Blessed are those who will not see: after inventing the 'WoT', Bush finds himself at 'War with Extremists'

(Yemen/U.S.) Bush: ‘We are at war with extremists’

* Because Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’, sez Imam Bush…

bush cartoon

“Jihad? Never heard of it…!”

“This attack is a reminder that we are at war with extremists who will murder innocent people to achieve their ideological objectives,” Bush said after a meeting with Gen. David Petraeus, who handed command over the Multi-National Force in Iraq to Gen. Ray Odierno this week.
“One objective of these extremists is to kill, to try to cause the United States to lose our nerve and to withdraw from regions of the world,” Bush said.

Comment: but losing our nerve to honestly identify the enemy ideology is OK?

*  Update: Bush-man does the Iftar routine


He’s insufferable. He’s too stupid to understand the need to say things aright, even if it has to be, at first, obliquely, and thence to more, as the public becomes acclimated, and is ready. For seven years we have been fed this crap about “radical extremists.” For seven years we have not had any hint of a desire to explain to us what the word “Jihad” means, what the texts are that inculcate the duty, and why Islam is not merely, or mainly, a “religion” as that word is commonly received in the West, but an ideology of conquest and domination. Why keep pretending? What will happen? Will we be less, rather than more, vigilant? Less, rather than more, willing to sacrifice in order to get off oil, in order to diminish to manageable proportions the Arab and Muslim “money weapon”? What are they so afraid of? That the Arabs will stop selling them oil, the only thing they have to sell, on which their entire existence depends? That the Iraqis will refuse to take the hundreds of billions we have lavished upon them? That the government of Pakistan might, just might, turn out to be untrustworthy and essentially useless? What is it that the Bush Administration, and so many others outside the Administration, are fearful of?

Or is it just mental incapacity, as I suspect, the inability to study, to learn, to see more deeply, and to base policies on the recognition of a reality that, while more unpleasant than had hitherto been recognized, nonetheless offers the only sure guide to self-defense?

What is it about them all?

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The Presidents Iftaar Dinner

WASHINGTON, Sep 17, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — State Dining Room
7:35 P.M. EDT
THE PRESIDENT: Good evening, and welcome. Over the past eight years, we have made the Iftaar dinner an annual tradition here at the White House. And I’m really glad we did. At this year’s gathering, we pay special tribute to the many contribution Muslim Americans have made to our nation. We join in wishing Muslims around the world, “Ramadan Mubarak.”
Mr. Prime Minister, welcome. We’re honored you’re in our midst. Congressman Keith Ellison, Congressman AndrA(C) Carson are with us. Members of the administration here tonight; members of the diplomatic corps — we are glad you’re here; my fellow citizens. Major, I’m looking forward to the blessing. Thank you for being here with us today.
According to the teachings of Islam, Ramadan commemorates the revelation of God’s word in the Holy Koran to the prophet Mohammad. The word has become the foundation for one of the world’s great religions. Today more than a billion Muslims around the globe celebrate the month of Ramadan with daily fasting, heartfelt prayer, and acts of charity.
During Ramadan, we are reminded of Islam’s long and distinguished history. Throughout the centuries, the Islamic world has been home to great centers of learning and culture. Muslim thinkers and scientists have advanced the frontiers of human knowledge. People of all faiths have benefited from the achievements of Muslims in fields from philosophy and poetry to mathematics and medicine.
At the beginning of a new century, Muslims in the United States are continuing this proud tradition of innovation and invention. Tonight we honor members of the Muslim community who’ve risen to the top of their professions. Among our guests are individuals with wide-ranging accomplishments — from working on the Apollo Program, to pioneering advances in healthcare and medicine, to developing cutting-edge applications for the Internet.
One of these innovators is Professor Maysam Ghovanloo. This immigrant from Iran has become one of our nation’s most ingenious biomedical engineers. Last month, the good professor and his team of researchers at Georgia Tech unveiled an incredible invention that could one day help people with severe disabilities operate wheelchairs and surf the Internet by simply moving their tongue. Through this pioneering research, this good professor has brought new hope to thousands. He, like others in this room, have earned the admiration of our citizens.
Stories like the professor’s remind us that one of the great strengths of our nation is its religious diversity. Americans practice many different faiths. But we all share a belief in the right to worship freely. We reject bigotry in all its forms. And over the past eight years, my administration has been proud to work closely with Muslim Americans to promote justice and tolerance of all faiths.
We’ve also partnered with Muslims around the world to spread freedom to millions of people who have never known it before. We’re helping the people of Iraq and Afghanistan build free societies after decades of tyranny. And during the month of reflection, we will remember all the brave Muslim Americans who wear the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. They represent the best of our nation. I’m honored to be their Commander-in-Chief.
As we break the fast tonight, let us give thanks for all those who serve a cause greater than themselves. Let us give thanks for the many ways that Muslim Americans have enriched our lives. And let us give thanks that we live in a country that makes one people out of many.
I thank you for joining us tonight. I wish you all a blessed Ramadan. And now the Imam will say the blessing.
END 7:40 P.M. EDT

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  1. Bush lost me when he said “Islam is a peaceful religion.” I’ve tried to find any peaceful endeavors Islam is sponsoring around the globe; any medical clinics or food banks; any outreach to human kind. Nada.

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