Where do you get asylum from asylum seekers?


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Okay, here’s an interesting little divergence of media tales. Here’s part of AP’s description on an awful assault on asylum seekers in Norway:

A group of men armed with bats and iron bars attacked a center for political asylum-seekers in southern Norway, leaving more than 20 people injured, the facility’s director said Friday.

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Center director Ole Morten Lyng said between 40 and 50 men were involved in the “planned” attack. He did not know how serious the injuries were.

A little later in that article there’s speculation that the attackers were Chechens, but that was withdrawn and their “nationalities were not clear”.

I read through that and got the impression of some anti-immigrant–specifically, anti-Muslim immigrant– brownshirt mob raiding a bunch of refugees. But wait…could these attackers actually have been the infamous young men of no appearance? I was curious how else the attack was being reported.

Here’s the BBC’s take:

The head of the facility, Ole Morten Lyng, said the cause of the attack appeared to be a minor dispute between two groups at the centre that had been blown out of proportion.

Reports in local media suggest Chechens had been involved in long-running disagreements with other Muslims at the centre over religious practices.

Interesting…here’s Reuters with a direct quote:

“There was an attack from outside the asylum centre by people who don’t live here, Chechens, 40 to 50 men armed with steel bars and other weapons,” Ole Morten Lyng, an official at the centre, told NRK public radio news.

“There also seem to have been knives involved,” Lyng said. “They went into the rooms and pulled out Kurds and beat them up.”

Now this is starting to sound like a completely different story than the AP report suggested, isn’t it?



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