Yusuf, which race is islam again?

*  The last straw, when cries of ‘Islamophobia’, ‘bigotry’ and ‘Nazi-fruit-loops’ fail to deter the increasingly frustrated public from kowtowing even more to Islam, is the ‘racist’. Yusuf Irfan, our regularly featured ‘young  lawyer of Pakistani extraction’ (The Australian) jumps on the race card just like his Canadian Ikhwan brother Mohammed Elmasry. If you think only a mental clone would do that, think again:  it is his religious obligation to defend islam, and nothing else matters.

“Trust me,” sez Yusuf…

Yusuf and Yussuf: united in the race towards Islamization

* Yvonne Ridley, former journo, wraps a towel ’round her head and turns into another ‘race’-, its magic!

* John Walker Lind, captured on the battlefield in Afghanistan: how did he turn into another race?

* Fibbi Hooper, professional liar for CAIR: puts a coffee-filter on his head and becomes….what?

*   “Sheik” Yusuf Estes: grows a beard, wears exotic costumes and does da’awa. For another race?

* Dawoud ‘halal-burger’ Hicks, veteran jihadist/ex-Gitmo-inmate: went full cycle from sheep-shagging to Abo-rooting to infidel murdering: which race is he again?

Want more? here’s more:

Homegrown U.S. terrorist sent to prison

SANTA ANA, Calif., July 21 (UPI) — A California terrorist who plotted to wage war against the United States was sentenced Monday to more than 12 1/2 years in prison, prosecutors said.

Gregory Patterson, 24, of Gardena was part of a domestic terrorist cell that intended to wage jihad, or holy war, against U.S. military facilities, as well as Israeli and Jewish targets and “infidels,” the U.S. Justice Department said.

Another member of the cell, Levar Washington, 30, was sentenced to 22 years in prison last month. The men had pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court last December to conspiring to wage war against the United States.

The man who organized the terror cell – Kevin James — also has pleaded guilty and is to be sentenced Feb. 9.

A fourth alleged member – Hammad Samana — has been found unfit to stand trial and is receiving psychiatric care at a federal prison facility.

James created Jam’iyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh while in California’s New Folsom Prison in 1997. Washington and Patterson conducted about a dozen armed robberies of gas stations to get money for the group’s planned attacks in the Los Angeles area, Justice Department officials said. Their targets allegedly included the Los Angeles airport, the Israeli consulate, Army recruiting centers and a military base at Manhattan Beach, prosecutors said.

10 thoughts on “Yusuf, which race is islam again?”

  1. >>”Yusuf, which race is islam again?

    Joe Grey>> A race to take over the world?

  2. This point about “race” can’t be made often enough. It is the worst lie of all, up there with “Islam is a religion of peace” lie. You would have to question a religion that is based upon so many lies and misconceptions.

  3. It take it Yvonne Ridley is the old chick in the tight sweater showing off her big flabby bosoms.

    Not very “modest”, I’d say.

    I’d like to share my Second Best Response to lslam:


    And, speaking of that sub-normal bizarro creature, Hicks. Have you seen his Jihad Journal?

    It reminds me of drawings I made when I was 7 years old and was planning on defeating the Luftwaffe all by myself.

    Seriously, NOT TO BE MISSED!



  4. On page 3, just below the part where he write about al-Qaedans pissing on each other, does he write, “crush babes and eat them”?

  5. “…55% of moslems believe war on terror is war on islam.” Unfortunately, they’re wrong, but it bloody well should be!!!

  6. CAIR…pays for an ad that regularly runs in American newspapers “Our goal is not to merely be another religion in America, our goal is to be the only religion in America”. I’ve seen this ad in the WSJ twice.
    Is there something about the wording most Americans don’t get?

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