Jihad One On One?

More on the grisly bus murder in Canada, where Vince Weiguang Li, a Chinese Muslim, stabbed Tim McLean 50 times and then cut his head off with a huge knife.

Li case could turn out to be much worse

* More grisly details emerge in Canadian bus murder


Western intelligence services have been warning us that terrorists may engage in individual terror acts (”personal jihad“) because due to increased anti-terror measures, the opportunities for pulling off another 9/11 or 7/7 in the West have become extremely limited. Their “leaders” therefore urge them to commit acts even at the “micro level”, i.e., even if it means killing a single individual only – provided the act instils and spreads fear and terror.

* Sheik yer’mami reported: Jihad in the strangest places: Aussies stabbed in Banff, Canuckistan  Rocky Mountain Jihad: Bail denied in Banff stabbing

Well, according to a Chinese newspaper, it is reported, Vince Weiguang Li is, in fact, a Muslim (also see here). Some sources also report that Li was overheard screaming, “There can be only one.” This, however, has not been confirmed by any reliable sites or media yet.

Who knows what’s going on? A recent stabbing in Banff, Alberta, in which an Australian was attacked by Muslims, also showed all the signs of a “micro leveljihad“. Then, there was that one Muslim who recently tried to take a gun and ammunition on board a plane at Calgary airport, and the various IEDs found alongside the light-rail tracks in downtown Calgary.

All this thanks to Canada’s dysfunctional immigration system. No wonder the Americans are beginning to hate our guts more and more.


20 thoughts on “Jihad One On One?”

  1. As soon as I heard about the beheading in Canada, I wondered if a muslim was involved.

    Now I know.

  2. When I hear of women being kidnapped, raped and murdered, I immediately think of Muslims.

  3. according to canada.com, Li is a baptist, and a member of the congregation of the church wherein he was employed yet the good Sheikh claims hi is islamic.

    who is right?

  4. oh, and mr Grey, statistically speaking, the vast majority of rapes and murders in the USA are committed by good ol’ fashioned, garden variety “african” americans.

  5. Trey Cruz,

    Statistically Speaking, or rather realistically speaking, muslims are responsible for rapes well out of proportion to their population in non-muslim countries. However, isn’t it interesting that the ‘statistics’ show extremely low, if not no rapes in muslim countries….

  6. John

    A significant number of rapes occur in Muslim countries – these cases are simply not discussed.

    As regards muder of young Canadian – I was 100% certain it was a muslim after first details came out.

    Incidentally, I suspect that muslims murdered a 11 year old boy in Lyon, France last week.

    The chinese will have a real problem with these scum trying to murder their way to Olympic fame.

    I hope their security is up to it.

  7. I just want to back up Sheik here – after trawling the net I can find no independent verification of the fact that the man was a muslim. However there are reports of mental problems – in short no one knows why this man killed. Please present reports that are verifiable from other sources otherwise it gives the lefties ammunition to use against people who comment here. In short – the attack may have nothing to do with muslims.

  8. There’s no doubt this obvious psychopath is from islam, no other people on the planet excel with such relish to decapitate its victim. Mohammad’s favorite method of execution was beheading, he presided over the beheading of some 600-900 victims and Vince Weiguang Li was basically modeling his idol…

  9. Infidela,

    I already thought about it that a mohammedan was involved.decapitation was the clue.

  10. You people are so islamophobic, thinking immediately that a beheader could be a Koranist. Don’t you all know these poor people are victims of a smear campaign?

    But seriously, this kind of thinking is the legacy of 9/11-how can one NOT think Koranist when anything crazy like this happens? For this they can thank one of their own-Bin Loser.

  11. Yes – I agree that when something like this happens the first thought is that a muslim is responsible – after all there is more than sufficient precedent to justify thinking in this way.

  12. Okay – thanks for the (indirect) Chinese data Sheik – it appears that the man is a muslim – two sources, highly likely to be independent, state this with other facts that have been confirmed by police – suspicions appear now to be very valid – now spread the word because the media will not.

  13. Some people I spoke to thought the guy could not be Muslim because he was Chinese.
    I pointed out that this was racist and that Islam is not a race.

    Luckily, a desire to decapitate can be yours if you convert to the Religion of Peace, regardless of what race you are.

  14. “He’s got to be a Muslim, since only Muslims decapitate, murder, and rape.” Guess what: he’s not. Your blind hatred and ignorant prejudices are almost as disgusting as the senseless crime this man committed.

  15. Prove us wrong, Virg!

    its not us who are driven by “blind hatred and ignorant prejudices” its the followers of Muhammad who do decapitate, rape and murder in the name of their so-called religion. Pointing it out does not make us ‘almost as disgusting’ as the senseless crime this perp committed.
    We provided 2 links that he was a Muslim.

    What have you done?

    You try to smear us, without providing any proof. is that all you got? Give us proof that he is not a Muslim and we’ll take it off. Deal?

  16. i live in canada i hate the canadian anglos as they are mostly racist and xenophobic and ignorant. even americans are better than canadians as they are not ego centric and narcisstic as canuks and canucks do not believe much in God almighty. they just love killing seals. i am a immigrant for 6 years and i can guratee you racism if you are not from a white country. people around the world believe in government foriegn policy which is very utopian makes you think canada is that ideal place. but relity is different when you experience a different nature of hospitality from those anglo skinheads. if i was hitler i would wipe out the race. unfortunately i have to be a counter racist than a gentleman here in canada ever since i immigrated. in canada gentlemen donot apply only bullies accepted. even government policies of past were racist thatis why trhey have best immigrant friendly policies now to conceal their ugly past. and do not trust their media they are the most prejudiced agianst east indians , muslims termed as brown people in globe and mail. anada may be most diverse as many canadians like to tell but they still live in their own burrows. i am not surprises why canadians are hunted inmexico as tourists, in afghanistan and in greyhound bus decapitation station in canada. they are retarded aggressive and narcisstic worse than americans which is why canadians hate americans as they suffer from huge inferoity complex from down south. and americans burned down toronto a couple of centuries ago. rthey are still stuck there in their minds. law abiding and crimeless its changing now for worse. just think of it as the macho beasts inhabiting the richest land on earth on generous government welfare (oil and mines)laid back sitting on their asses.many immigrants with brains haver already left canada because of their best restrictive licensing occupational policies for america or better pastures, by the way canadians call that brain draining as if those brains were made in canada. they are less quality concios. unless oil boosted and mines boosted canadian dollar was there canada would be a third world country like worse than africa and not a borgouis g-8 country club. thanks a million canada. we need more sleeper cells to wipe out the white skinheads here. the police is useless here. its the land of best law abiding hookers and pimps

  17. Have you considered leaving?

    The Muhammedan deserts are full with pretty camels this time of year, don’t let anything get in the way of your departure!

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