Fjordman: Do Western Authorities Care More About Hamsters Than About Europeans?

Thanks to GoV and a cute pic from the Tundra Tabloids:

Fjordman: Do Western Authorities Care More About Hamsters Than About Europeans?

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at Europe News . Some excerpts are below:

In January 2011, the EU Observer stated that France stands to lose a case at the European Court of Justice over its neglect of the Great Hamster of Alsace, a species facing extinction. Sweden was about to be taken to court by the European Commission for allowing wolf hunting. Paris stands to be slapped with a multi-million euro fine for not protecting hamsters.

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The EU is no different from Orwell's 'Animal Farm'

Remember when the commie bastards from the EU invited a creepy Syrian mufti to scare them out of their wits?  Remember Euromed? The coming caliphate? That’s right, you’re not supposed to know.

Geert Wilders was prevented from speaking in the EU pigsty, and was not allowed to show his 15 minute movie FITNA by the EU apparatchiks, because he might wake you from your slumber.  An EUro-dhimmi you will be!

STRASBOURG (AFP) – Syria’s top Sunni Muslim cleric urged the media Tuesday to use caution when reporting on religion, saying that the choice and timing of a report can cause a war.

“A simple piece of information can spark a war. If a man dies because of information that you have made public, his death will be on your conscience,” Shiekh Ahmed Badreddin Hassun told reporters at the European Parliament.

Or, as Kathy Shaidle puts it, “Publish stuff we don’t like, and we’ll kill you.” (Full article here)

The Grand Mufti of Syria in the EU Parliament on the occasion of the Year of Intercultural Dialogue

“Opening his address, the Grand Mufti stressed that “there is one single culture” in the world, the culture of humankind. Indeed, he said, “we are all building one culture, so I do not believe in the conflict of cultures”.”

Henry Ford said “you can have any car color as long as it’s black”  Grand mufti sez: “There is one single culture, and it’s Muslim (or will be Muslim)” and the EUro dhimmies applaud….

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“Out of touch”


EUROPE backed the burkha yesterday by ruling that the controversial Muslim veils should not be banned.

The Council of Europe also branded the Swiss “bigots” for their ban on the construction of Islamic minarets. Last year Switzerland banned the building of the minarets – towers used to call Muslims to prayer – after a nationwide referendum.

Please note that Switzerland is not a member of the EU.  That the unelected polit-commissars in Brussels have the cheek to condemn a country that is not even part of their assumed jurisdiction is beyond parody……

MPs from 47 countries voted unanimously that outlawing the full-face veils would deny women “who genuinely and freely desire to do so” the right to cover their faces.
The Council of Europe’s resolution is not binding on members of the group, which includes all European countries except Belarus, as well as Turkey.
But the vote by the human rights group threatens to torpedo bans planned in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain as it could open governments up to costly legal battles.
Last night the ruling was condemned as “out of touch”.
UKIP leader Lord Pearson said: “This vote just highlights the disconnection between the appointed politicians of the Council of Europe and the peoples of Europe. Express UK

While the politically correct multiculturalists keep their heads firmly up their subsidized asses, reality strikes, once again, in Afghanistan:

Female suicide bomber murders two U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan with bomb hidden beneath her burqa

As Spain moves to outlaw the face veil, and the cries of “Islamophobia” inevitably rain down, remember this story and others like it.

“Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghan Suicide Bombing,” by Maria Abi-Habib and Habib Zahori in the Wall Street Journal, June 22 (thanks to Weasel Zippers & JW):

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Erdogan slams French president over EU bid


Turkey calls on EU “not to act as Greek Cyprus spokesperson” Turkey expressed disappointment over an EU report on Turkey’s progress in 2009 during its accession process.

The increasingly islamicized Muslim country of Turkey appears to have dreams of another Ottoman empire.

The Ascent of Evil: Receding American Hegemony/Atlas Shrugs

Hurriet/Turkish Daily

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan has criticized French President Nicolas Sarkozy over his opposition to Turkey joining the European Union in an interview to mark the launch of the Euronews television channel’s new Turkish language service.

In his first interview with the European TV channel Euronews on Saturday, ErdoÄŸan spoke about a range of topics, from Turkey’s negotiations aimed at eventual full membership in the European Union to Cyprus, relations with Israel, and questions on Kurds and Armenia.

The Turkish prime minister said some of the EU member states were not acting honestly during Turkey’s ongoing negotiation with the bloc. “This is where a problem arises. Why am I saying this? Because they are trying to corner Turkey with conditions that do not exist in the acquis communautaire [the total accumulated body of EU law]. This is really wrong,” he said.

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Why Turkey can NEVER be part of the EU

Gates of Vienna

A Turkish agit prop speaks from a position of power and considers Turkey’s full membership in the EU beyond any doubt, as a privileged partnership is out of the question.


He  starts with outrageous and preposterous claims such as these:

  • Turkish contributions to European culture and way of life, such as Mozart’s Turkish March, the opera “The Abduction from the Seraglio”, and coffee; Turkey has geared its policies towards the West for the past centuries
  • The EU is in need of Turkey’s young and well-educated and trained manpower.
  • Turkey is crucial for European energy resources.
  • Turkey as a full member raises the political strength of the EU.
  • Turkey is pushing democratization.

