Brussels Churches: Magnets for Muhammedan Invaders?

*  Misguided clergymen unwittingly aid and abet the global jihad by misguided humanitarian foolishness. Cunning Musulmanic invaders are learning fast; their numbers grow ever bigger. How many Brussels churches are now permanently occupied by Afghan & Pakistani tribes?

* Allah Takes Over Catholic Church

* Asylum seekers lie on mattresses inside the Beguinage Church in Brussels May 20, 2008. Asylum seekers, who said they numbered at 240, had occupied the church and had been on a hunger strike for about two weeks after the Belgian government rejected hundreds of asylum requests.

Brussels: Illegals evacuated from church

The mostly Afghani illegals had occupied the church this past week.  Alliet says that he usually agrees to such actions if they’re prepared in advance, which wasn’t the case here.

Alliet says he also feared that with the lack of toilets neighbors would put films on YouTube of the illegals using the church as a bathroom, as well as the resulting fights due to lack of mattresses and sleeping places.  

The Brussels police ordered 300 asylum seekers and illegal immigrants to leave the Begijnhofkerk (Beguinage Church) in central Brussels on Saturday afternoon.

The priest of the Begijnhofkerk, Daniël Alliet, was the first to ask the so-called sans-papiers (people without legal documents to stay in Belgium) to leave the church.

The illegal immigrants staged a protest action to demand a legal permit to stay in the country but failed to organise the protest action properly, resulting in unhappiness among protesters.

“On Thursday night, there was no problem. But on Friday, things got out of hand. The protest action had not been prepared properly and was not being coordinated”, explains Alliet.

“The protesters fell short of mattresses. They only had 180 for almost 300 people. This caused verbal and even physical aggression.”

As there were no bathrooms, the situation soon became unbearable, which made the priest decide to have his church evacuated on Saturday.

Most asylum seekers left the church of their own free will. A group of 70 people refused to leave even after long negotiations with Alliet.

It was only then that police intervened. The last sans-papiers only left the church after police threatened to arrest them. If the immigrants are arrested, they will face the threat of being expelled.

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  1. Bloody stupid, niave and ignorant prelates! The muslims and emminently beatable, the problem is the stupid do-gooders who willing sacrifice their country for their ignorance.

  2. Time to burn the church down. It has been defiled by muslim devil worshipping scum. God will not enter that den of sin again. It has been rendered useless.

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