KRuddish Generosity & Halal Pork

Andrew Bolt: We’re saving the world, but will it notice?

I dunno ’bout you, but I really don’t wanna be saved by these people.

WE’RE bailing out Europe. Investing $20 billion in African mining. Propping up Libya. Kevin Rudd is being dangerously generous with your money, again.

Exactly when did we become such big-noters, with this puffed-up delusion that we could almost single-handedly save the world?

Actually, when I say we, I may just mean our Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin “Fast Bucks” Rudd and some of his more megalomaniacal comrades.  (continued below the fold)

Other  stuff from Downunder:

Pigs Heads vs Mosque:

THE battle to stop a mosque being built in a Gold Coast hinterland estate is turning nasty, with a pig’s head posted on a fence and signs publicising the Islamic project vandalised.

Halal Pork Makes Muselmaniacs Throw Hissy Fits

Another Barenaked Moment:

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Ayodhya: "Disputed Territory" or the Lost Honor of Historians?

Building Mosques over  holy sites of conquered nations is a Mohammedan speciality. It manifests the ideology of Islam as a supremacist juggernaut:

The mere fact that the Rama Janmabhumi (Rama’s birthplace) site in Ayodhya is well-established as a sacred site for Hindu pilgrimage, is reason enough to protect its functioning as a Hindu sacred site, complete with proper Hindu temple architecture. Ayodhya doesn’t have this status in any other religion, though ancient Buddhism accepted Rama as an earlier incarnation of the Buddha. The site most certainly doesn’t have such a status in Islam, which imposed a mosque on it, the Babri Masjid (ostensibly built in 1528, closed by court order after riots in 1935, surreptitiously turned into a Hindu temple accessible only to a priest in 1949, opened for unrestricted Hindu use in 1986, and demolished by Hindu militantsin 1992). So, the sensible and secular thing to do, even for those sceptical of every religious belief involved, is to leave the site to the Hindus. The well-attested fact that Hindus kept going there even when a mosque was standing, even under Muslim rule, is helpful to know in order to gauge its religious importance; but is not strictly of any importance in the present. For respecting its Hindu character, it is sufficient that the site has this sacred status today.

The Brussels Journal has the story

India: sharing a Hindu temple with Muslims

Muslims and Hindus have been ordered by the Indian Supreme Court to share a disputed holy site which has caused riots throughout the country and the deaths of more than 3,000 people.

Hindus, Muslims to split site of former triumphal mosque built over destroyed Hindu temple

This compromise is likely to lead to more rioting and will of course satisfy no one, especially the Islamic supremacists who will continue to demand that the entire site be given to them. “Ayodhya verdict: disputed site to be split between Hindus and Muslims,” from the Telegraph, September 30 (thanks to JW):

A disputed Indian holy site in Ayodhya claimed by Muslims and Hindus is to be divided between the two religious groups, a lawyer acting for one of the Hindu litigants told reporters.Muslims revere the compound in Ayodhya, north India, as the site of the now-demolished 16th century Babri Mosque, while Hindus say it is the birthplace of the god Rama….

Typical mainstream media bias. Hindus say more than just that: there is a clearly historical reason why the site belongs to them. Even AFP acknowledged this a few weeks ago: “In 1992, the 16th-century mosque was razed by Hindu zealots who said it was built on the ruins of a temple marking the birthplace of the Hindu warrior god Ram.” It attributes the claim that the 16th-century mosque was a victory mosque built on the site of a destroyed Hindu temple to “Hindu zealots,” but it is noteworthy for a mainstream media source even to go that far into what mainstream reporters would ordinarily classify as “Islamophobia.”

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But the Murfreesboro imam didn't sign the pledge…..

Nice try. But since Allah has absolved the Muslims of their vows, why  not sign the pledge anyway? Treaties with infidels can be broken whenever it is advantageous to the Muselmanic cause, so what’s a signature on a piece of paper anyway?

Patriotic Alliance takes stand against killing of Murfreesboro Muslims who leave Islam

(from the Bunglawussi blog)

A newly-formed group of local citizens concerned about teachings under Islam’s Shariah Law called for the imam of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to sign a Pledge of Friendship Friday.

On July 14, 2010, hundreds marched against the mosque in Murfreesboro, including political figures and one group led by a Heartland Baptist Church Christian Pastor Dusty Ray.

