(French) EU stooges get cold feet over roasted Taliban

 EU ‘consternation’ over Afghan civilian deaths: Brussels

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* These EU-wankers in Brussels are so full of s#*t  it makes you wonder if they still live on the same planet. Lets hope the whole circus explodes anytime soon…

BRUSSELS: The French presidency of the European Union on Monday expressed “consternation” after Afghanistan said that more than 90 civilians were killed in US-led air strikes last week.

Brussels said it had “learnt of the high number of civilian deaths with consternation,” according to a statement.

The Afghan cabinet had earlier demanded a renegotiation of agreements regulating the presence of international troops in Afghanistan, seeking a halt to air strikes on civilians, illegal detentions and unilateral house searches, a statement said.

The US-led coalition says Friday’s strikes were targeted at Taliban rebels and 30 of them were killed, although it is investigating claims of civilian casualties.

“The solution is not only military,” French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner also said Monday, eight days after 10 French soldiers were killed during ground fighting in Afghanistan.

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  1. Well, as an American, let me just say: WE DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS WHAT THE EU THINKS OF US. As if everything is just peachy in Eurabia and the Europeans are just SOOOOOOO much more enlightened than us colonials. Kiss my ass.

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