Somehow, the truth is seeping through…

…but only on websites like Winds of Jihad, with thanks to Gates of Vienna:

Somebody in Spain (Al Andaluz) smells the coffee:

Politically Incorrect Press in Spain

La ultraizquierda impone la ley de la selva en Colonia: ‘Congreso Anti Islámico prohibido por la policía’ (in Spanish)

“Extreme left wing imposes the law of the jungle in Cologne: ‘Anti-islamic congress prohibited by the police’“.

*  .. thanks to  the spineless little rat-mayor of Cologne Fritz Schramma, almost a clone to the commie mayor of  Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, who has verboten the anti-Islamic rallies for 2 years in a row…   

Fritz Schramma

Cologne mayor Schramma

* Newslink: Spain Will Pay Jobless Migrants to Return Home

 Berlusconi dealing with the Libyan PoS:

Italy-Libya: Frattini, 450 Mln Company Refund Refused

(ANSAmed) — ROME, SEPTEMBER 17 — Italy has not forgotten the problem of credits claimed by Italian companies and co-nationals expelled from Libya in 1970, an issue which “will be discussed in a parallel negotiation which we pledge to start” with Tripoli after the signing of the agreement between Italy and Libya on August 30, Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, said in Parliament. The head of the Italian diplomacy said that the Italian negotiators have already refused 450 million euro which Libyans offered to pay as compensation for the credits claimed by Italian companies. Italy did not accept the offer because the sum is insufficient and Libya “accepted to continue the talks”, Frattini said. “Italy has launched a more efficient collaboration, much more efficient than in the past, in the fight against human trafficking and illegal immigration,” the minister addedd, commenting on the recent signing of the friendship and collaboration agreement between Rome and Tripoli.

The minister also said that with this agreement Italy was hoping to achieve “strengthening of the partnership in the fields of energy and industry” between the two countries. Recalling the motives that urged Italian negotiators to accelerate the talks “on the invitation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi”, Frattini said that the time had come to “close definitively the chapter of the colonial past” and create “the juridical framework for a new stage in the bilateral relations”. (ANSAmed).