The Patriot Alliance of Rutherford County called a press conference at Grace Baptist Church on Bradyville Pike, next door to the site of the Islamic Center’s new construction site.

The Pledge of Friendship asks local Imam Ossama Bahloul to declare, among other things, banning the teaching of Redda Law, the part of Shariah Law that “allows the killing of Muslims who leave Islam,” the killing of homosexuals, and not to allow the facility to be used for fundraising or teachings that contradict the U.S. Constitution and other national laws.

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Why do they call it "Cordoba Mosque?"

Frank Gaffney on the ‘Cordoba House’ mosque at ground zero/Vlad Tepes Blog

Update from TRoP:

A Shrine to Sharia

For Muslims, the Ground Zero mosque is not about freedom of worship. It is about symbolism.

Raymond Ibrahim: The Two Faces of the Ground Zero Mosque

In “The Two Faces of the Ground Zero Mosque” in Pajamas Media (via MEF), June 22, our great friend Raymond Ibrahim exposes yet more duplicity from the Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mega-mosque organizers. Sign the petition here.

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Italy: A Mosque in Colle di Val d'Elsa

The picturesque Tuscan town, situated on the road between Florence and Siena, may soon be better known as home to one of Italy’s largest mosques.  Although there are more than 500 Islamic centers of varying sizes across the country, Italy does not recognize Islam as an official religion. msnbc

Imagine a mosque in a place like this:

Naturally, the locals are up in arms:

Italians See Mosque as “Occupation”

“This is not a big city and we don’t know if there will be an invasion of Muslims,” Letizia Franceschi, a lawyer who leads the protests against the mosque, told Reuters on Monday, January 22.

“Unfortunately, it is written in all the national newspapers that in many mosques they preach hatred and teach activities that are illegal in our country.” Islam Online

In Tuscan hills, mosque stirs deep fears

A severed pig’s head was found outside the mosque site in an apparent mafia-style intimidation effort a month ago, while construction that began with the mayor’s blessing is now accompanied by noisy protests.   If completed, Colle di Val d’Elsa’s mosque will become only the fourth major mosque in Italy.  Reuters Needless to mention that the mayor who imposed this abominable mosque against the will of the people is a “leftist”….

Italy: New mosque ‘attacked by vandals ‘ in Tuscany

Italy’s second biggest mosque being built in the picturesque region of central Tuscany has been attacked by vandals, a local imam has claimed. Construction of the mosque at Colle Val d’Elsa in the province of Siena is almost complete except for the mosque’s decorations, local imam Ezzedin El-Zir,… AKI


Cyprus: Bar construction enrages Muslims


”Religious values should be respected in order the relations between the two sides to remain positive.”

In Cyprus, since the Turkish occupation began:

* at least 55 churches have been converted into mosques
* another 50 churches and monasteries have been converted into stables, stores, hostels, museums, or have been demolished
* the cemeteries of at least 25 villages have been desecrated and destroyed
* innumerable icons, religious artifacts and all kinds of archaeological treasures have been stolen and smuggled abroad
* illegal excavations and smuggling of antiquities is openly taking place all the time with the involvement of the occupying forces
* all Greek place names contrary to all historical and cultural reason were converted into Turkish ones.

Once again, Muselmaniacs manufacture history,  hysterics and spurious claims:

“Cyprus: Bar Construction in Mosque Infuriates Muslims,” from ANSAmed, October 25 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’s (KKTC) Directorate of Religious Affairs has applied to state offices in Greek Cyprus to stop the construction of a bar in the garden of the Hala Mosque in South Cyprus, which has resulted in criticism from Muslims living on the island, Today’s Zaman reports. ”Religious values should be respected in order the relations between the two sides to remain positive”, the director of Religious Affairs in the KKTC, Yusuf Suicmez, said, underlining that it is very important for Muslims because the mosque, that lies on the shores of the Larnaca Salt Lake, reportedly houses the tomb of Umm Haram, the aunt of the Prophet Muhammad, making it the fourth holiest Muslim shrine after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

Curiously, Muslims who warn that  “Religious values should be respected in order the relations between the two sides to remain positive”  have no such qualms or considerations when it comes to religious values of others, as we can see here:

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Watch how Muslim Mobs Gang Up On ONE MP Who Walked Out on Segregation

Lord Patel condemns Fitzpatrick’s ‘cowardly attack’ on Muslim constituents

A Labour peer has demanded an apology from Jim Fitzpatrick, the Farming minister, after Mr Fitzpatrick publicly criticised the segregation of men and women at Muslim weddings.

