New poll: what's inside the Kaaba in Mecca?

Results are in:

Did Muhammad ever really live?

71 % believe ‘yes, he did’- 29 % believe he never existed. Fair enough!

New poll starts now: 

What’s inside the Kaaba in Mecca? 

Allah? Satan? A statue of the pagan moon-god ‘Al-Ilha?’ A metal vagina? Donkey’s bones? Rage boy?

52 thoughts on “New poll: what's inside the Kaaba in Mecca?”

  1. Muslims criticize Catholics for praying towards a rock( i.e. statue), yet they too face towards a rock when they pray. Tsk. Incidentally, I’m not Catholic.

  2. Uh, FYI Muslims pray facing a rock–but Catholics and Hindus pray TO a rock. And for your information Muslims do not consider the rock a form of God, but Catholics and Hindus do. Get your facts straight, dumb ass.

  3. AND

    It is required for Muslims to pray towards the Kaaba because we consider the Kaaba Allah’s house because that is the center of unifying Muslims in their prayers. As human beings, we need it in order to be united as Muslims (it isn’t really Allah’s house), which is why we pray towards the Kaaba.

    Next time before you shit talk about Muslims, get your facts straight. I’m a Muslim and I don’t feel it right to even criticize someone from another religion. I have no right… so you don’t have a right either.

  4. Those above in this blog…

    You dishonour Islam…

    Remember the Prophet Mohammed (peace be on him) honoured both those of the Christian and Jewish faiths and their prophets…

    They do not follow a false god. What bars them from paradise is that they do not follow the Prophet Mohammed (peace be on him).

    Remember all are born as Muslims weather one follows the Prophet and attains paradise is up to the individual…


  5. “Uh, FYI Muslims pray facing a rock–but Catholics and Hindus pray TO a rock. And for your information Muslims do not consider the rock a form of God, but Catholics and Hindus do. Get your facts straight, dumb ass.”

    I dont know about Catholics, but when you said hindu’s pray TO a rock, they actually don’t…this is the bit where Hindus get misunderstood.

    Idles/statues are used to REPRESENT God, and the reason for this would be as painting were left over and were found, pictures and status had then been made as the appearence of Gods human form was what was in the paintings.

    And even though its not said in writing for Hindus to pray towards an idle/statue MOST do as they believe God can see through the statue how you are praying and what friuts and nuts you are offering to be blessed. So they dont believe the statue is the ACTUAL God its just there to represent, as it dosnt say in writing you cant make idles nor does it say you can.

    BUT other Hindus who do not pray towards the statue just pray holding there head up high as God is above them and do not pray towards a staue/idle.

  6. Reading this… christians vs muslim… etc vs etc…
    Its funny to see people arguing over religion. If you really go back to the history, you’d know that religion is made by man – created by man. I believe in God/Allah/Buddha/etc.. whatever you want to call it, but I do not believe in the institution you guys are arguing over and willing to die for.
    1) christians don’t even know their history. In the olden days, Jesus taught reincarnation – it was removed from the teachings as the church wants to have control over the people.
    2) Jesus was never born on the 25 of Dec. He’s born in March (read the Bible). The only reason you are celebrating it on that day was because Constantine was a pagan and wanted to celebrate the winter solstice – hence he forced the bishops to do whatever it takes to make that day a celebration.
    I can go on an on…
    1) Until this day.. many still do not understand what Jihad is. Jihad is not to wage a physical war on others or to smite your enemies. A Jihad – a holy war is the war within oneself. To be able to fight your temptations
    2) you say you are forgiving and caring.. yet when someone talks about your beliefs, you’d kill just int he name of your belief. The point is?

    ** there is no such thing as a false god… there is only a GOD. The one and only who doesn’t care what religion you are..
    By saying that he/she/they believe in a false god.. is actually pointless.. if you think – it may be you who’s believing in a false god.