Reality Check:

Bringing the Turkish constitution into line with EU principles would entail the destruction of both pillars of the Turkish constitution and would thus put an end to Atatürk’s Turkey. In addition, it can be seen in all clarity that the EU will either accept a de facto military dictatorship or an Islamic state within its ranks provided the “negotiations” with the EU continue to proceed at the same pace. In any case, the EU will remain the pawn of Turkish politics.

Turkeys ploughs its way into the European Union. It bullies concessions and does not show any willingness to fulfill accession criteria. It follows its well-established negotiation tactics: wooing — being offended — threatening.

It wants a Turkish Europe, as clearly expressed by the Turkish prime minister, during his recent appearance in Cologne.

Reason becomes nonsense, benefits turn into menace.

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UK: Army Outraged After British Soldier Killed Rescuing NYT Reporter Who Was Repeatedly Warned Not to Enter Taliban Stronghold….

Dhimmi Watch: Fitzgerald: Turkey vs. free speech

Fitzgerald: Turkey — Not E.U. Membership, But Support And Understanding For Turkish Secularists

The many decades during which the systematic attempt, through legislation, by Ataturk to remove Islam in Turkey from the political sphere and to limit its power to fashion society, over time managed to allow the formation of a class of Turks who, in their mental outlook are not as distant as from Western man as are, say, Arabs or Pakistanis.

They do, unsurprisingly, continue to identify themselves as Muslims, sometimes out of civilisational defensiveness or filial piety. To abandon Islam might seem like abandoning a pious grandmother, or viewing the islamization of the former Byzantine Empire as a historic mistake, and many cannot bring themselves to do that. This secular class consists, in the main, of businessmen who have dealings with the West (the Sabanci family comes to mind), writers (Orhan Pamuk, about to deliver the Charles Eliot Norton lectures at Harvard), journalists, professors, rectors of universities, art gallery owners, musicians who play Western music.

(French) EU stooges get cold feet over roasted Taliban

 EU ‘consternation’ over Afghan civilian deaths: Brussels

The News

* These EU-wankers in Brussels are so full of s#*t  it makes you wonder if they still live on the same planet. Lets hope the whole circus explodes anytime soon…

BRUSSELS: The French presidency of the European Union on Monday expressed “consternation” after Afghanistan said that more than 90 civilians were killed in US-led air strikes last week.

Brussels said it had “learnt of the high number of civilian deaths with consternation,” according to a statement.

The Afghan cabinet had earlier demanded a renegotiation of agreements regulating the presence of international troops in Afghanistan, seeking a halt to air strikes on civilians, illegal detentions and unilateral house searches, a statement said.

The US-led coalition says Friday’s strikes were targeted at Taliban rebels and 30 of them were killed, although it is investigating claims of civilian casualties.

“The solution is not only military,” French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner also said Monday, eight days after 10 French soldiers were killed during ground fighting in Afghanistan.

EU to pay wages to Pali terrorists



Jiziyah alert:

* These EU-cock-suckers truly believe they’re above the law. By transferring wealth away from their citizens  they’re hoping to bribe the  Pali Arabs not to commit  terrorism against the EU, which, as we all know,  simply leads to more blackmail. But where are the filthy rich Sowdi Arab Muslim brothers who already raked in 600 billion dollars this year and in excess of 11 trillion dollars over the last 30 years? What are they doing to help their Pali brothers?

The European Union has announced it will boost its financial aid to the Palestinian Authority by €40 million in a bid to secure salaries for government workers.

“This extra package is a clear indication that we are continuing and reinforcing our commitment to the Palestinian people,” EU’s external affairs commissioner Benita Ferrero Waldner said in a statement on Wednesday (20 August).


EU has decided to add extra €40 million on its aid cheque for Palestinians (Photo: European Commission)

The financial injection comes on top of €256 million provided so far by the EU this year by other instruments. It follows an international conference last December where various donors pledged €5.2 billion in aid to the Palestinians over three years.

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G8 remains "committed to pay jiziyah to Palistanians"

* From the “Stop the jiziyah” department:

Three-day summit of eight rich nations ends with statement reiterating full support of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, hopes sides can see way to reach agreement by year’s end.

* These ‘rich nations’ are becoming poorer by the day because of Muhammedan  infiltration and extortion from the ummah…

Israel News
The G-8 remains committed to providing assistance to the “Palestinians” (why??) and helping to strengthen their institutions, Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda said at the end of a three-day summit of the Group of Eight rich nations.

Fukuda, in a chairman’s statement on the meeting, said the G-8 had reiterated its full support for the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations with a view to reaching an agreement by the end of the year and called on all parties to refrain from any action that would undermine the negotiations.

In a statement, G-8 leaders – which include the US, Japan, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Canada and Russia – called on both the Israeli and Palestinian leaders to put a stop to violence on both sides, also calling on Israel to cease all settlement construction.

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