Muhammedans go apes#*t over the screening of "Obsession" movie on 9/11

* But why worry? They’re only a ‘tiny minority of extremists’- right?

*  Pakistan: Poll Finds 75% Want Implementation of “Strict” Sharia Law, 56% Support al-Qaeda’s Goals….  from ZIP

Don’t watch it!

Because by watching it, “We’re feeding the fire by focusing on hate. We need to come together instead” — and that’s from a Jewish activist.

“Critics slam screening of Muslim documentary today,” by Niraj Warikoo for, September, 11:

Claiming Dearborn is a center of radical Islam, organizers of a controversial film on Muslims are offering a free screening of their documentary in the city today. 

Local religious leaders said the timing — on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks — and locating it in Dearborn are part of a divisive publicity stunt.

Sort of as when the Arab media rehashes ancient history on anniversaries?

Called “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” the documentary focuses on Islamic extremism, but critics say it’s biased. The film’s producers and backers said through a spokesman they chose Dearborn and the Sept. 11 date for the screening because of its sizable Muslim population. 

“There is a problem with an acceptance of radical Islam in Dearborn more so than anywhere else than I know of,” said Joe Wierzbicki, a spokesman for a California-based public relations company hired to promote the film.

But some Dearborn residents and religious leaders say the film’s backers are unfairly slandering the city and Muslims by screening it there on Sept. 11. They urge residents to ignore it.

“It’s a clear agenda to spread hate,” said Victor Begg, a Muslim activist who chairs the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan.

Brenda Rosenberg, a Jewish activist from Bloomfield Hills active in interfaith work with Christians and Muslims, also criticized the film and screening.

“We’re feeding the fire by focusing on hate,” she said. “We need to come together instead.”

The screening is set for 6 p.m. at the AMC Star Fairlane 21 in Dearborn. A theater spokesperson did not respond to a call seeking comment.

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Controversial “Obsession” movie delivered nationwide


The problem with Muslim condemnation of this movie is that, all the scenes alluded to as being “inflammatory”– such as children being encouraged to become suicide bombers — do, in fact, occur, probably daily. More on this story.

“Controversial film on Islam delivered nationwide, byYonat Shimron for the News Observer, September 13:

Bundled in home-delivered editions of The News & Observer today is a paid insert featuring a controversial DVD on Islam that has stirred anger nationwide.

Anger among who?

The documentary, “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” features scenes of Muslim children being encouraged to become suicide bombers, interspersed with those of Nazi rallies. The two-year-old film was produced by Raphael Shore, a Canadian who lives in Israel, and was directed by Wayne Kopping of South Africa. 

When no traditional distributors picked it up, the film was screened on college campuses. This month, it is being distributed in more than 70 newspapers across the nation, including two other McClatchy newspapers, The Charlotte Observer and The Miami Herald.

“There is no greater threat than radical Islam,” said Gregory Ross, spokesman for the Clarion Fund, a New-York based nonprofit organization that is paying newspapers to distribute the DVD. “It needs to be pushed to the forefront of the political discussion.”

Ross said the DVD was timed to coincide with the seventh anniversary of the terrorist strikes of Sept. 11, 2001. He said it is “purely coincidental” that this September also is the holy month of Ramadan.


Muslims across the nation and in the Triangle said they are disappointed by the film.

“It adds fuel to the fire and devalues the work we do,” said Khalilah Sabra, an organizer with the Raleigh chapter of the Muslim American Society, which lists “promoting understanding” as its mission.

The film features footage of elementary schoolchildren reciting mantras such as “When I wander into the entrance of Jerusalem, I’ll turn into a suicide warrior.”

Its aim is to liken radical Islam to Nazism and to promote the state of Israel, said Omid Safi, a professor of Islamic Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, who has seen the film several times…


In other words, even though the movie appears to differentiate between “radical” Islam, which even Muslims usually admit is “bad,” and just Islam — that’s still not good enough

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  1. Only freaking idiots cowering in fear would want to bury the truth to somehow appease Islamists. A final showdown with Islam will come no matter what, so people might as well choose their side now. Either bow to Allah [satan] or submit to God and resist the devil and his religion.

  2. “We’re feeding the fire by focusing on hate,”

    We’re putting out the fire by focusing on **THEIR** hate.

  3. “We’re feeding the fire by focusing on hate,”

    You’re feeding the fire by focusing off of their hate.

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