France: "Who'll be responsible for enforcing this law?"

French mayors doubt enforceability of burqa ban: “prefer to do nothing..”

hijab-protestFirst the hijab…

779px-Niqab..then the burka…

Shortage of willing enforcers stops burka ban dead in the tracks… (just don’t mention the carbecues…)

Several mayors of French towns faced with growing demands from Muslim residents say they fear a proposed ban on head-to-toe burqa and niqab veils could not be enforced and might even prompt more women to cover up. Continue reading France: "Who'll be responsible for enforcing this law?"

Freak Out: Sydney Bus Company Apologizes to Burka Mama

ABC News

Update from this story: Sydney: Buses & Burkas, in Your Face

You knew they would cave in. But so fast?


                                                     Kadijah demands “attitude change”

A Sydney bus company has apologised to one of its customers after the driver argued with a Muslim woman over her right to wear a niqab, or veil.

Hillsbus now says its driver behaved unacceptably when he told Khadijah Ouararhni-Grech to ‘take off her mask’.

The company says its actions were born out of ignorance and not malice, but it has refused to speak publicly about the incident.

The New South Wales Government says it should serve as a clear warning to private bus operators that they need to lift their standards.

“I was approached by the bus driver who stood up from his chair and said ‘right, you can’t get on this bus with that mask on; you have to show your face and take that mask off’,” Ms Ouararhni-Grech said.

She says she told the driver it was discrimination but he still argued with her.

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In Gaza, Women Rally Against the Hijab. In Europe, Muslims Rally for the Burka…

Choice vs no identity at all:

UPDATE: Protest of Islamic Dress Code for Women in Gaza Courts

Other News:

“Its complex”- you see…

Hijab is my choice 
Israel National News via Counter Jihad
Human rights organizations in Gaza are protesting last week’s decision by Hamas to require female attorneys to wear an Islamic religious robe or a long coat, according to a Sunday report by Ynet. In calling for the terrorist organization to cancel the decree, a local legal group called it an offense to human and individual rights.

The dress code is one of a number of measures recently taken by Hamas. Hamas denied the claims.

Sydney: Buses & Burkas, in Your Face

Burka Jihad:

 Muslims are religiously obliged to spread Islam by all and any means. Part of this endeavor is to break down any resistance to Muslim behavior and opposition to sharia. We are being systematically conditioned to accept the unacceptable, be it the fanatical frenzy or  prayers in public, the awful burka or the hijab, the bearded, wild-eyed freaks who  turn Muslim quarters into no-go zones….. Islam: a package deal  of  lies,  terror, dhimmitude, subjugation…


  • Bus passenger Khadijah Ouararhni-Grech was told to “take off her mask…

Bus driver tells Muslim woman to ‘take off mask’

  • Woman told to “take off mask” by bus driver
  • Told it was the law to take it off
  • Wants “attitude change”, not to punish driver
A WOMAN wearing a Muslim headscarf was told by a Sydney bus driver to take off her “mask” because it was against the law to wear it on board. Australian-born mother of two Khadijah Ouararhni-Grech was wearing the pink floral headscarf known as a niqab when she tried to board the HillsBus vehicle at Merrylands Rd, Greystanes.           

“As I was stepping on to the bus, the driver said: ‘You can’t get on the bus wearing your mask’,” Ms Ouararhni-Grech told The Daily Telegraph

“I was just going to visit my mum. I was born here in Parramatta. I’m Maltese and I’m Muslim because I choose to be Muslim. 

* As a Maltese she should know the history of Malta. It is disgraceful that this female, a child of Malta, Malta which resisted the Muhammedan conquest for more than a millenium, voluntarily submits to slave status and  Islamic misogyny. She might change her tune once her hubby brings a few more wives home….heh!

Ms Ouararhni-Grech said she wanted the bus company to improve driver education, rather than punish the driver. “I’d just like to change his attitude, I just want him to be educated on the subject,” she said.

A proselytizing priority:

“I’d be more than happy to go to the company with my sheikh and educate these people about what this exactly is and our beliefs and the reason why.

* I can already see the bus-company cave in and subject all drivers to “cultural awareness” programs and “interfaith dialogue”. What does it take to build some resistance?

Wearing the burqa is neither Islamic nor socially acceptable

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: To deny face-to-face interaction is to deny our shared humanity


I am a Shia Muslim and I abhor the burqa. I am offended by the unchallenged presumption that women covering their heads and bodies and now faces are more pious and true than am I.

