Asshole of the Month: Roland Jabbour

Roland Jabbour

Roland Jabbour Esq J.P  Chairman Australian Arabic Council

* The height of irony: Jabbour is also on the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s committee on Racism and Discrimination (but in his queer and twisted world racism & discrimination applies to Muslims only, not to Jooozzz…)

Australian Arab leader defends blood libels

How could he not do so? The idea that Allah cursed the Jews and transformed some of them into apes and pigs is thrice repeated in the Qur’an: 2:63-66, 5:59-60, and 7:166.

Also, this is a Tiny Minority of Extremists Update: mainstream Australian Muslim leaders seem to have no problem with broadcasting Hizballah TV (Al Manure) into Australia.

“Australian Arab leader defends blood libels,” from the Jerusalem Post, August 25:

Recent comments by the chairman of the Australian Arabic Council, Roland Jabbour, defame the Jewish People, B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) chairman John Searle was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the ADC on Monday. According to the statement, Searle called Jabbour’s defense of Hizbullah’s al-Manar television station labeling Jews as the offspring of apes and pigs “despicable.”

“Roland Jabbour’s claim, made in the name of the Australian Arabic Council, that anti-Semitic blood libels and demeaning depictions of Jewish people are acceptable in the context of the perceived ‘crimes of the State of Israel,’ is deplorable,” he said.

The ADC chairman also called on the Australian federal government to look closely at the al-Manar television station and take whatever steps necessary to prevent the dissemination of such racist, anti-Semitic material, designed to incite hatred in Australia….

The station broadcasts vehemently anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-American vitriol, as well as messages from suicide bombers.

Searle said in a statement that he was “distressed” at the anti-Semitic content that is being broadcast in Australia.

“Al-Manar is renowned for inciting violence and hatred,” he said. “It broadcasts disgraceful anti-Semitic propaganda, including the infamous blood libel allegations, and it seeks to legitimize terrorism.

“Australian Jews, like all other Australians, have the right to live without being subjected to this kind of vicious defamation. The ADC condemns all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism, and works for a tolerant society that recognizes the right of people of all religions and backgrounds to live free from discrimination and abuse.”

But the Australian Arabic Council said al-Manar should not be restricted and that Hizbullah, while anti-Zionist, was not anti-Semitic….


Comment by Hugh


“Roland Jabbour’s claim, made in the name of the Australian Arabic Council, that anti-Semitic blood libels and demeaning depictions of Jewish people are acceptable in the context of the perceived ‘crimes of the State of Israel,’ is deplorable,” he [B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) chairman John Searle] said.”
— from the article above

If Roland Jabour of the Australian Arabic Council calimed that antisemitic blood libels and demeaning depictions of Jewish people “are acceptable in the context of the perceived ‘crimes of the state of Israel’ he was lying. He was covering up the fact that the “Jews are the sons of apes and pigs” and similar statements were enshrined in Islam — in the texts of Islam — 1300 years before there existed the modern state of Israel to commit those soi-disant “crimes.”

Perhaps John Searle does not know this. Or perhaps he thinks he should not refer to it. But he should. The full truth about where these texts come from, and why they are not to be explained, as the roland-jabbours of this world would have Infidels believe, as responses to things that Israel has supposedly done, but rather, do something much more important: explain why it is that Arab Muslims (and some islamochristians, which judging by his first name may include “Roland Jabbour”) will never be able to tolerate the existenceof the Infidel nation-state of Israel, on land once possessed by Muslims. They can, however, be forced to endure that Infidel nation-state’s existence if it — Israel — remains overwhelmingly more powerful, and is understood to be such. And that can only be achieved if there are no further surrenders by Israel, of land or other tangible assets. That is the only way to keep the long-term peace between Muslims and Infidels, whether in the Middle East or elsewhere: make the Muslim side understand that it has more to lose in any open conflict.

This still does not take care of all the non-military or non-violent means of conducting Jihad against Infidels, but at least it puts a limit to the military problem. Keep major weaponry out of Muslim hands, and then work to divide and demoralize the Camp of Islam, and to show Infidels what Islam is all about, what its texts and tenets proclaim, what the attitudes and atmospherics of Islam are like, and how Islam itself explains the political and economic and social and intellectual and moral failures of states, societies, and individuals suffused with…Islam.


Posted by: Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 30, 2008 10:30 AM

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Government or DFAT: who exactly is in control?

Islam Monitor

One of  DFAT ‘s  departments - CAAR (The Council for Australian-Arab  Relations) was established by theJabbourAustralian Government, in January 2003, in order to strengthen ties between Australia and Arab countries. Of course  there is nothing wrong with trying to maintain friendly relationships with Arab countries but the extent to which CAAR is prepared to tolerate and  promote the Islamist agenda, under the cover of promoting trade and business with Arab states, is rather astonishing. One of the leading members of CAAR is Roland Jabbour , whose credentials, as listed on the DFAT’s web site
are absolutely impressive:
  • Chairman of the Jabbour holding Group of Companies
  • Chairman of the Australian and New Zealand Agency for Education & Training
  • Managing Director of Cedar Jet Travel Group
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Founding and Current Chairman Australian Arabic Council
  • Founding Chairman of the Darebin Ethnic Communities Council
  • Appointed to the Federal Government, Council for Australian Arab Relations
  • Victorian Government Joint-Arabic Standing Committee on Educational Cooperation
  • Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s committee on Racism and Discrimination
  • Counter Terrorism Policing and Culturally Diverse Communities
  • Deakin University Academic Advisory Board on Arabic Studies
  • Former Committee Member of the Northern Schools Network of Victoria
  • Former public officer, Hakour welfare association of Australia

What else can be said?

A model Australian.

It just happens that the  Australian Arabic Council, of which Roland Jabbour is the Founding Charman, isn’t exactly the kind of organisation  you would expect to be officially associated with the  Federal Government.

Let’s take its stand on terrorism. Oh, yes AAC is strongly opposed to terrorism – it’s just that  in their opinion it is the US and Australia which  are the terrorist states, oppressing Arabs (please note the M word is not mentioned in order to  always imply Australian/white racism).

Stop the  terrorism ! End of Occupation of Iraq Now! (Please read the Councils  official NewsletterArabalia and especially the articles written by Dr  Kenneth Street ).

If you think these opinions aren’t personally held  by our model citizen Mr  Jabbour you are mistaken, for he signed the Australian Peace Committee petition   addressed to  the government and the opposition, and whose essence  is described in the following paragraph:

Title 18, section 2331 of the US legal code defines international terrorism as “acts dangerous to human life….  that appear intended to coerce a  civilian population or to influence the policy of a government by  intimidation or coercion.”  Thus by its own definition the US government is  guilty of terrorism against the people of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Council’s stand on so called Palestinian conflict is also in direct
conflict with the official Australian policy:

The AAC urges the Australian government to take a firmer stance on the  current and ongoing human rights abuses occurring in the Occupied  Palestinian Territories. For over 50 years now, the Palestinians have been  subject to a harsh and inhumane Israeli rule.

Oh, and did I mention that Mr Jabbour is also involved in Counter  Terrorism Policing and Culturally Diverse Communities ?

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