The nutroot solution: "Ban all religions"


Banning all religions the only solution to combatting radical Islam?

Reacting to the recent poll which revealed some “disturbing” things about the UK’s Muslim youth, and instead of having the guts to simply lay the blame where it belongs, Ms. Marrin thinks the only remedy is to ban all religous groups, including Christian schools. “To beat extremism we must dissolve religious groups,” by Minette Marrin for Times Online, July 27:

First, I think, we should abandon all discussions of what Islam truly is. No one will ever agree how many infidels can dance on a pin’s head; questions of true doctrine are insoluble, as Anglicans are proving all too comically at this very moment. For example, one in six of the nonSunni Muslim students polled thinks Sunnis are not true believers in Islam, while three in 10 non-Shi’ite respondents think the same about Shi’ites. 


What follows inescapably from this is that religious people and their views should not be officially recognised in groups. Religion should not be allowed a public space or public representation. 

There must be no more religious schools – personally I would leave those that exist alone. There must be no public recognition of religious associations as representatives of anything or anybody: not on campuses, not in student unions, not in government consultations or in parliament.


Poster DP111 comments:

Most crime is committed by a few hardened criminals. But of course we must not incarcerate criminals, as that would be profiling. So let us lock up everybody.

Islam is violent at the core, but we cannot say so, so let us ban all religions, including the two responsible for Western civilisation.

Why do we have to destroy our civilisation just to appease a violent bunch of immigrants, who should not have been allowed into the West in the first place.

Walter C sez:

Not surprised.

Its the price we pay for having university professors stuff toxic and suicidal ideologies like post-modernism and existentialism and its mutant offspring down the throats of college students for the last 40 years.

As a result we have so-called educated people who don’t even know right from wrong and good from evil. And who’ve also drank the heady of mead of multiculturalism, which itself is a product of post-modernism and now can’t tell the difference between a murderous, power hungry cult and religions that don’t believe in violence.

Its produced many so called intellectuals who can longer tell the difference between a college prank and the truth(go google Alan Sokal and his pranks on the elite of the post-modern movement).

IMO if we want to fix things, shutting down the philosophy and social studies departments might be a good start, since thats where the poison originates.

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  1. Nutroots claim Islam is peaceful without knowing the Quran. They say Christianity is violent without knowing the Bible. That’s part of the reason they say this kinda crap.

  2. Geez, this is what happens when our children are not taught history. And that goes for UK kids as well as ours. It will all go underground – did anyone read the time of Bloody Mary?! Banning religions only brings out more martyrs – and believe me, we don’t need muslim’s ideas of martyrdom. It will come soon enough. Maybe banning muslim immigration would be a better start, or banning their exhibits of their ‘religion’ in public places such as school and work, banning sharia law – eg: polygamy, etc.

    This is also what happens when no one cracks open a koran, or learns islamic history. And it will get worse since we, on a whole, are afraid of offending muslims. How many actually do something other than blog about islam and how they are disgusted with it?!

    This should be a requirement that our ‘leaders’ read the koran – and if they want to include the Bible, then include that. Then they will see a stark difference in both. I am getting really disgusted with our ‘leaders’ and their chosen ignorance. What is even more disgusting is when judges consider, or allow, sharia law to be practiced side by side our laws – and if they cracked open those laws, and the koran, they would see how they should be banning those!

    Banning all religions is just what the commies try to do and it doesn’t work very well. The chinese even have ‘re-education’ camps. And they still have problems. (this, and other reasons, is why I won’t even watch the Olympics while it is held in China!)

  3. R_not,

    There are a few who try to get something meaningful happening – I have written more times that I care to remember to various political leaders about this issue but the only thing that will work is when a large number of people yell very loudly about this. This is something most of us are not very comfortable – going out on the streets to give our view. Protest on the street got the US out of Vietnam, not the Vietcong …. that is how powerful protest can be. But the average person on the street is simply not aware of how serious this problem is becoming. I do not know how to get on top of that issue ……….

  4. I support the banning of all religions. Religions are totalitarian, and therefore inherently violent.

  5. No need to bother banning religions. With atheism on the rise throughout the world ( up to 70pc in many European countries, 30 pc in Australia, 60 pc Japan and so on ) it will only be a matter of time before the insanity of all religions is confined to the annals of history.

  6. Atheist>>”No need to bother banning religions. With atheism on the rise throughout the world ( up to 70pc in many European countries, 30 pc in Australia, 60 pc Japan and so on ) it will only be a matter of time before the insanity of all religions is confined to the annals of history.

    Joe Grey>>Which begs the question–why are you targeting Christianity if you’re so confident of your boast, and not Islam, since they are much more religious? Add that to the fact that they are committing countless insane atrocities throughout the world on a daily basis, and you sound like a confused little sock puppet.

  7. like I said before – atheists don’t discriminate . We hate all religions equally.

  8. A little experiment for Atheist.
    Go to your local church and announce that you think Jesus was a mass murdering pedo.
    Try the same in a mosque,but this time substitute the name mohammad for Jesus.
    All religions are the same? Moron

  9. Urban – you need to do a refresher course on the new testatment …

    Here is a gem from the new testament in Jesus’ own words….

    “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace but a sword.”
    Matthew 10:34

    Thankfully the Jews killed Jesus before he could do too much damage.

  10. Atheist, Urban11
    this web site should be bringing people together who are against the muslim attack that is currently being made against us. Please keep your posts to the point.

    recent SKY NEWS report (2.8.08) suggests that evidence gathered by british army in Afghanistan shows that british muslims are actively engaged in terrorist activities against Afghanistan people and coalition forces. Information collected also strongly suggests that pakistani jihad groups financing and providing support for muslim terrorist´groups in UK.

  11. atheist is proselytizing for atheism. He is only interested in peddling his uncooked non-philosophy, mocking others and having himself a laugh over their reactions. Do not feed the trolls…

  12. Doomsday…^5

    Christian charity feeds and nurtures a lot of people in need. I don’t recall ever seeing an “Atheist blood drive” or an “Atheist food bank”.

  13. Atheist>>”“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace but a sword.”
    Matthew 10:34

    Joe Grey>>LOL!!! That would be Jesus saying that he’d cause ***the world(earth)*** to fight itself. That does not equate to him telling Christians to fight and kill. Do you recall him scolding Peter for using his sword against those that were trying to wrongfully arrest and kill him? Ironically, it is you who is encouraging naive Christians to fight. But more importantly, once again **YOU ARE ATTACKING CHRISTIANITY** Tell us what you are doing against Muslim savagery???? Why don’t you join us and stop making a fool of yourself?

  14. Joe,

    Sometimes I think Atheist is a muslim troll. He seems to be very anti-Christian, but he seems hesitant to say anything against islam.

    He gives me a laugh every time he posts…

    Hey atheist, who created the universe anyway?

  15. John, I agree. He always wants to change the subject to Christianity. Muslims are savagely killing people wholesale on a daily basis, and this not so clever fellow wants to talk about N.T. theology???

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