Another Westernized Muslimah who speaks against the burka? We just featured  Mona Eltahawy from New York, so that makes a whopping two. Very well, since the witness of two women (kind of) equals that of one man, lets hear it from Yasmin:

Islam in all its diverse forms entitles believers to a personal relationship with Allah – it cuts out middlemen, one reason its appeal extended to so many across the world. You can seek advice from learned scholars and imams, but they cannot come between your faith and the light of God. Today control freaks who claim they have a special line to the Almighty have turned our world dark. Neo-conservative Islamic codes spread like swine flu, an infection few seem able to resist.

The disease is progressive. It started 20 years ago with the hijab, donned then as a defiant symbol of identity, now a conscript’s uniform. Then came the jilbab, the cloak, fought over in courts when schoolgirls were manipulated into claiming it as an essential Islamic garment. If so, hell awaits the female leaders of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Soon, children as young as four were kitted up in cloaks and headscarves (“so they get used to it, and then later wear the full thing,” said a teacher to me who works at a Muslim girls’ school) and now for the graduation gown, a full burqa, preferably with dark glasses.

White liberals frame this sinister development in terms of free choice and tolerance. Some write letters to this paper: What is the problem? It is all part of the rich diversity of our nation. They can rise to this challenge, show they are superhuman when it comes to liberty and forbearance.

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Puff Ho grief over declining burka sales in Afghanistan


But first, your daily dose of Michael Jackson:

Al Sharpton at Jackson Funeral Tells Children “There was nothing strange about your daddy.” – Video 7/7/09

s-burqa-largePuff Ho

 Puff Ho derangement: Euro- Islamophobia: A Creeping Threat!

Nehmatullah Yusefy’s burqa sales have dropped 50 percent since the Taliban were toppled in 2001 and he says he will soon need to start stocking other styles of Islamic dress to make up for lost profits.


Read the whole story: Reuters

Norway rejects freedom sack also

”Both the burqa and hijab must be forbidden in schools and where the state is the employer, but a general prohibition is not an issue,” says  immigration spokesman Per Willy Amundsen to VG.

Counter Jihad

Vicious Babushka:

Christopher Hitchens Supports Burka Ban (Bunglawussi shrieks!)


“It is depressing that our President, in addressing the Muslim world, takes the most reactionary religious practice as the symbol of rights and identity. The klansman’s hood, remember, is also the symbol of a white Protestant religious ‘identity’ movement.”

Daily News, 1 July 2009

Last week French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced his support for legislation to ban the burka, the dark, heavy and not-too-comfortable garment worn by many Muslim women. The question arises: Is this forcible French secularism run amok, or a prohibition that Americans, who often believe we have struck a better balance between church and state, might entertain?

I would say the latter.

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Anjem Chaudrey calls Carla Bruni a "Whore"

Crazed Islamic cleric: CARLA IS A WHORE

* Yawn. All infidel women who don’t wear the freedom sack are ‘whores’ for these headbangers. But see who’s talking: The unholy past of  Muslim cleric Anjem Chaudrey More from the spiritual light of Islam, Anjem Choudary, here.

Anjem Choudary the jihadist 
Daily Star — Tom Savage, thanks to  CounterJihad
CRAZED Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary yesterday hit back at French President Nicolas Sarkozy, 54, for trying to ban the burka by branding his wife a prostitute. 

He said former model Carla Bruni, 41, represents the face of a depraved Western society where women are treated like sex objects.

Carla Bruni 

Choudary, 42, below, wrote on the Islam4UK website: “Sarkozy may be content with being wed to a prostitute who flaunts her body to the world believing it to be righteous conduct, but he is reminded that a Muslim is not this shallow and depraved.”

Burkhas cut women off from society and steal their identity



By Julia Hartley-Brewer/Daily Express     

110609_1            Burkhas cut women off from society and steal their identity

HATS OFF (or should that be chapeaux off?) to French President Nicolas Sarkozy for calling for a ban on the burkha in France.

The Muslim robe, which covers the head and body and reveals only the eyes, is, Sarkozy said, a sign of the “subservience” and “debasement” of women and is not welcome in his country because: “We cannot accept that women be prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity.” 

No British politician would be brave enough to do what Sarkozy did or to follow through with what will almost certainly be a nation-wide ban on the burkha. 

Our  politicians are, unlike our European amis, too cowed by political correctness and misguided multiculturalism to speak out on such a difficult topic and risk offending the two-million-strong Muslim population. 

Except the burkha isn’t a Muslim issue. It’s a British issue. It doesn’t just demean the woman who wears it, it also demeans the men and women who have to see her wearing it. 

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