Nissan caves to Arabs threats

“There is no humor in Islam..”

Oil- sheikhs declare jihad on Nissan

*  Economic considerations always take priority in Japan:

Nissan caves to Saudi threats

Thereby further convincing Muslims around the world that, yes, your protests and complaints for special treatment — provided they are loud and angry enough — will always be honored. Still, Nissan, the oil-rich sheikhs await apologies; and now that you’ve conceded this much, prepare to go all the way, in good dhimmi fashion. “Nissan orders Israeli ally to pull commercial,” from Japan Times, August 9:

JERUSALEM (Kyodo) Nissan Motor Co. has ordered its Israeli business ally to immediately stop airing a television commercial depicting Arab oil barons angered at the high fuel efficiency of a Nissan car, officials of the automaker said Thursday. 

“The commercial was produced by a local automobile distributor based on its own judgment, and Nissan Motor has nothing to do with the commercial,” a Nissan spokesman in Japan said.

The commercial depicts wealthy Arab oil barons becoming so enraged at a fuel-efficient Nissan Tiida that one of them kicks the car, bangs on the hood and windshield and heaps abuse on the vehicle.

3 thoughts on “Nissan caves to Arabs threats”

  1. You would have thought that Nissan could have anticipated this. Funny ad but no good with the Oiled Ones.
    However, we do need to find every way possible to not use oil, especially with transport.
    I hate having to put money in their pockets. Looking on the bright side – if we can do it (i know, a big if) then it will drive them crazy. I like that idea.

  2. >>”There is no humor in Islam..”

    “Above all else, the devil hates to be mocked.”

  3. What’s the price of oil got to do with Islam? What does being a Saudi have to do with Islam?
    It seems that anything can be linked to Islam and therefore be construed as offensive to Islam.

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