Dutch schools and universities to ban burka?

Dutch Education Minister says the burka, a head-to-toe covering worn by Muslim women, will be banned from Dutch education institutes.

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THE HAGUE — The burka, a head-to-toe covering worn by some Muslim women, will be banned from Dutch schools and universities, Education Minister Ronald Plasterk said Monday in a letter to parliament. 

The minister is preparing a bill to outlaw the garb from mid-2009. He added that the rule will not only apply to pupils and teachers, but anyone entering the school or university premises. 

Plasterk said the burka obstructs smooth communication, which is a major requirement for a proper education. 

The burka, also known as a niqab in some traditions, is a wide dress covering not only the entire body, hair and neck, but also the face, leaving only a slit for the eyes. 
All schools that receive government funding, including Muslim ones, will be obliged to enforce the ban, Plasterk said. 

The news comes after Health Minister Ab Klink recently announced he is investigating the possibility of banning the burka from the healthcare industry. 

The Dutch government is also preparing a new dress code that would see the burka and any other clothing covering the face banned from ministries. 

The government is hoping that provincial and municipal authorities will follow this example. 




A study conducted in 2007 said around 100 women in the Netherlands wear a burka on a regular basis.

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All rise for the judge

Amsterdam – All Dutch attorneys, including Muslims, should rise when a judge enters a court room, Dutch Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin told Dutch parliament on Tuesday. Hirsch Ballin said the Dutch Council for Jurisprudence felt that rising for a judge is “the common way to show respect for the court and legal authority.” 

The minister was responding to a question posed by legislator Henk Kamp (Liberals), who inquired about a news report which said a Rotterdam court had made an agreement with a Muslim attorney that he could remain seated when a judge enters the courtroom. 

Mohammed Enait, who was sworn in as an attorney last month, said his religion prohibited him from rising for other people. Enait has remained seated as the judge entered. (this is typical Muhammedan BS, of course. Muhammedans see themselves above infidel law and feel obliged to treat the kuffar with disdain and hatred. Google ‘Dhimmi, jiziyah,Andrew Bostom, Bat Ye’or) 

Last week the Rotterdam court decided that although the behavioral code requires attorneys to rise when a judge enters the court, exceptions could be made “in extraordinary situations” such as that of Enait. 

Hirsch Ballin told parliament that the Dutch Council for Jurisprudence would inform all involved parties of its position that no exceptions could be made.


7 thoughts on “Dutch schools and universities to ban burka?”

  1. Since 7/7 there has been a big increase in the wearing of burkas and veils over here. It isn’t manditory in their religion. It isn’t a liberation for women – muslim men will still grope them. It is a way of telling us that they are separate, not one of us, and is an insult, provokation and offensive. It’s the clothing equivalent of the single finger salute.
    I’d ban it in an instant given the chance. It creeps me out, I don’t see people under it I see hate. Not good.

  2. spitty kitty, you are sooo right – couldn’t have said it better myself –

    I hope all western countries puts a ban on these scary outfits – over a time period – let them get used to the Idea for about 2-3 years – in that time they can decide, if they want to stay in our type of world, not covered up, or rather move to a country that accepts these outfits.

    They supposedly wear these black garments so they don’t “tempt the men”, –
    Isn’t it about time someone told these dogs to control their “attachments”
    “Women are Gods GIFTs to men”, not a curse as the Quran want them to believe, ….
    So girls, start showing off your beauty, God gave good looks for men to be attracted, and THEY are the ones, that are wrong – They need to know what women look like, not just imagine what’s under there …………………
    And Girls, that Burka makes you sick, by the way, – we ALL need sunlight, and you guys are not getting much. Lack of sunshine makes you depressed and easier to manipulate, – think about that for a minute…………………………………

  3. In the U.S. you get arrested if you don’t have I.D. Covering yourself and not having to show your face for identification purposes is ***A SECURITY RISK***.

  4. Hello,

    There is a lot of hate here. Everyone has their opinions. I just wanted to let you all know that I don’t hate you even though it seems as though you hate me and my religion. There is no such thing as Mohammadism, and if there is its certainly nothing to do with Islam. Have a nice day.

  5. Welcome to the Dar al Harb (House of War), AMW. Your “god” and its false prophet are waging war against us, with a view to converting (reverting) us to islam, or destroying us. I am sure you are familiar with the words of your “god” and its false prophet – read a koran if you are not.

    Your “god” is hate, blasphemy, lies and destruction all in one evil, doomed package. Flee from it – run for your life!

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