RoP hits Lebanon: bus blast kills 18

Just another jihadi bus bombing from “Dar al-Salam.” “18 dead in Lebanon bomb blast,” from the Associated Press, August 13:

A bomb has exploded near a bus carrying civilians and members of the military in the northern city of Tripoli, killing 18 people and wounding 46 others.

Officials say the dead included 10 off-duty soldiers.

The officials said the bomb was planted on the side of a road and went off when the bus passed by, causing the casualties. They said the explosion happened as the streets were filled with people heading to work, which contributed to the many injuries.[…]

There was no immediate word on who was behind the explosion.

Tripoli is Lebanon’s second-largest city with a mostly Sunni Muslim population.

Wasn’t always like that. In fact, Lebanon was long known as the “Paris” of the Middle East — but that was when it was a Christian majority.

It has witnessed sectarian clashes between Sunni fighters and followers of the Alawite sect, an offshoot Shiite sect, in the past weeks that killed and wounded dozens of people.

The city is also close to the ‘Palestinian refugee camp’ of Nahr el-Bared, which experienced deadly clashes last year between Lebanese troops and members of the al Qaida -inspired Fatah Islam group that left hundreds dead before the militants were defeated.

Al-Qaeda “inspired” groups have also been waging a jihad against the Christians of Lebanon.

Fatah Islam group has claimed responsibility for a bomb blast that killed a soldier in Abdeh near Tripoli on May 31.


*  Hugh Fitzgerald puts some sense in it for you:

A few points about these so-called “refugee camps.”

In the first place, the Arabs who live in them live on the seemingly permanent UNRWA dole. No one dies and gets off the dole, but all kinds of Arabs who were never refugees manage to get on the list. The whole operation has, for the past few decades, been run entirely by and for Arabs, instead of by objective civil servants (compare the early days, and what Rees, the Adviser on Refugees for the World Council of Churches, wrote in 1957 about the “Arab refugee” problem).

Nor are these “refugee camps” simply tent cities. They are cities, regular cities, with shops, with even — as in Gaza — DVD stores. Do you think the real refugee camps, in Chad and Ethiopia and parts of the Sudan, or anywhere else, have DVD stores? Let’s not fall for this nonsense.

The phrase, however, and the fact that so-called recently-renamed “‘Palestinian’ Arabs” live in certain places, and are, by Lebanese law, forbidden from working outside those camps (supplying one more excuse for Infidel taxpayers, through UNRWA, to keep supporting these Arabs indefinitely), does win sympathy, a diseased sympathy, from much of the credulous Western world.

These “refugee camps” are a propagandistic weapon of the Lesser Jihad against Israel. It hardly matters what happens to the particular people in these places, whether or not they are condemned to lives of hatred and self-primitivization, for they are merely weapons in a larger war, not individuals. And few of them seem to recognize that they have a grudge, but their grudge should be directed at all their fellow Arabs and Muslims, especially those fabulously rich Arabs in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf who, with a flick of the wrist, could write a check transforming their existences, and permanently, and the bank account in question would hardly notice the loss.

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