    Let it go guys – you all act like kids, and to be honest this ‘my religion is better than yours’ should end.. It still shows how uncivilized we all are. I find all your comments really amusing. In the name of religion…. using the term ‘in the name of God/Allah’ is not very nice as if you looked at our history, how many had died in the name of the all mighty. Give me a break. How many insurgens, pagans, non believers had your religion killed for? You guys portray god like a human being – with desires, will, requirements, commands, etc. Are you worshipping a God or a kid? Grow up you guys!
    I’ve stopped believing in religion as I find that it creates more issues. All I know is that there’s god and me.

    Peace be with all of you.

  7. Mohammed was the founder of Islam, a governing force which he created as he went. The man also suffered from fits like catatonic or epileptic fits which he claimed were events created by Allah while instructing him. Being cunning and resourceful he overcame all odds except real death. Oddly, he was the founder of an idea that has been mimiced and used to inspire conquests of much of the world as it was and all after his death. What inspied Mohammed was the Meccans refusal to allow him a piece of the booty from trade in the region. That infuriated him enough to begin attacking weak settlements and caravans to gain wealth and of course the might that money can buy. Sound farmiliar?

  8. Religion has always been the greatest lie of mankind to mankind. a threat to our survival as a species and a voluntary regression of cultural evolution.
    Its time we stop teaching our children religion, any religion. Teach to love the simple and obvious truths of reality as science unfolds them to us, and to never stop asking questions.
    Religion has failed miserably in enhancing our lives as a species. instead it is the wedge that we put between us. Religion is self imposed retardation on a global scale.
    A day will come when religion is irrelevant, and prayer laughable for the its self deluding qualities.
    Rational people need to aggressively but peacefully stand against religion whenever encountered.


    ALLAH IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  10. Guys… the koran….good old Mohammad married at the age of 50 and screwed his 9 year old wife Aisha……. He had 9 wives……he also married his daughter-in-law………the true mark of a prophet

  11. zack,
    Your statement that all are born muslim is a lie and for believing that alone you have just shown that you are a very good candidate for a fundamentalist terrorist. NO ONE is born a muslim. What a absolutely idiotic statement by you. islam is the creation of a man who copied other peoples ideas whilst raping and killing – when I read the news it seems that you people are following in his footsteps. Please don’t use the excuse that the people who kill in the name of your religion are not muslims – THEY ARE!! Your religion stands by what its followers practice – that is why muslims are universally disliked and hated by others – and muslims only have themselves to blame. To the idiot muslim who claimed Hindus and Christians pray to a rock! No, they don’t – and you have just shown why muslims have made no progress whatsoever over the last 1000 years.

  12. lol,
    you give the conventional meaning of jihad – however this is COMPLETELY irrelevant is someone rewrites the dictionary. Whether you find their argument idiotic or not, a certain group has decided to wage war on the rest of the planet.
    Whether you believe in a god, or worship a stone is irrelevant. We have a problem .. it is not of our making .. and it needs to be resolved.

  13. kaw, it is a common claim that “everyone is born a muslim” – search on that term, and up comes … YouTube – Everybody is born a muslim
    This is 100% evidence that everyone is born a Muslim: miraclesofislam


    … with a muslim faking away like mad, claiming that Papuans and Aust aborigines followed islam in everything but name …

    … and yet, these same fakers claim that muslims that kill in the name of allah, mysteriously, aren’t muslims at all – what were the Papuan headhunters & cannibals? Either they were muslims without knowing it, or they were nothing of the kind – same with Oz aborigines.

  14. all i have to say is i love this poll i learned alot.Keep it up.
    How old r u people

  15. fuck islam they kill inoccent people in the name of religion cut throat people they will never succeed even after billion years thye will rot to death hahahaha

  16. Sheik,
    Thanks – I am aware of this claim – which could never withstand serious analysis.
    The radical muslims have rewritten the dictionary! Perhaps we should do the same!

