FBI Obfuscation Watch: Somali Muslim found dead in Denver hotel room with a pound of cyanide — FBI says it's not terrorism

* Update: 

Islamist Forum Member Proposes Poisoning Water Systems of Major European Cities

On August 9, 2008 a member of the Islamist forum Al-Boraq proposed poisoning the water systems of major European cities. The forum member began his message by reminding “monotheists [i.e. Muslims] who yearn to support the Prophet” that Ramadan is coming, and explained that poisoning the water systems of major European cities is just one of many options – some of them “more powerful and more damaging” – but that his posting is meant to “prompt the mind [to generate] innovative [ideas].”


To view the full report, visit http://www.memriiwmp.org/content/en/report.htm?report=2829.

Update: Somali Muslim with cyanide was schizophrenic, not a terrorist

* You see, by this logic he wouldn’t be a terrorist unless Al Zawahiri or OBL himself write ‘certified Islamic terrorist’  or ‘Al Qaeda’  all over him… perhaps its just another case of ‘death nigga stowage..’

Yet again we hear that a Muslim aiming to commit violence was mentally ill — as we have often heard in freelance jihad cases. Why “mental illness” seems again and again to play itself out in this way when found among Muslims is never explained.

“Cyanide victim ‘not a terrorist’: family: Ottawa man with schizophrenia was in Denver on a vacation, sister says,” by Andrew Seymour, Andrew Duffy, Gary Dimmock and Neco for The Ottawa Citizen, 

Somali Muslim found dead in Denver

The cyanide could have killed hundreds. But the FBI hastens to say that there is no apparent connection to terrorism. At this stage, with the time they’ve had to investigate, what can that mean? Not much more than that they didn’t find an Al-Qaeda membership card in Dirie’s wallet, or a poster of Osama bin Laden in his luggage. But the possibility that he could be a freelance jihadist, motivated by what he reads in the Qur’an — as was Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar — doesn’t enter into their calculations. That possibility doesn’t even seem to be on their radar screen.

“Police: Pound Of Cyanide Found In Denver Hotel: Canadian Man Had Been Dead For Days Inside Burnsley,” from the Denver Post, August 13 (via Michelle Malkin & DW):

DENVER — Police confirmed Wednesday that they found about a pound of sodium cyanide in a Denver hotel room where the body of a Canadian man was discovered earlier this week.

(well, a dead Somali jihadist can hardly be described as a ‘Canadian man’- but this is the awful reporting the ABC is trying to force down your throat these days…)

Police spokesman John White identified the white powder as sodium cyanide, the crystal form of cyanide. Fire officials say they found a bottle containing about a pound of the white powder, or between a pint and a quart by volume.

An expert told the Denver Post that the amount of cyanide is enough to kill hundreds of people.

The medical examiner’s office said it is awaiting test results to determine whether cyanide killed 29-year-old Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, of Ottawa, Canada.

His body was found Monday inside Room 408 at The Burnsley Hotel, which is about four blocks from the state Capitol. White said Dirie had been dead for several days. Friends told The Ottawa Sun that he was dead six days before he was discovered.

Foul play is not suspected and his death appears to be an isolated incident, White said.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is assisting in the investigation but FBI spokeswoman Kathy Wright said the incident has no apparent connection to terrorism.

“You have a suspicious substance that was found in a hotel room in conjunction with person being a foreign national, and we have a lot of questions and that is why we are assisting,” Wright told the Post….


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  1. Are there any muslims who don’t have a “history of mental illness” in one form or another?
    He carked it in Room 408, and nobody noticed he was dead for six days? Like the episode
    of Fawlty Towers with Mr Lehman and the kippers, and about as incompetent. I don’t think
    the “mosque officials” from Ottawa have yet expressed “Shock! Shock! he was such a nice
    boy” (but give them time).

  2. Of course he wasn’t a “terrorist”. Everyone has a pound of cyanide they can WHIP OUT at a moments notice.

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