Fox discovers honor killings

* UN discovers honor killings also, assigns task to Dr.YakinErturk, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against women. A bit like trusting Mohammed ElBaradei with keeping an eye on nuclear proliferation in Islamic countries…

Here’s Part 1 of 6:

* The credit for getting this horrific (Islamic) murder-practice out and into the mainstream media goes to Pamela Geller, who has done fabulous work to expose the killers and makes sure the victims are not forgotten.

*   Btw: its not ‘tribal’ as Fox claims. Just like FGM it is a practice that  is very Islamic, because women are property.

Brazil: Mohammed kills and chops up his British girlfriend, takes pictures:

The boyfriend of the 17-year-old British girl whose body was found in a suitcase has reportedly told a Brazilian newspaper that chopping up the teenager was ‘just like cutting beef.’

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UN takes notice of honour-killings in Pakistan

KARACHI: The United Nations (UN) has taken notice of the frequent cases of ‘honour-killings’ (karo-kari) of women in Pakistan, Daily Times learnt on Thursday. Sources in the Interior Ministry told Daily Times that United Nations’ In-charge of World Women Monitoring Mr Yakinerturk has sent a letter to the Interior Ministry expressing concern over the rising number of honour-killings in Pakistan. It has also been learnt that the UN has asked for the copies of registered cases and detailed progress reports of 10 murder cases, which took place in the name of honour across the country last year. The victims in these cases included Saba and Zarina Mirani killed in Karachi, Inayat Khatoon in Shikarpur, Sakina Khatoon, Naseema and Rehana in Lahore, Safiya in Sialkot, Saba in Multan, Shahzadi in Faisalabad and Amjada in Swat. faraz khan

British girl’s Brazilian lover ‘took pictures as he chopped up her body’

Last updated at 12:29 PM on 01st August 2008

The boyfriend of the 17-year-old British girl whose body was found in a suitcase has reportedly told a Brazilian newspaper that chopping up the teenager was ‘just like cutting beef.’

Mohammed Dali Carvalho dos Santos is also quoted as saying that he took photographs of Cara Marie Burke’s dismembered corpse to send to a Brazilian friend living in the UK.

The 20-year-old gave an interview with local newspaper Hoje Noticia after being charged with 17-year-old Cara’s murder.

The newspaper asked: ‘How did you feel while you were mutilating her?’ dos Santos allegedly replied:

‘Nothing, just like cutting beef, except for the bleeding.’ 

Cara Marie Burke
Mohamed D'Ali Carvalho dos Santos, confessed to murdering Brit Cara Marie Burke

Cara Burke arrived in Brazil three months ago on a tourist visa. Ex-boyfriend Mohammed Carvalho dos Santos is said to have confessed to her killing

Asked why he took photographs of himself dismembering the body, he is quoted as saying: ‘I took them to send to a Brazilian friend in England, who she (Cara) had stolen money from. He said he was going to kill her.

‘I was going to send them to him by email to show that although he didn’t have the courage to do it, someone here did.’

The 20-year-old also said he made a mistake by leaving the suitcase containing Cara’s torso by a river bank.

He said: “I made a mistake, the suitcase was supposed to fall in the river. If it had fallen in the river nobody would have found it, as they haven’t found the head and the other parts.” 

Cara Marie Burke’s torso was found in a suitcase dumped on a riverbank on Monday, but her head, arms and legs were missing after being thrown into the water.

Police say Miss Burke was murdered by dos Santos after she had threatened to expose him as a drug-dealer.

Yesterday Brazilian police arrested her boyfriend on suspicion of murder.

Miss Burke’s body was reportedly identified by her mother, Ann, who was watching Brazilian TV from her home in Wandsworth, south London.

Police were said to be still searching for Miss Burke’s head and limbs, which dos Santos said he hid in a rural area about 20 miles outside Goiania.

Miss Burke’s brother, Michael Burke, told The Times she was due to return to London two weeks ago but was injured in a motorcycle crash on the way to the airport.

