Infiltration Watch: Al Quaeda in the Metropolitan Police Force

Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police (but they don’t dare sack them)

*  The following article from the Daily Mail dates back to the 07 July 2007. Obviously, nothing’s happened since then. So the question is: why were they not fired and why is the employment of Muhammedans in the police and other sensitive positions not stopped entirely?


Up to eight police officers and civilian staff are suspected of links to extremist groups including Al Qaeda. Some are even believed to have attended terror training camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Their names feature on a secret list of alleged radicals said to be working in the Metropolitan and other forces.


scotland yardUp to eight police officers and civilian staff are suspected of links to extremist groups including Al Qaeda, headed by Osama bin Laden (right)  

* British Police Believed To Be Infiltrated By Al Qaeda Sleeper Agents

* FOX NEWS: Al Qaeda Spies Believed to Have Infiltrated British Police Force

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The ‘Racism’ Scam:

The officer who is a disgrace to his uniform


Ali Dizaei,   

Commander Ali Dizaei has frequently spoken out in claims of alleged racism

Mail Online

Each time a charge of racism against the Met has hit the headlines, the sanctimonious bleating of Commander Ali Dizaei, the Iranian born president of the National Black Police Association, has never been far behind. 

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Senior Asian Yard officer under investigation

One of Britain’s most senior Asian police officers is being investigated over allegations that he may have helped coach a suspect facing criminal prosecution.

By Robert Winnett /Telegraph, UK


Tarique Ghaffur, Britain’s most senior Asian police officer, has been relieved of his duty by the Metropolitan Police, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

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The ‘Racism’ Scam:

The officer who is a disgrace to his uniform

So when Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur launched his recent bid to sue the Met for alleged racism, who was it that backed his claim?

Ali Dizaei. And when the Met’s most senior Muslim female employee, Yasmin Rehman, claimed to be the victim of racist bullying, who was it that popped up to offer his support? Yes, Ali Dizaei. 

In fact, Commander Dizaei appears to have been so busy intervening in claims of alleged racism, it’s a wonder he’s had any time for policing at all. 

Now we learn that what Dizaei did have time for was a close association with the lawyer who is handling many of those same race claims against the Met  -  Dr Shahrokh Mireskandari. 

Though the Mail this week exposed Dr Mireskandari as a convicted fraudster with a suspect legal degree, it transpires that Dizaei has secretly been advising him on how to undermine a prosecution case brought by the Met against one of the lawyer’s clients. 

You do not need to be a legal expert to realise that this represents a blatant conflict of interests  -  and an inquiry has now been launched into the affair. 

But this is not an isolated incident. Time and time again, Dizaei’s behaviour has raised serious concerns about his suitability to be a high-ranking officer in Britain’s premier police force. 

He is a womanising bully who is on record as having threatened to kill one lover. He has written a poisonous book about his colleagues. He has stood trial at the Old Bailey accused of expenses fraud and perverting the course of justice. Oh, and he is under investigation over alleged misuse of his Scotland Yard credit card. 

So how does the Met treat Dizaei after this litany of disgrace? By promoting him to the rank of commander on a salary of £90,000, complete with chauffeured car. 

The truth is that the commander has become untouchable. None of his superiors  -  and certainly not his pathetically PC boss, Sir Ian Blair  -  appear willing to challenge him for fear of the inevitable accusations of racism that would follow. 

Unsurprisingly, there is now anarchy at the Yard. At a time when the Met should be encouraging the rise of its many fine black and Asian officers, it is being slowly destroyed by a sickening culture of opportunism and victimhood of which Commander Dizaei is the prime example. How shameful. 


Al Quaeda in the Metropolitan Police Force

The dossier was drawn up with the help of MI5 amid fears that individuals linked to Islamic extremism are taking advantage of police attempts to increase the proportion of ethnic staff.

Astonishingly, many of the alleged jihadists have not been sacked because – it is claimed – police do not have the “legal power” to dismiss them.

We can also reveal that one suspected jihadist officer working in the South East has been allowed to keep his job despite being caught circulating Internet images of beheadings and roadside bombings in Iraq.

He is said to have argued that he was trying to “enhance” debate about the war.

Classified intelligence reports raising concerns about police staff’s background cannot be used to justify their dismissal, sources said.

