Honor Killing in Jordan: Victim was still a Virgin

Sister shot in ‘honour’ killing

* Nothing queen Rania can’t fix: watch this space!

The Australian

In Jordan, a  man shot his 23-year-old sister to death over suspicions that she was having unmarried sex.  An autopsy later revealed that
she was 
actually a virgin… but at least his heart was in the right place.  

A 26-YEAR-old Jordanian man was charged with murder today after his 23-year-old sister was shot dead in an apparent “honour” killing.

The unnamed suspect allegedly shot his sister six times last night in the Nqeira area south of the capital Amman, a security official said.

“He turned himself in and confessed to murdering his sister to cleanse his family’s honour because she disappeared from home for four months with a man,” the official said. 

“He killed her the moment she returned home last night. But forensic tests showed that the girl was a virgin.” 

It was the eighth reported so-called honour killing this year, according to Jordanian authorities which in 2007 recorded 17 such murders – a slight rise on previous years. 

Those convicted in such cases often receive light sentences because parliament has twice refused to reform the penal code, despite pressure from human rights groups to end the near impunity of perpetrators. 

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  1. A cute, European looking middle-eastern Muslim girl with fair skin and green eyes? Undoubtedly a descendant of a European woman who was kidnapped, raped, and forced to marry a Muslim.

  2. They will wait till the Jihad is at their doorstep, then cry “How did this happen?”. Listen to their own words, there is war coming…….and we are talking about political correctness…I am truly worried

  3. Her brother never bothered to find out the truth. He was judge, jury and executioner all in one. He’ll probably get away with it. Why do they hate women, maybe they are frightened of them.
    If we can turn the women Islam will collapse like a house of cards.
    Sick people.

  4. Bomb Mecca? Than keep on going for Medina and all their holy sites, where they can preach their hatred.
    It amazes me every day again how people react and shrug their shoulders, nothing they can do.
    How many honor killings do we have to have here in the USA before people wake-up.
    May be it is time that we follow Italy, no more mosques in the USA.
    But the Bush families are to buddy, buddy with th Saudi’s who finance it all.
    We the people have to start Rally’s ourself since we will not get any help from our government.

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