Female Genital Mutilation: Every Muslimah's Entry Ticket To The Civilized World? Hell No!

U.S. grants asylum to Malian victim of female genital mutilation

The Attorney General has accomplished a very worthwhile task here in raising the issue of female genital mutilation in the mainstream media, as many in the United States likely don’t even know the practice exists, let alone that it is so widespread. Mukasey himself probably doesn’t know it is considered obligatory in the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence (cf. Umdat al-Salik e4.3), and justified with references to ahadith.

But there is much more Western countries could be doing to eradicate this practice, from speaking out against it more frequently to tying aid to meaningful and verifiable steps in outlawing the practice and punishing the perpetrators. And above all, no sense of “cultural sensitivity” should stop them from making every effort to keep immigrants from those countries from continuing the practice in the West.

“AG: Don’t deport genital mutilation victim,” by Terry Frieden for CNN  via DW

 * Ignore it.  What you really need to know  is this:

But if every such “victim of female genital mutilation” or of any other practice that is encouraged by Islam were to be given such asylum, this country would sink under the weight of immigrants who will not have left Islam at the door, even if they have suffered from it. Look at those who leave Muslim lands because of the despotism and economic backwardness, both of them attributable to Islam, but these people bring their Islam with them, and make life, as a result, very difficult, and ultimately represent a permanent danger to the continued existence of our legal and political institutions of our own country, for the Sharia flatly contradicts the spirit and letter of the American Constitution. And even now, with relatively small numbers, they show every sign of aggressively using the power they do have, in the numbers they do have, to persuade or intimidate the Infidels among whom they have come to live into not discussing or finding out about Islam or disseminating what they have found out about it to other Infidels.

Sentimentalism, of the wrong kind, cannot justify this kind of immigration policy. Spend the time better ridiculing, mocking, attacking the policy of FGM (as it is now so conveniently referred to), and those nations that practice it. The Infidel Man’s Burden is getting heavier and heavier, and we just have to lighten the load.

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3 thoughts on “Female Genital Mutilation: Every Muslimah's Entry Ticket To The Civilized World? Hell No!”

  1. First and foremost, asylum is bunk! They are neither refugees or asylum seekers, they use these pretexts to escape the poverty their own idleness and corruption has created. Witness the poor persecuted indulging in those same practices they claim to have fled, female circumcision is rife in the UK and Sweden. There is only one way for the West to help the impoverished world. Stop their leaders opening bank accounts and accumulating assets in the West, seize it all and with great publicity repatriate the funds to their country of origin. Stop all immigration, too many with qualifications that are desperately needed in the country of their origin, mostly paid for by that country, leave the minute they qualify. It is idiotic the the West sends 1000’s of doctors while employing the indigenous in their hospitals at home. One form of aid that is essential is family planning. Best example is South Africa, in 1960 there were 5 million blacks and 3 million whites, today it is 40 vs. 4. The more people, the more violence and poverty. The poorest nations in the world, Yemen and Afghanistan also have the highest fertility rates,in both cases about 7 kids per woman. I am sick of seeing pictures of these starving Ethiopian families with a dozen kids. Someone should put their foot down and explain quite clearly to them : If you want to fuck like a rabbit, learn to live on grass.

  2. While I believe the practice of FGM is barbaric, disgusting, cruel and absolutely the epitome of muslim male hatred and fear of women, it is not up to Western Civilization to take in the victims, or bring democracy to poor impoverished muslim countries, or to the save the whole fucking world! We have to look to saving ourselves, islamic hellholes be damned.

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