Sari club bombers Amrozi, Sunadra and Gufron to be executed

Mark Dunn/Herald Sun

THE firing squad execution of the Bali bombers is imminent, families of the victims have been told.

The Herald Sun has learned the Australian Federal Police were expecting the trio of Bali bombers to be executed over the weekend but the firing squad was stood down at the last minute.

Bali bombers ready for execution

eady to die … convicted Bali bombers Ali Ghufron alias Mukhlas, Imam Samudera alias Abdul Aziz and Amrozi walk to meet their families in Batu prison in 2007

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David “Spike” Stewart, whose son Anthony was killed in the 2002 blasts, said a senior AFP officer rang him last Friday to tell him the executions were expected to go ahead over the weekend.

Mr Stewart now expects Amrozi, Sumudra and Ghufron -also known as Mukhlas – to be shot either today or in coming days after all avenues of appeal were exhuasted.

“We were so happy when we were told, now we juest have to wait and when the AFP rings us up and says it has happened that will be great,” Mr Stewart said.

“I just don’t want them getting out and doing it again, I know they are crazy enough.”

The October 12, 2002 blasts in the Sari Club and Paddy’s Bar killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

John Croxford, whose wife Donna died in the Sari club blast, said a female officer from the AFP told him on Sunday night to expect to hear confirmation the bomber had been executed within days.

“I was told all avenues for appeal had been exhausted and so the next stage was to take them out to a paddock,” Mr Croxford said.

“She basically said it might happen any day but definitely within the next fortnight.”

Like family members of other victims, Mr Croxford said the drawn-out appeals process had taken its toll on relatives and the executions would bring some sense of justice.

“I just feel very glad … I think it’s going to be beautiful when they reach the place they are going and find out they are not being met by 1000 virgins.”

Mr Croxford said the executions would not bring loved ones back but would provide some people with peace of mind.

He said he felt for the families of the bombers but the killers had chosen their own destiny.

“I can relate to how their kids and loved ones will feel because I am in the same position.”

The three bombers remain unrepentant over the attacks and are on death row in an island prison, known as Indonesia’s Alcatraz, off Java.

Mukhlas, who masterminded the attack, has previously said the trio were ready to die as martyrs, and the fight would be carried on by thousands of other radical Muslims.

Executions in Indonesia are carried out at dawn by a 10-man firing squad, ususually paramilitary police.

The executions usually take place at undisclosed beach or forest locations and although no official date is given before an execution, news an execution has been carried out normally filters back from the prison or through Indonesian justice officials.

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  1. The Indonesians will use these executions to justify the decisions of their rather corrupt legal system on people of western origin. It wold have been far better to let these three rot in jail.

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