Everybody is a Fascist, except the little green Lizard


*  Over on LGF the morally superior chief-lizard  smears  anyone who opposes the Islamization of Europe as ‘racist, fascist’- again: “The concept of fighting against the global jihad has lost much of its credibility, because some of the most visible spokespeople refuse to unequivocally renounce their associations with this crew of vile Neanderthals.”

(Hmm, so we have to wait for the non visible spokespeople? Charles doesn’t mention any of them by name, but it sure isn’t him who goes out there to get his balls crushed.  Because for  Lizards, anyone who takes action other than cyber-jihad is a ‘fascist/racist bastard’/ed)

Cry your heart out: these Lizards don’t even realize that they have become fascists themselves by what they’re doing. LGF displays no more diversity and free exchange of ideas than the Kos-kidz…

Fascists Hijacking Anti-Jihadism in Cologne


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  1. Yeah, dunno whats gotten into that hippy guy Charles. Many weeks since I visited his site, last time there was all this crazed ranting about Darwinian evolution, like who gives a rats about that anyway? He treats it like a religion, it was like visiting some greenie / al-gore site.

  2. Hey-Leave Charles alone! If he needs to laugh at somebody else besides the islamonazis once in a while, I say let him!

  3. A very good depiction here from a blogger at the Gates of Vienna:

    Conservative Swede said…

    Fjordman: “you could say that LGF-ers thus have something in common with David Duke”

    CS: “There is a common pattern in the intense hatred of an ethnic group.”

    And when the intense hatred reach a certain level it becomes genocidal. In fact I start suspecting that this sort of intense hatred is always latently genocidal.

    Let me explain what I mean by genocidal. According to the David Duke school of Jew hatred, the Jews do not have the right to exist in the West, and neither do they have the right to exist in Israel. They simply do not have the right to exist anywhere on this planet. Their very existence, wherever it appears is violently opposed. In such a case, the calls for genocide do not have to be made explicitly, it’s already there implicit in the mindset. Whatever the Jews do, it’s wrong, and they simply should just cease to exist.

    Same with the anti-Europeans. Whatever the Europeans do, they are wrong. And pleasure and schadenfreude is expressed over how Europe is going to fall under Islamization. And if we fight back, we are evil fascist (Ralph Peters, another popcorn guy, suggests that American military will have to intervene to safe the lives of the Muslims). If we do not fight back we are surrender monkeys. We should be kicked out of the countries we colonized, but neither do we have the right to exist in our traditional homelands. The whole Western elite is anti-European and waging war against European people.

    The Germans and the Russians are the most hated among the European peoples. The reason is simple I think. They are the two peoples that are most (potentially) powerful among the ones that are not architects behind the prevailing anti-European world order — the architects being the Anglosphere and France.

    The Germans are the most hated of all. Hatred of Russians and Jews become more visible since it gets triggered from the fact that both Russia and Israel acts with self-confidence. But the widespread hatred of Germans is much more intense, more latently genocidal. So the Germans make sure to stay put (avoiding even to cough too loudly) in order not to be exposed to this intensive hatred.

    The more absolute the power, the more quiet the situation. The quiescence in Germany is almost total. There’s no people on this planet that are as pushed down as the Germans. This sort of peace reminds me of the word salaam.
    9/20/2008 1:23 AM

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