Dhimwit Cardinal Sabotages Anti-Islam Resistance in Genoa

Costume drama queen Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco

* Kumbayah anybody?

Update from this story:

Cardinal criticises Euro MP over anti-Islam stand: reports

(ROME) – Italy’s top prelate Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco has denounced a Euro MP in the anti-immigration Northern League for his anti-Islamic views, press reports said Saturday.

* Italy arrests 5 Muslims on suspicion of planning attacks

The Bishop of Genoa and president of the Italian episcopal conference voiced his “total disapproval” of Euro MP Mario Borghezio’s vow to “defend Christianity against profanation by Islam” made in a church in the northern port on Friday.

The Euro deputy made his call at a rally of League members to protest against a city council plans to hold interfaith prayers in the church, a former hospital of the Knights of Malta in the 13th century.

Accompanied by dozens of people waving the League’s flag, Borghezio gained entry to the building by waving his Euro deputy’s card. He then swore to “continue the fight of the Knights of the Order of Malta to defend Christianity.”

Cardinal Bagnasco condemned Borghezio for making his statement in a church, which he said was “solely a place for prayer and worship,” the Corriere della Sera said.

The Northern League scored an unexpected success in general elections in April, taking eight percent of the votes and securing four ministerial posts in the right-wing government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.


Italy arrests 5 Muslims on suspicion of planning attacks

Eurabia Alert. “Italy: 5 arrested on suspicion of planning attacks,” by Ariel David for the Associated Press, August 9:

ROME – Police broke up a suspected terror cell Saturday and arrested five North Africans, including the alleged leader who Italian officials said recruited Islamic extremists for attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Authorities also suspect the cell sent tens of thousands of dollars to groups in Bosnia that offer training and logistical support to Iraqi and Afghan terror organizations, said Claudio Galzerano, head of the Italian police force’s international terrorism division.

Police arrested the five suspects — four Tunisians and one Moroccan — in Bologna and the nearby towns of Faenza and Imola, Galzerano said. They were accused of international terrorism, but have yet to be formally charged, he said. A sixth suspect was still being sought.

Galzerano said those arrested include alleged Tunisian ringleader Khalil Jarraya, a veteran of Bosnia’s 1992-95 war, and four others he allegedly recruited for suicide attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Galzerano said Jarraya, who also has received Bosnian citizenship, may have recruited others already sent abroad.

The arrests followed a three-year investigation based on wiretaps and on training material found in previous searches of the suspects’ homes.

“In the telephone intercepts they always were extremely satisfied when someone blew himself up,” Galzerano told The Associated Press by telephone from Bologna. “These are people who were radicalized in the West and declared themselves ready to become ‘martyrs’ for jihad.”

Galzerano said the cell sent tens of thousands of dollars to Bosnian groups linked to terrorist organizations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said the money came from the legitimate work of the group’s members as well as from insurance scams, for which a charge of fraud was added to the arrest warrants.

The cell was not part of any specific terrorist organization, but saw itself as close to al-Qaida, Galzerano said.

Investigators have long considered Italy a logistical base where terror groups seek recruits and financing. After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States, the country introduced the charge of international terrorism, which can carry a sentence of up to 15 years jail.


Comment by Hugh:

I listened to the BBC World Service. They repeated, three times this afternoon, the story of this Italian arrest of five men. They were never, not once, described as Muslims. The word “Islam” was not once mentioned. They were only “five North Africans” from Tunisia and Morocco. That was it.

Clearly there is a policy that is being enforced, from the top down, at the BBC World Service. Who is going to look into this policy? Who is going to do something to make heads roll, and news readers change what they do, or be shown the door, and permanently, at Bush House?

Posted by: Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 9, 2008 5:06 PM

Meanwhile, according to yesterday’s La Repubblica, Al Jazeera, that combination of Radio Berlin and TASS, published an article denouncing the city of Padova for “racism” because a few Arabs claim that the locals will not hire them, considering North African immigrants too heavily mixed up with drugs and other sorts of criminal activity. Since everyone up and down the boot knows perfectly well that North Africans, and other Arabs, are mixed up in all sorts of criminal activities, Al Jazeera should have found out a bit more about that before transmitting to its hysterical and devout listeners accusations that this constitutes “racism.”

The mayor of Padova was furious about the shobby journalism. No one, he said, not a soul, from Al Jazeera had contacted him or, indeed, anyone else in the administration of the city of Padova. It was all a trumped-up charge. Meanwhile, he saw fit — it was a pity that he did — to explain that in Padova a large new mosque was going up, that the city had donated land and buildings for other Muslim structures, and othewise offered the litany of things designed to show how well-treated Muslims are. There is no need to do that. It is a very bad idea to do that — to protest that Muslims are treated well. Forget about Muslims. Insist that your task is to protect the people and institutions and art and civilization of Italy, against those who may have managed to be on Italian soil, as a matter of geography, but who threaten those people, those institutions, that art, that civilization, and who had either better change, or leave. There is no other way.

Posted by: Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 9, 2008 8:46 PM


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  1. I’d love to see these dhimmimongers confronted and videotaped with questions regarding Islam’s history. Proving them wrong and seeing the look on there faces would be priceless!

  2. So the Cardinal is on the internet – He just got a message from me – after pointing out some obvious facts I asked him to resign. I think more people to send this message to the fool – he is after all a representative of the church and he should behave like one. His mail site is easy to find so I will not provide links.

  3. Oh dear, the cardinal seems to have his hat on the wrong way. Doesn’t he realise that if the Islamists have their way (and plenty have said it) then Rome will be no more. They are not kidding. The only reason that churches or the clergy haven’t been targeted I would think is because they know if they did that then a war would break out and they would lose. They need time to get more asylum seekers/immigrants/have lots more children into western countries so that they can become a real physical force not just have far more political influence than they warrant.
    I think he should just stand up for his faith.

    Al Jazeera have no interest in the truth, they are only interested in their agenda.
    Why bother to Al-Beeb? I have done my best to avoid their news and current affairs programmes for many years. Expecially since 7/7 they have completely skewed any news concerned with islamic terrorism or smoothed over the simmering problems and outright racism from radical muslims. They are hopeless. I’m even forced to pay the TV Licence Fee by law – drives me crazy.

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