Lord Patel of Blackburn, a senior figure in Britain’s Muslim community, accused Mr Fitzpatrick of launching a “cowardly attack” on Muslims who opted for a segregated wedding, accusing him of pandering to “anti-Muslim sentiment” within his constituency. (Who in the f*#k made this turd a “Lord?”)

Independent, 18 August 2009

Segregated weddings and opportunistic MPs

Sunny Hundal rubs it:

One of these days I’ll hopefully get married and a ceremony is likely to be held at a Sikh Gurdwara (more because my parents will want to have a ceremony there rather than on account of my own religiousness). In a Gurdwara the guys sit on one side and girls sit on the other side, and the bride-groom in the middle. If some MP came and didn’t like it, buggered off, and then sent a press release to all the media going on how about insulting he found it – I wouldn’t speak to that tosser ever….

“I have a suggestion: why don’t Labour MPs ban the practice of British women adopting the surname of their husband once they get married? That’s a pretty unequal situation too and I know plenty of feminists who won’t do it. It’s only right these MPs register their disgust and refuse to stand for it.”

Sunny Hundal at Pickled Politics, 18 August 2009

Palma di Mallorca: Police arrest 3 in mosque, 150 Muslims go apeshit…

Police followed a North African suspect into the building. He was arrested together with the president of the Moslem Defence League and the mosque caretaker. WTF? The Moslem Defence League? Why in the f*%#g hell do they need a “Defence League?”

Spain: Police arrest three in mosque, angry Muslims protest outside police station

I was just there a month ago. The mosque, believe it or not, is located underneath the cathedral. Heaven knows how that came about. Is the Catholic church aiding and abetting the spread of Islam?


They say that “the sanctuary of a mosque should be respected in the same way as that of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues.” But would police really not enter a church or synagogue in order to make an arrest? I doubt that.

“Police enter Palma mosque,” from EuroWeekly, July 24 (thanks to Tea and Politics) from JW:

PALMA – THREE arrests were made at Palma’s main mosque in Calle Joan Mestre after police followed a North African suspect into the building. He was arrested together with the president of the Moslem Defence League and the mosque caretaker, both of whom had reportedly tried to prevent the police from entering the premises, saying that the sanctuary of a mosque should be respected in the same way as that of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues.The Moslems claimed that the police had become violent and had used force in making the arrests. However, the police have a very different story to relate. They state they were following a man who had failed to stop when being flagged down on his motorcycle for a roadside check, and that he had taken refuge in the mosque.

On hearing of the incident, some 150 angry local Moslems protested outside the police station, saying that relations between the Islamic community and the security forces were now at an all-time low due to their holy site not being respected.
An internal enquiry is to be launched to establish exactly what happened during the incident.

Here’s a bit of recent history:

The West Cannot Forge an Alliance With Islam

UK: Slow Jihad vs Fast Jihad

Daily Star


AN ISLAMIC extremist who hurled abuse at Britain’s home-coming troops has been beaten up by fellow Muslims.

* Its not that his “moderate” fellow Muslims fundamentally disagree with him, they just don’t like the attention he causes. Why engage in open jihad warfare when you can do it by outbreeding the infidels?


Sayful Islam was set upon by moderates who say his controversial beliefs are making their lives hell.

Their mosque was firebombed after he led the now notorious protest against the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment’s homecoming parade in Luton in March.

Islam – former leader of the local branch of extreme Islamic group Al-Muhajiroun – told how he “felt elated’’ at the sight of terrorists steering two passenger jets into the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11.

But moderate Muslims claim the 29-year-old’s doctrine of hatred has led to them being shunned and want him driven out of town.

Since the Islamic Education Centre was burned down they have been left with nowhere to pray. (Imagine that! Poor widdle Muslims! Quick, give ’em another million or another building, or how about giving them a church?/ed)


Cheltenham Mosque: bigger and dysentary greener than the building approval


In typical fashion, the supremacist Muslims of Cheltenham flaunted the infidel building regulations and made the mosque bigger, greener and more offensive than permitted.

“A planning enforcement officer has written to the Imam at the mosque, suggesting a discussion to resolve these issues.”

Good luck with that. The Muslims won’t even bother to spit on him and his letter… More>>

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