndham Hotel near O’Hare Airport. This conference is not a mere social gathering – instead, it is a showcase for the most radical Arab “Palestinian” agenda.

    This is particularly important this year when Barack Obama, from Chicago, is running for President, and many concerns have been raised in the Jewish community and among supporters of Israel about his commitment to Israel’s security. That this sort of event is taking place in Obama’s hometown is a travesty!

    We must say no to this conference that denies the right of Israel to exist! This conference has a set of “points of unity” that attempt to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist. On their website, they say that the conference is dedicated to: “return of the refugees to their original homes, lands, properties and villages; and End of Zionist occupation and colonization of Palestine, including Jerusalem.” They promote the so-called “one-state solution,” otherwise known as the destruction of Israel, and they are hosting workshops on infiltrating churches and schools – including “inserting Palestine into high school curricula!”

    Many of the organizers of this appalling conference have been involved in similar efforts in the past. They have rejected all of Israel’s moves for peace and they have been involved in every effort in the past years to deny Israel’s legitimate right to exist and defend itself. These organizers have promoted anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel. They are also glorifying Sami al-Arian, the jailed terrorist!

    Apparently the Palestinian community in the United States chose to be “united” on this issue – Denying Israel’s Right to Exist! And we must be united on this issue – Affirming Israel’s Right to Exist!

    That such a conference is taking place nearly unchallenged here in the United States while Hamas and Hezbollah and their fanatic brethren continue to threaten our people in Israel and Arabs here pledge allegiance to their same destructive aims, is horrifying! This is the kind of rhetoric that is being promoted and supported by the murderous Iranian regime, coming to America!

    The voices of the Jewish Community and defenders of Israel must be heard! Obama must hear from us that he must take a stand against this abominable conference taking place in his hometown. We cannot ignore such events and stand silently by while those who wish to destroy Israel organize their ranks and plan to infiltrate American institutions. It is essential that our voices are heard wherever the ugly head of anti-Semitism can be found, and this conference will be a haven for the most radical Arab voices as well as the left anti-semites that so frequently populate “anti-war” demonstrations.

    Please pass this message to others and call upon Obama to take a stand. Email the Obama campaign at info@barackobama.com and tell them that Obama should speak out against this conference taking place in Chicago! Tell the conference organizers that their conference is unacceptable and unwelcome, email them at conference@palestineconference.org!

    We must make it clear that we will stand up for Israel and defend its right to exist – against terrorists and their supporters everywhere!

  5. I thought the bulldozer attack was merely a traffic accident. What’s to be praised?

    These people are something else with their flip-floppery. One minute it’s an accident, the next it’s a glorious act of defiance against oppressors. No wonder people identifiy St. Oprahma with Koranism-he’s just like them.

  6. The donkey symbolizes the Dem party and their candidate’s name(Baraq) is like Muhamed’s donkey(Buraq). Todays Muslims similarly want to ride their jackass all the way to the Whitehouse.

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