Compo Jihad vs UK: Muslim accused of justifying death of Americans and idolizing Hitler exonerated

“Muslim wrongly accused of being a terrorist wins £14,000 compensation,”

Judiciary traincrash in Londonistan

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By Richard Edwards for the Telegraph, September 2 (via DW):

*  British Muslims Offended by Christians Praying during Ramadan

Mohammed Hussain, 30, was investigated by the Met’s specialist counter-terrorism command after false accusations from co-workers that he was an Islamic extremist.

He told an employment tribunal that he was made to feel “isolated and lonely” when colleagues “conspired” against him, especially after the July 7 attacks on London.

Mr Hussain, a researcher in the Metropolitan Police’s forensic analysis unit, said he was made to feel like “a pariah”.

One colleague, intelligence worker Robert Matthews, claimed that Mr Hussain had said it was “okay to kill American soldiers” shortly after the London terrorist attack which killed 52 innocent people.

Another worker, Dassash Alem, alleged that Mr Hussain had boasted he was a fan of Adolf Hitler who had told colleagues “Hitler was brilliant. He should have finished off the Jews“.

* Killing Jews & Americans is mainstream Musulmanic thinking. Nothing ‘extremist’ about it. What are you, Islamophobic?

They both pursuaded their boss to report Mr Hussain to anti-terror police, who cleared him of any suspicions on two occasions.

The tribunal in Watford ruled that Mr Hussain was discriminated against based on his religion as a Muslim over some of the complaints against him and the decision to investigate and suspend him.

It said that the Met’s conduct had been “oppressive and high-handed” and awarded Mr Hussain £13,758.55 for injuries to feelings and aggravated damages. The payout is more than that awarded to John and June Taylor, whose daughter Carrie, 24, died in the July 7 blasts. They received £11,000.

A number of other claims were rejected and the tribunal’s report said there had been “genuine concerns about the claimant’s behaviour and performance” and “he was not entirely free from blame“.

It also found he had sworn at his managers and made “an inappropriate reference to the killing of American soldiers“.

Why then does this report say that his co-worker Robert Matthews “claimed” that Hussain made these anti-American references?

After the award Mr Hussain, from Aylesbury, said: “I’m very happy to have won my case. It was disgusting, the way I was treated by the Met, not just by my colleagues but also by the managers because they knew what was happening but didn’t stop it. I was accused of being a terrorist and I was made to feel like and outsider.”


Of course, doctrines based on your own religion may have also contributed to your feeling like an outsider — such as al-Wala’ we al-Bara, which centers around Koranic verses such as, “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends” (5:51).