Three foreign female aid workers die in Afghan

* Why bother? Why put your life on the line for a bunch of murderous lunatics?

KABUL –Reuters:  Insurgents killed three female international aid workers and their local driver in an ambush in Afghanistan on Wednesday, the provincial governor said.


‘They were travelling in a car towards Kabul,’ said Abdullah Wardak, the governor of Logar province south of Kabul where the incident took place.

‘Three foreign women employees of IRC (International Rescue Committee) and their local driver were killed in this ambush by the opposition forces,’ he said. ‘I do not know the identity of the foreigners.’

Bodies of the victims have been retrieved, Wardak said, adding the assailants had carried out the attack from a car.

The attack was the single bloodiest involving foreign aid workers in recent years in Afghanistan, where violence has sharply jumped since 2006 when the ousted Taleban relaunched their insurgency.

Rising violence has forced aid agencies to restrict their humanitarian and development work at a time when drought and high prices are putting more people under pressure, a group of 100 non-governmental organisations in Afghanistan said this month.

Many schools and clinics have closed and significant numbers of people have become internally displaced. Aid agencies have been attacked and 19 Afghan NGO staff killed this year.

Violence in Afghanistan has reached its worst level since 2006, the bloodiest period since US-led and Afghan forces overthrew the Taleban in 2001. There were more violent incident in each of the last three months than in any month since 2001, aid agencies say.

The rise in violence comes despite the presence of more than 61,000 foreign troops and over 140,000 Afghan forces.

No group has claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s ambush.


2 thoughts on “Three foreign female aid workers die in Afghan”

  1. You’re dead right – why bother? These women were Canadians, and there are many people right here in our own country and elsewhere in the world who need and would appreciate their help. It’s a totally senseless tragedy, throwing resources and precious young lives into a bottomless pit of ignorance and savagery.
    If we want to improve the lives of moslems, we must wait until they themselves show some initiative and renounce islam. Nothing can be done for them as long as they continue to believe that every word of mein koranf is the word of God.
    Since islam was first inflicted upon these people they have deteriorated intellectually and morally while the rest of the world moved on. If islamic countries had to get by on their own, without western and oriental science, technology and administrative skills they’d be rationing sand in six months.

  2. To the brave mullsims reading this – that is all you can do – murder women aid workers!!!!

    My prayers are for the women who were murdered and their families, as well as for the Afghan
    driver and his family.

    To the mulsims who have said nothing about another muerder committed by Muslims .. STFU and PO

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