Lipstick Pig

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Obama is a radical far-leftist sympathizer with American and Palestinian terrorists,  who employs extremists on his staff and wants to hang with Ahmadinejad. The majority of Obama voters don’t even believe that courts should be governed by the Constitution. This is completely disturbing. The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters found:

While 82% of voters who support McCain believe the justices should rule on what is in the Constitution, just 29% of Barack Obama’s supporters agree. Just 11% of McCain supporters say judges should rule based on the judge’s sense of fairness, while nearly half (49%) of Obama supporters agree.

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* Flashback: Obama, the ultimate f*kcwit: “its all our fault”- 8 days after 9/11


Isn’t he lovely? The malodorous stench of Obama desperation. Lagging 20 points he is taking potshots at Palin. This, I assure you, will backfire. Badly. The Kos lunatics will like it, but normal folks won’t.

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Next thing you know, he’ll show how confident he is in his decision making and drop Biden from the ticket. This is painful to watch.

Obama Says McCain Is Offering Fake Change: ‘You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig’ ABC news

LEBANON, Va. — “That’s not change,” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said of what Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is offering.

“You can put lipstick on a pig,” Obama said, as the crowd rose and applauded, some of them no doubt thinking he may have been alluding to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s ad lib during her vice presidential nomination acceptance speech last week, “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.”

“You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper,” Obama continued, “it’s still gonna stink after eight years.” “We’ve had enough of the same thing,” Obama said.

UPDATE: Here’s an idea.

UPDATE: Earth to Obama!



In a week of records surrounding the Republican National Convention, Fox News CHannel earned another one with its weekend documentary on vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

“Sarah Palin: American Woman” averaged 2.7 million viewers in its debut at 8 p.m. ET Saturday night, Nielsen Media Research said Tuesday afternoon. That included 673,000 viewers in the adults 25-54 cable news demo.


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  1. Obama assumes that you can debate these folks.

    What he does not understand that there has been over 1400 years of experience and debate opportunities to which ISLAM will never allow.

    Read the history of the Greek Orthodox Church with Islam, the Syrian Church with Islam, the Catholic Church with Islam, and Decades of Christian experience with Islam.

    For a process to be successful both sides have to start from respecting one-another, and the Koran already puts everyone outside of Islam as pigs and monkeys.

    Father Zakarias is a true hero. I hope more of his work is published and broadcast on a regular basis to the Middle East, East Asia, and the Entire Muslim World.

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