  17. You just got to be a self deluded moron to believe in any religion, PERIOD.
    The proof that ALL religions are a self inposed retardation, is the conditon of the world. and how the religious view the world, and what they have done to the world for centuries.
    You religious morons and your superstitious beliefs will indeed one day be marginelized to the point of irrevelence sooner or later. That is if your constant molestation of every childs mind you come in contact with and your warping of there humanity into your fossilised philosophies dont succeed in contunually FUCKING UP there lives by turning them into delusional dangerous morons like yourselfs.
    Every time I hear one of you claiming your gOD or your prophet or your savior or your book is the way, or yours is the greatest belive system, I hear the ratcheting back of REASON and LOGIC.
    You make me sick !
    You make me sick to know that WE the people of the world who know that reason, logic, science, and compassion, have you dredges of human societal de-evolution to contend with.
    True freedom for the people of the world will not come untill we defeat the mind retardation of religion.
    So to all of you who know that religion is BULLSHIT, do not let up in teaching your children the truth of the world, and the dangers that lurk in the minds of the religious.
    Never let up in pointing out to this religious morons what a stupid ignorant belive system they have.
    They should pay a price in social status every time they show there religious belives in public.
    My family and I live a succesfully happy life without the need of a god, or relgious lunacy. so can you !
    But you all know that at the very moment that some religious nut job read these comments, hatred and a feeling of despise for my freedom to write this, slimed into there minds.

  18. The path of reason will lead you right into the arms of the
    greatest deceiver of all times.
    “religious systems” are not going to bring solutions.
    politics, sciences, arts even less.
    There is only one Love but many imitations.
    There is only one way, one truth, one life Yeshuwa ha Mashiach.

  19. Wow! “SM” , To say that reason (and logic) is somehow wrong, or misleading you have got to be a member of the delusional club.
    My heartfelt sympathy to you. You poor fool !
    Do you realize that if the world finds peace and tranquility your messiah will never come. your superstition demands that the world must be a living hell before he shows up ? what an ugly and evil belief.
    The philosophys of your books were conjourd up by ignorant goat hearders during the bronze age, WTF !
    Cant you tell ?
    WOW !
    Can you please fix your ABnormal brain by stepping in front of the next moving train, Thank You.
    People can you belive these nut-jobs?

  20. Rudy,
    Religion is a means for some people to find solace and comfort to questions that they cannot answer. You should learn to respect the fact that a person’s choice is their choice. The vast majority will happily destroy every islamist because they deny free choice in the matter of religion. I couldnt be bothered addressing your arguments – it is not worth the time – but if you disagree with someones religious inclinations then don’t listen to them. If they try force their beliefs on you tell them to go away, and if they try violence (ie an islamist) then you have every right to terminate the idiot.

  21. Everybody must make up his/her own mind about religion,
    i don’t believe in forcing others to believe something,
    but i can tell you that most people will find out the hard way
    about the difference between spiritual truth, the scientific
    reality and the spherical daily existance.
    The anti-christ will sweep this world with reason, logic and
    persuasion, but you wont like it.
    As for believing in YHM, yes you are right, according to this
    world one is a fool to do so.
    Funny thing is that the unbelievers are working so hard to make
    the Bible come true.

  22. Hey KAW news flash for you: religion has always and will always try to impose its believes on everyone else. its the nature of the beast.
    Lets me make myself perfectly clear, I do not respect religion or those who push it, for reasons I have already stated.
    And your lame aswer as to why you dont want to challege my views is that you simply cant, because all you have is dogma, and wishfull thinking, and absolutly no proof.
    We the people of rational thinking are no longer goin to give you religious throwbacks a pass !
    We will challange you, with reason and logic every step of the way and teach our children to make you pay a price in society for your superstition, like you would pay a price if you claimed that Elvis is still alive.
    Ignorant throwbacks that want to retard or societal evolution will be exposed.
    And in response to you SM, religion tries to get to you early in life, because if you did not teach religion to children and at least waited till the age of consent, religion would die.
    The antichrist ? Oh please, without religion there is no antichrist, the second you stop believing in superstition the boogy man goes away.
    Hello ! its all fiction. myths and legends.
    And the only ones tryin to make the BILE (or bible as you call it) come true is the religius, where just exposing the bullshit of ALL religions!
    Look, in all candor, we (the world) really need to learn to get along and create a peace loving, productive and safe planet for the sake of our future, we will never get there while we still believe in bronze age myths, that do so much harm. religion is devisieve, its a fosillized philosophy.
    Time to grow up kids!

