Anti-mosque 'nationalists' attacked in Germany

Cologne Update: try to count the smears!

* A left-wing protester s#*thead demonstrates against the anti-Islamization congress, organized by “Pro Koeln.”

* Update:      

 Violence works: ‘Anti-Islamisation’ event abandoned after protests

*  Link to The Irish Times

COLOGNE, Germany (AP) — Protesters throwing stones and paintballs disrupted the opening of an “anti-Islamification” conference Friday organized by a right-wing German nationalist group that opposes the building of a large new mosque.

Some 100 protesters gathered outside city hall in Cologne’s borough of Rodenkirchen to prevent two leaders of the Pro-Cologne movement from entering the building where they were to hold a news conference.

* Note the Pali-scarves! These Turkish females even took their hijabs off for the occasion!


Police moved in to build a protective ring around the two men, amid shouts of “Shame on you!” and “Get lost!” from the angry crowd. The nationalists were turned away at the door by a city official on orders from the mayor.

The group then sought refuge on one of the many rental boats that cruise the Rhine River, scrambling aboard with several journalists as protesters pelted the side of it with stones and paintballs.

The scuffle that left several windows broken, but no one was injured, police said. Eight people were detained.

After several hours on the river, the boat — named Moby Dick — docked, and dozens of protesters surrounded the nationalists, preventing them from moving further without police protection.

About 500 largely peaceful protesters also built a human chain around a site where the city has approved the building of a large, domed mosque — complete with two 177-foot-tall minarets — in the city’s heavily immigrant Ehrenfeld district. Construction is to begin by the end of the year.

Police prevented a planned bus tour by the nationalists through immigrant-heavy districts, arguing that it would have been provocative and could have led to unrest.

Pro-Cologne had billed its three-day conference as an attempt to build a “European, patriotic, populist right-wing movement” and invited members of nationalist parties from other European nations to attend.

The conference is to include a demonstration against the mosque on Saturday, and police say they expect several hundred nationalist supporters to attend, along with up to 10 times as many counter-demonstrators.

German government officials were swift to condemn the conference that also has drawn criticism from Islamic nations, including Iran. 

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Gabriele Hermani said in Berlin that the “event organized by populists and extremists” was “damaging to the good cooperation between the city and its Muslim citizens.”

Armin Laschet, the minister for integration in North Rhine-Westphalia state, where Cologne is located, noted that the hundreds of counter-demonstrators reflected citizens’ disapproval of Pro-Cologne. “They are not a citizens’ movement, it is a far-right group,” Laschet said.

About 1 million people live in Cologne, more than 36 percent of them Turks or of Turkish descent.


GERMANY: A FAR-RIGHT group was forced to abandon a press conference launching a campaign against plans for a new mosque and Muslim immigration in the German city of Cologne yesterday when protesters targeted them with stones and paint.

“Mosques are shooting out of the ground like mushrooms” and “headscarves are flooding our streets” were among the inflammatory statements the Pro-Cologne group used to drum up support for its three-day “Anti-Islamisation conference”.

But the talks were disrupted early on when stone-throwing protesters pelted a boat on the Rhine river, the stage for the opening press conference, eventually forcing organisers to scrap the event. Windows were smashed and police arrested six people.

Pro-Cologne has run a vociferous campaign against the development, winning some seats on the city council.

According to organisers, the aim of the conference was to forge a “European, patriotic, populist right-wing movement” by uniting far-right supporters from across Europe.

German government officials spoke out against the conference, saying it would be divisive in a city where more than one-third of the 1 million residents are mostly of Turkish origin. – ( Guardian service)

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3 thoughts on “Anti-mosque 'nationalists' attacked in Germany”


    The Eurodhimmi leaders allow the mohammedans to attack, only six arrested, and once again, Free Speech is stomped into the ground!

    In Mark Steyn’s book, “America Alone:…” he said something like, “In Germany, the turkish laborer immigrants are the children the German people never had.”

    Now, the “children” are DEMANDING their own way.

    I pray to God Europe wakes up before it’s too late (it may already be too late).

  2. Why is there no protest against the ban on christians in Mekka? We should allow them to build mosques all over Europe while we can’t even enter Mekka, let alone build a church there or start an atheitic debating club. Now that is discrimination. And it is weird that the mostly atheistic left supports Islam while criticising Christianity. The “we are no good, you are better” mentality that is very harmfull.

  3. Fjordman said…

    The Age of White Masochism

    Jews were once told to “get back to Palestine.” When they did, they were told to “get out of Palestine.” The people who said this didn’t object to where Jews lived, they objected to the fact that they existed at all. I sometimes wonder whether whites of European descent, a global minority, are the Jews of the 21st century. I also notice that while people of European descent are told to “get back to Europe” in North America or Australia, whites in Europe are demonized if they resist being turned into a minority in their own countries. The problem then, apparently, isn’t where whites live, it’s that we exist at all.

    Observer Ole Kulterstad notes that Europeans who are against free migration are labeled as “right-wing extremists.” But common sense indicates that giving away your country to alien cultures is more extreme than merely wanting to preserve it as it once was. I agree with him. I’m sick of hearing how Islamic organizations that want to destroy my civilization are called “moderates,” whereas Westerners are extremists if we resist, yet that is exactly what our media and our authorities do. We are not extremists; we are subject to policies that are extreme. Is gradually reducing a people to a minority in their own land, without proper debate about future consequences, not to be regarded as extreme?

    9/20/2008 1:57 AM

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