He said: ‘My mum had paid for the ticket home and we were looking forward to having her back. She was a wonderful sister.’

She was a former pupil at Southfields Community School and reportedly played for the Chelsea FC ladies team.

Mohamed D'Ali Carvalho Santos

Accused: Mohamed D’Ali Carvalho Santos sits in the back of a police car after being arrested for his girlfriend’s murder

Her boyfriend was born in Brazil, but police said his parents live in the UK, and that he had met Cara in Britain.

They say he quickly confessed to murdering her, and that he had taken pictures of her mutilated body on his mobile phone.

However last night he claimed that he did not kill Cara.

‘I was in my apartment when something happened. She got killed there but I can’t say what happened. It wasn’t me’ he said from his cell in a telephone interview with the Sun.

He told the newspaper that he was never romantically involved with Cara. He said she had flown out to be with another Brazilian who had paid for her ticket and was furious that she later ended their relationship.

‘He said he was going to kill her because she spent so much on the ticket,’ said Carvalho.

‘She moved in with me but she was never my boyfriend [sic]. We lived together for about two months and then she moved out because she had another boyfriend.’

Cara, from South London, is believed to have gone to Brazil with do Santos three months ago.

They had shared a flat in Goiania, 120 miles from the capital Brasilia. According to friends, Cara loved Brazil and had been to the country twice before.

Lenita Alves de Brito, spokesman for Goiania’s Policia Civil, said the couple recently split because she believed he was a drug dealer.

She moved in with friends, but for some reason she went back to the flat at the weekend.

Cara Burke

Cara pictured with a young friend

The couple had an argument on Friday night. Cara threatened to tell dos Santos’s parents he was a drug dealer addicted to cocaine, and said she was considering turning him in to police.

On Saturday he allegedly stabbed her to death with a kitchen knife in what police say was a ‘premeditated’ murder.

Then he dumped her body in a bath and went off to a party.

The following day he decapitated her and chopped off her limbs , and put her torso in the suitcase.

He dumped the case by a river and threw her legs and arms into the water.

Cara Burke and Mohamed dos Santos

A screen projection of a photo of Cara and Mohamed recovered by Goias state police from his mobile phone

Mrs Alves said: ‘I can confirm that we arrested Mohammed Dali Carvalho dos Santos yesterday near the murder scene.

‘He has already confessed to murdering Cara and decapitating her body.

‘He has yet to show any remorse for what he has done. He has not cried or expressed regret of any kind.

‘He has told us that he and Cara argued after she threatened to go to the police to accuse him of being a drugs trafficker.

‘He has told us he murdered her on Saturday night, left her body in the bath and went to a party on Saturday night before decapitating her the following day.

Workers search for body parts of Cara Burke

Rescue workers search for body parts in the river near where Cara’s body was found

‘The murder was premeditated. He turned the music up on the stereo before the crime so neighbours wouldn’t hear her screaming.

‘He killed her with a single stab wound to the ribs, using a kitchen knife which we have recovered.

‘Part of the evidence that will be used against him in the forthcoming court case will be pictures we found on his mobile phone that he took of Cara after he had cut up her body.

‘We are currently searching the flat where the murder took place.

‘We have found drugs, but I am not in a position to say how many drugs have been found or what type of drugs they are.


The 17-year-old’s dismembered body was found in the Brazilian city of Goiania

‘We will be handing Mohammed over to the Brazilian judiciary in the next few hours.

‘It will up to them to fix a trial date, but I imagine it will take place quickly and in a maximum of 30 days.’

Last night Cara’s mother Anna Marie was understood to be flying to Brazil.

The Foreign Office said in a statement: ‘We can confirm the death of a British national in Goiania in Brazil.

‘Next of kin have been informed and we are providing consular assistance to the family.’