  23. True religion is rare; over 6 billion people are animists.
    true religion can not be controlled by people. (only by YHWH)
    we got to heed you? because you’re logical and reasonable!
    i don’t think so! you are spiritual unconscious! and ignorant,
    you didn’t even notice the differences i wrote about.
    anti-christ is a religious name for the third (world-)dictator,
    who will appear according to Nostradamus, also Cayce forsaw
    disasters in 2012, the mayan calendar didn’t go beyond 2012,
    the bright minds behind the scenes are scheming to diminish
    the worldpopulation. they could care less how many will die.
    you think that this world has a future ? politically russians, chinese
    or arabs will take over; in either case the world will go backwards.
    scientifically; this world will run out of sources, the sun will scorch
    the earth or comets will kick the earth out of its orbit so all life will
    die in cold darkness, in 13 000 years the human males will be gone,
    the universe will implode! what future?
    If human race is on his own, than it is doomed, if you don’t learn from history you are bound to repeate it and that’s exactly what will happen.
    Your safe secure planet is fiction and will remain so, unless there’s real
    divine intervention.
    Another thing; the great deceiver will try to abolish all religion but will
    replace it with his personal cult worship to which you’ll be subject too.
    this world is going into dictatorship.
    You don’t know much about religion and even less about the Bible,
    people like you make it come true even faster than believers can
    possibly dream of.
    Your world has no future; est homo lupus ! observation!
    YHWH’s world has! Theos pneuma anaikonosis! personal experience!

  24. SM (does that stand for Social Masachist !)
    Devine intervention ? What a crock of shit? you are a prime example of the religiously demanted. Nostralamus, please, Your making me crack-up!
    SEE ! The only way you see the future is with the mind of the dammed.
    What has religion than to you but made you a doomsayer!
    You belive in prophets and sorcerers and charletons.
    What a intellectual buzzkill you are.
    You may have exposed your mind to a lot of material but you draw false conclusions, and you belive in the ignorance of the past as if they where facts.
    I bet your wearing a robe with a hood as you sit, sorrounded by candles
    writting your well thought out dribble.
    Speaking of the mayans, you sound like you would fit right in that society, you would be the guy cutting the hearts out of people so the sun god will be happy.
    I do know alot about religion and history and politics and science and wine woman and song !
    And your right the sun one day will burn out and the moon will increase its orbit around earth changing our weather and worse, and yes a comet or ateroid may one day be our kiss of death or a supervolcano will erupt changing everything as we know it, and maybe sooner than
    that we will economicaly or politicaly meet our demise,or the religious will have there way and have a heavy hand in helping mankind destroy itself.
    But I tell you what, dont bet on your devine superhero flying down from the clouds to save us.
    You underestimate the infinite possibilities of the future and in that is the hope of mankind. we will crawl out of our superstitions as a people even with people like you trying to hold us back .
    So until then try to live a live of truth thru sensible logical reasoning, and fight the ignorance of the past, that so mightily tries to cloud your mind with superstition and mystical claptrap.
    Dont look now but your crystal ball is showing.

