Anti-Obsession site rails against Spencer, Horowitz, who aren't in the film


  * Somebody missed the bus…

Details are for “haters.”

Longtime Jihad Watch reader PRCS kindly sent in a link to the, a site run by a “coalition” known as Hate Hurts America, whose members include CAIR, MPAC, and assorted private citizens who may or may not have known what they were signing up for — after all, nobody likes hate, right?

As the name suggests, they’re none too fond of Obsession, its makers, or those who appear in it. Nor are they fond, apparently, of David Horowitz and Robert Spencer, who are included on the far right (we’re heard that one before) of the photo collage on OWH”s main page … except they don’t appear in the film. Oops.

OWH also rails against the Clarion Fund for not being forthcoming about its funding or the shady characters with deep pockets who are supposedly pulling the puppet strings behind them. Though HHA does list its “coalition members,” it also does not make available information about its founders or donors, and both sites are registered through Domains by Proxy. Therein lies a bit of a double standard.

The site includes the standard boilerplate about the “real Islam” — that jihad is simply a generalized term for “struggle,” that Islam respects and elevates women, and so forth, plus these two items, which may shed light on the agenda of the site (or may be sloppy copying and pasting — or both). First:

“Islam is not a new religion. It is the same truth that God revealed to all His prophets throughout history. Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy and forgiveness.”


… God’s eternal message was reaffirmed by each prophet and finalized by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on them all). A Muslim’s basic testimony of faith reads: “There is no deity but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.” By this declaration, a person announces faith in God and belief in the entire prophetic chain of God’s messengers.

OWH also declares:

We believe the Media has an obligation to investigate this hate campaign and reveal its source of funding to the American people. We believe the presidential candidates have a responsibility to speak out against anti-American tactics that threaten to manipulate our election process…

You’re going to reveal your funding sources, too, right?

5 thoughts on “Anti-Obsession site rails against Spencer, Horowitz, who aren't in the film”

  1. As usual the mohammedans can only call names, when the truth about their insane belief is reveiled.
    They make it sound like the Movie Obsession is constructed, but as I saw it several months ago, it only shows documented clips and opinions of people warning us.
    Their reputal is a crock of shit.
    All you need to do to see that, is noting what is going on in Europe – if America does not wake up, the same thing will happen there.
    And all that talk about racism – Noone have ever been able to say what race Islamists are – and whenever a Muslim admits that he/she is Muslim first, before any nationality, LOOK OUT.

  2. I watched 39 minutes of Obsession on the google link. I was not surprised because you only have to watch the videos on MEMRI to see the rabid hatred. It’s a bit difficult to say I liked it considering the outpouring of filth from so called clerics but I did find it extremely interesting. I will try to get a copy of it but I need region 2 (I think) because I’m in Britain.
    Well done to all involved in the making of the film.

  3. with all this talk about the movie OBSESSION I really do want to see it. But how does one in Australia get a copy????? it’s also very hard to watch any of it via youtube or whatever as some people like me have very slow connections and low usuage of download capacity. I for one would be delighted in sharing it or copies of it around to my disbelieving family members who think I have finally lost the plot and gone all paranoid over this jihad shit as they call it. I for one will keep learning about it from the likes of you sheik and the other sites like yours. You are all truly heroes in my eyes.

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