Somalia: Christian Convert Killed by Devout Muslims

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A Somali Christian has paid the ultimate price for his faith.

 Hussein, the 28-year-old victim, had converted from the Muslim faith to Christianity. Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern says he was confronted by Islamic extremists who demanded to know if he faces Mecca when he prays, which is required of Muslims.

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India:  Man set on fire for marrying Muslim girl

Close on the heels of the beheading of a man for marrying a girl outside his religion at a village in Murshidabad district, another man was set on fire by his in-laws on Friday at Anarpur village under Baduria PS in North 24-Parganas district for the same reason.

With severe burns, Arka Banerjee (22), a resident of Barasat’s Chowdhurybagan, is now struggling for life in Barasat district hospital, Superintendent of Police of North 24-Parganas district, Supratim Sarkar, said in Kolkata on Saturday.

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Ethiopia: Muslim mobs stone Christians

Guess this is the “thanks” the descendants of the great “Negus” — the king of Ethiopia during Muhammad’s time who provided shelter and refuge to the first Muslim community get in return. “Muslim Mob Stones Christians in Eastern Ethiopia,” by Michael Ireland, for Worthy News, July 30: ETHIOPIA (ANS) — A mob of Islamic extremists stoned Seid Ahmed and Musa Ibrahim [names changed for security reasons] in Jijiga, a city on border with Somalia. The attack is the latest attack against Christians in Ethiopia where the spread of radical Islam is fueling the persecution of Christians.

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 “Hussein says he doesn’t face Mecca when he prays because his God is omnipresent and he can face anywhere to pray,” Racho recounts the incident. “[T]he extremists were very much enraged by his comments, and they killed him.”
Upon learning that her husband had been shot to death, Hussein’s wife went into premature labor and delivered a stillborn baby.

Hussein had been working as a teacher and was described as extremely successful in evangelizing the community.


6 thoughts on “Somalia: Christian Convert Killed by Devout Muslims”

  1. >>”“Inner Struggler” from the ‘RoP’

    Joe Grey>>Looks like that dude in the pic needs to struggle his way to a toothbrush.

  2. Somalia is a 10th rate shithole. A country of frightening barbarity and cruelty. This doesn’t surprise me at all.
    Ethiopia has a very old and strange version of Christianity so where is all this Islamist aggression coming from? Perhaps it’s the Somalis again.
    It’s time to contain or outlaw this blood drenched moon cult from our countries. I t is completely incompatible with any other way of life. The fanaticism is becoming so bad it’s almost psychotic. I fear it may have to come down to a fight to save ourselves. I’ve always thought that if the Islamists were serious they would have to take on India, Russia and China. It appears they are doing that. It will be interesting to see how these countries deal with the problem.

  3. S.K,

    The somalis having been causing problems in the border region with Ethiopia for decades. They cross the border in large gangs and then kill and rape and steal. There are reports of these activities going back for more than 60 years – for example George Adamson of “Born Free” fame reported these activities by Somali tribesmen in 193O’s. He note that these bands or “Shifta” would run rather than face up to law enforcement officers. However, things have changed. These gangs have now been armed with heavy weapons by the Somali government and they are a significant problem. It is also believed George Adamson was murdered by these “people” some years ago. The incursion of Islam into Ethiopia is possibly a direct consequence of Christians moving away after continous attack by these thugs with consequent resettlement of these areas by the islamic thugs. The border is highly porous and very remote, and the Ethiopian government does not have the resources to properly contain the problem.

  4. I also should say that the man who was murdered after converting to Christianity, Hussein, seems to have been a person of exemplary courage. He and his family will be in my prayers.
    I suspect he was deliberately targeted because he was able to show others that other solutions beside islam exist – therefore he was a threat to the muslim mob.

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