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Haymarket bomb carThe second device parked near Haymarket was left at a designated ‘evacuation point assembly’ where civilians and the emergency services would have gathered  

Instead, the staff who are under suspicion are unofficially barred from working in sensitive posts and are closely monitored. Political correctness is blamed for the decision not to sack them.

It is widely feared that “long-term” Al Qaeda sleepers are trying to infiltrate other public sector organisations in the UK.

In November last year, it was revealed that a leading member of an extremist Islamic group was working as a senior official at the Home Office.

MI5 has warned in the past that suspects with “strong links” to Osama Bin Laden’s killers have tried to join the British security services and, in January, exiled radical Omar Bakri claimed that Islamic extremists were infiltrating the police and other public sector organisations.

Suspicions are growing that the gang behind the failed London bomb attacks could have received inside information about rescue procedures in the aftermath of an atrocity in the capital.

The Daily Mail can reveal that the second device parked near Haymarket was left at a designated “evacuation assembly point” where civilians and the emergency services would have gathered had the first bomb gone off.

Investigators are trying to establish whether the bombers knew the significance of the location.

Sources said it is unlikely that the Met is the only force which may have been infiltrated by Al Qaeda sympathisers.

Omar Altimimi, a failed asylum seeker jailed for nine years yesterday for hoarding manuals on how to carry out car bombings, had applied to work as a cleaner for the Greater Manchester force.

In a separate development, it is understood that a policeman was removed from his post after concerns about his conduct in the aftermath of a major anti-terrorist operation in the past two years.

For legal reasons, the Mail cannot reveal any more about the case.

The MI5 list of suspected Islamists working in the police is said to have been drawn up in the aftermath of the 7/7 terror attacks in London.

MI5 checked staff details at the Met and other forces with intelligence databases on individuals said to have attended radical Islamic schools – or Madrassas – and terror training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is thought that intelligence files on those who frequently visit pro-Jihad websites and who have associated with so-called preachers of hate were also compared to details of officers and civilian staff in the Met.

As a result of the review, eight officers and civilian staff were identified as Al Qaeda sympathisers or people of concern because of their links to Islamic extremists.

The disclosure will raise concerns about the system for vetting new recruits, each of whom is the subject of counter-terrorism checks to ensure they are suitable to join the police. Scotland Yard’s vetting unit is regarded as one of the best in the country.

But sources said it is often impossible to carry out satisfactory checks on recruits who were raised overseas or who have spent considerable periods out of Britain before applying to join the Met.

In such cases, the Met has to rely on overseas agencies to carry out intelligence checks on their behalf. Privately, officials doubt whether certain countries in Africa, Middle East or the Indian sub-continent are able to carry out meaningful vetting.

As a result of the Stephen Lawrence public inquiry report, which accused the Met of being “institutionally racist”, Scotland Yard has in recent years employed thousands of officers and civilian staff from the ethnic minorities in an attempt to reach recruitment targets.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “All employees upon joining the Met and during their careers undergo a range of security checks. These are robust and vary according to the type and sensitivity of individual postings.

“We take matters of security very seriously and if an issue arises, people may be subjected to further assessment.

“This may lead to restrictions in relation to where an individual works in the organisation or whether they are suitable to remain in the service.”


Senior Asian Yard officer under investigation

One of Britain’s most senior Asian police officers is being investigated over allegations that he may have helped coach a suspect facing criminal prosecution.

The investigation is the latest twist in an increasingly acrimonious race discrimination dispute between Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, and his most senior ethnic minority officers.

They claim the investigation is an attempt to “smear” the reputation of the officer involved.

The Daily Telegraph has seen letters that disclose that Lord McKenzie, a former police officer who now chairs a private security company, has made complaints against Commander Ali Dizaei.

He alleges that Mr Dizaei, a senior Met officer and president of the National Black Police Association (NBPA), had an improper relationship with a firm of prominent London solicitors. Lord McKenzie’s firm is currently involved in a legal dispute with the solicitors over alleged unpaid fees.

Mr Dizaei has denied any wrongdoing and claims the complaint is “malicious”.

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) issued a statement yesterday announcing that it had appointed an officer from another force to investigate the complaint. The solicitors at the centre of the claims are representing a number of senior figures involved in discrimination cases against the Metropolitan Police – including Tarique Ghaffur, the Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard.

Ethnic minority officers believe that the latest investigation is an attempt to undermine the head of the NBPA.

