Dennis Prager: "the term 'Islamophobia' has one purpose– to suppress any criticism, legitimate or not, of Islam

*  Hooper tells the truth for once: “Islam is an ideology, not a race..”

This vid is not new, but its for keeps, bookmark it!  In addition, Hooper  accuses Jihad Watch of ‘fomenting hatred against Muslims’- referring to a posting on JW earlier the same dayconveniently planted by an Islamo-agit-prop from CAIR.

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Hooper asks Prager if “he is now ready to repudiate Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch?” This was originally covered here, but since Europe News just republished it, and for all you new JW followers out there, here it is again. Besides, as Muhammad always counseled, fa-in ‘adu, fa-‘uwd: “If they do it again, you too do it.” Incidentally, Prager interviewed me about a month after this causing, no doubt, more accusations of “Islamophobia” to be hurled his way (though now I know why he seemed to be playing the role of devil’s advocate — I mean, apologist).