Clueless Condi, 'black snake' & 'poisonous swamp rat' misses "opportunity of a lifetime" to be assassinated by Al Qaeda


Al Qaeda urging Muslims to assassinate Condi

*  The forever clueless affirmative action case and ‘friend of the Palistanians’ still jets around the ME in search of ‘peace in our time:’

Citing her tour as an “opportunity of a lifetime.” “Jihadist urges Al-Qaeda to kill Rice in Africa,” from MoneyBiz, 

DUBAI – A jihadist on an Islamist website urged the North African branch of Al-Qaeda to assassinate US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during her regional tour this week, the Site Intelligence Group said today.


The organisation which monitors Islamist sites said the call was posted on Al-Ekhlaas [“Loyalty”], a password-protected Al-Qaeda-affiliated forum, on the eve of Rice’s tour starting in Libya today that will also include Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

The tour was an “opportunity of a lifetime” to kill her, the jihadist said, branding her a “poisonous swamp rat.”

Rice is to mark one of the rare diplomatic successes of President George W. Bush with her first visit to Libya this week, less than four months before the end of Bush’s eight-year White House tenure.