However, in a letter to Mr Dizaei, Catherine Crawford, the chief executive of the MPA, said: “I have no hesitation in giving you the assurance you request, that the decision to record the allegation and refer it to the IPCC had absolutely no connection with your NBPA role or your involvement with AC Ghaffur’s claim or any other matter.”

Many senior figures at Scotland Yard believe that Sir Ian may soon be forced to step down as Commissioner as his position becomes increasingly 


Tarique Ghaffur ‘relieved of duties’ at Scotland Yard

Tarique Ghaffur, Britain’s most senior Asian police officer, has been relieved of his duty by the Metropolitan Police, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Assistant Commissioner, Tarique Ghaffur, has been put on authorised leave

Assistant Commissioner, Tarique Ghaffur, has been put on authorised leave Photo: PA

The Assistant Commissioner, who announced an unprecedented race claim against Sir Ian Blair last month, was summoned to Scotland Yard and told he would be put on “gardening leave”.

It is the latest twist in a damaging “civil war” which has undermined Sir Ian’s leadership of Britain’s largest force and led last week to new claims that the Commissioner would be forced out of his job by Christmas.

It will also intensify an acrimonious race row, with Mr Ghaffur likely to claim that being suspended from Scotland Yard is further evidence of his victimisation.

It is understood he will remain on his £180,000-a-year salary pending the outcome of the tribunal and the end of his contract next May.

Meanwhile the Met’s Professional Standards Committee has called for an investigation into whether Mr Ghaffur breached disciplinary codes by staging a televised press conference to announce his race claim.

Although his departure will be met with some relief at Scotland Yard, where some in the senior ranks had said they felt they could no longer work closely with Mr Ghaffur, it exposes one of the most senior roles in national policing.

As the Met’s “No.3” he attended Sir Ian’s “cabinet” meetings three times a week and was head of a unit which oversees security planning for the 2012 Olympics and the Met’s firearms teams. It is also embarrassing for Sir Ian – a champion of “diversity” – that there are now no ethnic minority officers above the rank of Commander in the Met. The two most senior are Cmdr Shabhir Hussain, who last week lost his own race case after claiming he was denied promotion four times, and Cmdr Ali Dizaei, who has strongly backed Mr Ghaffur in his claim.

One high-ranking source said: “There has been a complete breakdown in trust and having gone public with his claims it was only right that Tarique stepped aside from his role pending the tribunal. It was an untenable situation but this whole episode is very sad for the Met and Tarique.”

Mr Ghaffur’s lawyers said he had been considering his position because he received death threats after directly accusing the Commissioner of being a racist, an accusation he strongly denies.

He employed private bodyguards and chose not to notify colleagues of the threats because he felt that he could no longer trust the Met to protect him, his lawyers claimed.

The Ugandan born 53-year-old, who joined the police service in 1974 after coming to Britain as a teenage refugee, is expected to issue a statement later.

Mr Ghaffur’s contact was due to run until May next year. Having served more than 30 years, he is eligible to retire immediately and receive a lump sum payout of £522,000 and an index-linked pension of £85,000 a year.

The Assistant Commissioner lodged his race complaint at an employment tribunal on August 22. It was his decision to give a televised press conference to air his grievances which caused consternation within Scotland Yard.

Sir Paul Stephenson, the Met’s Deputy Commissioner, issued an instant rebuke, telling Mr Ghaffur and all in the force to “shut up” and get on with the job they were paid to do.

Mr Ghaffur was “taken aback” by the level of aggression towards him, which he said had made him reconsider his position.

He issued a statement which said: “In light of the tone of Sir Paul Stephenson’s statement, I am now extremely concerned for my personal safety and those close to me including family and supporters alike.

“As a direct consequence of the manner and delivery of comments such as ‘shut up and get on with your job’, together with the animosity he has generated, I am forced to reconsider my position with the Metropolitan police force.”

He added: “The difficult question remains whether it is tenable for me to remain in my position, given I consider there is now a very serious risk of harm to both myself and those close to me.”

Mr Ghaffur has also been upset by revelations about his private life. His lawyers last week confirmed they were acting for him in a “marital dispute” with his second wife, Shehla, but denied that any divorce papers had been served.

Shahrokh Mireskandari, of Dean & Dean solicitors, said: “We are acting for Tarique in relation to this matter. It is a matrimonial dispute, no divorce proceedings have been issued.”

The tribunal, which is expected to be heard next year, threatens to plunges the force into its worst racism row since the 1998 Macpherson report branded the force “institutionally racist”.