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  1. This is a touchy subject with Muslims, because it exposes the barbaric spirit of Islam that hides just below the surface of a smiling Muslim telling you Islam is peace. I recently discussed this topic with a Muslim, who quickly lost all manners and became irate simply from asking very civil questions about it. Of course he claimed it was a “cultural issue” and not a Islamic one, but that was too easy to see through that Taqiyya…and I responded “that seems to be a half truth, in that Islam has adopted this practice from ancient arab culture prior to the birth of Islam”. Needless to say that made the conservation completely intolerable to him. Lol.

  2. Yeah, I have discussed this with muslims too and it is the same garbage that comes from their mouths – it is a cultural thing not an islamic thing. Well, then how come ALL muslim countries practice it and even ones that were not muslim who did not have such a thing are now practicing it?

    One reason is that sharia law does nothing to stop it, just like it does nothing to stop the torture/killing of infidels in muslim lands.

    This is one reason why sharia law, or any hint of it, should be banned in our countries and any judge, or lawmaker/politician, even saying it is ok – should be kicked out of their positions for chosing to be so ignorant of what they are willing to allow.

    And when muslims start losing in their conversations (they always lose) they start turning vile. I have gotten threats, potty mouth, and just hatefulness from them. The truly humorous ones (to me) are the ones who are at wits end and tell me to seek out either an imam or an ayatollah. Yeah, like I am going to go and seek out someone who is going to carve out my head with a dull knife. And believe me – that is what I tell them. they can follow them like brainwashed zombie robots – but I will not, I know evil when I see it – I don’t need to seek out evil in the flesh.

    Oh well, back to the subject – I hope more videos are made about islam and its practices. And I hope that it is rerun again.

  3. Mulsim thug claims “action under influence of drugs” and has the balls to apologise to mother.
    For mulsims reading : another defenceless person murdered by a mulsim “man”.
    Also spelling of muslim as “mulsim” is deliberate. It is a conjuction of two german words which mean “rubbish simulation” – this is an appropriate description of many mulsims.

    Apology – should not be accepted. What are police doing with muslim thug in london to whom an email with pictures was sent by this muslim thug??

  4. I found so much desinformation commented here. The guy is nowhere a muslim. Being named Mohammed is not as much a sign of religion background in Brasil as it is in America, you clueless people.

    But what else could we expect from people who had only one source, which moreover was of very limited credibility.

  5. Well, if that is the case then perhaps we should rely on Muslim news to tell the truth. Muslims are famous for telling the truth, right?

    And why would we have 2 posters here on the same day with Western names telling us we got it all wrong without providing any evidence to the contrary? Isn’t this a very Islamic way of operating?

  6. You lot who go on about a Muslim being behind it are as vile as the murderer himself, and verging on Nazism due to nothing but your complete ignorance, laziness and stupidity. You have all been brainwashed into believing Islam condones murder just because of the fiction created in the media.

    The killer was named after Mohammed Ali, the renowned former boxer. It’s just a name. He’s not a Muslim, and even if he was, why is there so much fury over it being done by a Muslim? Surely by saying that, you’re saying that murders committed by people other than Muslims (eg. the killers of Jamie Bulger, the Moors Murderers, the Yorkshire Ripper, the Kray Twins, the Night Stalker etc…all non-Muslim) are far less serious than a murder committed by someone purportedly belonging to the Islamic faith. I say ‘purportedly’ because Islam does not condone murder, terrorism or violence. It is a logical religion that all adds up perfectly. The trouble is, some people in this day and age are too stupid to figure things out for themselves, and rather rely on unauthentic, biased and untrue propaganda.

    Educate yourselves.

  7. Mohammed D’Ali Carvalho dos Santos is NOT a Muslim. It’s just his name. So does that mean he’s a Christian?

    You thick people.

  8. Mohammed D’Ali Carvalho dos Santos was named by his parents after Mohamed Ali the boxer. If you blame the religion of every murderer, than Christianity is brutalist and most blood thirst religion. Remember Heroshima!

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