  25. Rudy,
    Divine intervention will be the only solution because it holds
    the only bright future. the ultimate theocracy will be established
    under Yeshua ha Mashiach; wemelech ha yehudim. (in Millennium),
    so religion has not made me a doomsayer, on the contrary,
    but i just don’t forsee “utopia” through human efforts.
    Macchiavelli put it something like this;”the difference between
    what happens and what should happen is so big, that the ones who don’t count with this fact will certainly go down and under”.
    I have been there; oportunism and possibilitism; still the things that
    should be done for a real better future are ignored and the things that
    should be avoided are carried out. that’s how i came to my conclusions.
    About drawing wrong conclusions; i heard the same from christians,
    muslims, hindus, buddhists and jews etc, so it is not new to me.
    the picture you paint concerning religion is overdone, though i can
    understand why you don’t believe in any religion due to the damage
    done by fanaticism and extremism through the ages.
    i used to be an idealist with the “imagine” anthem before i became
    a realist (before i became a believer); reality is that the current
    world events are a recipe for more wars, with people like Ahmadinehate
    , Barack dummsein Obama and Kim yon very ill in charge, we are in for
    a very insecure future world. nuclear holocaust is getting more real day by day. even if all nuclear weapons would dissapear; there would be
    far more conventional wars than ever before.
    Also you over-emphasize the logical; lateral thinking has also acceptable solutions, but it is far better to have also revelational,
    experiencial and deductional knowledge, above that Faith Hope, Love
    and Peace; all in YHWH. But that is everybody’s personal choice!

  26. Sm,
    A theocracy ? another name for dictatorship, and fascism, another system to control what you say, think and do, no thanks ! Id spit in the eye of whoever wants that kind of control over the human race. That is the real hell.
    This is a typical religious hope, to control and be controlled.
    This is exactly what every two bit dictator, despot, and tyrant has wanted to do, and many have done it with devine privilege.
    You have some absolutely factual observations concerning the current leaders of our current global society. We agree on that.
    We are at another brink in our history, but the possibilities for good are far greater than your phosolized philosophy will allow you to persue. But thats religion.
    Religion has no problem conceiving of the horrid possibilities
    My conclusions about religion are not only based on the extremist of our time, but also of the past.
    But the best way to judge any religion is by there texts.
    You mention Yahweh, old testament, god of Noah, god of Abraham, god of Moses, the god of the desert, the old testament god. no debased human who has ever lived has been more cruel and unjust and murderes then the god of the desert. even if you omitted Deuteronomy and Leviticus the bible is immoral in its core. so many examples.
    READ IT MAN ! (with the morality of a loving person).
    To let this genociadal diety lead you is a mistake of profound recklessness.
    On another matter of interest, do you believe in prayer?
    and if so why has god never healed an amputee?
    How old do you believe the earth is?
    How do you reconcile genocide by god by way of flood?
    Good man will do good deeds, evil man will do evil deeds, but only religion can make a good man commit an evil deed.
    Whether personal or not, choices have consequences, we must strive to make sure are choices are based on truth that is reasonable, and based on provable and demonstrable facts.
    I sincerly doubt you have giving reason and logic the time focus and energy it deserved before you fell into your delusion of hope from the supernatural.

  27. Rudy,
    It doesn’t matter what you prefer; supernatural or human dictatorship
    Both will happen anyway, whether we want it or not.
    Possitivism is fine, but not very realistic.
    Sorry to say; there are no perfect literal, moral, ethical books, not all
    scriptures are divine. Yhwh cruel? so what! He owns it all, you think
    lucifer or what ever deity or human being is less cruel, as Samuel
    Johnson said;”i don’t think highly of the human race, i consider my-
    self as one of its best representatives, and i know how bad i am”.
    Actually one can find Love in YHWH and More than what you found.
    The real solution is in spiritual renewal (N.T.) cause religious systems
    will never bring solutions.
    What you would like to happen for mankind; to realize ‘utopia” will
    take too long; the odds are against us.
    I believe in prayer and it works according to his will, i experienced
    healing, revelation, knowledge, insight, direction through it.
    YHWH still heals people, but that’s no news. Faith is the condition!
    The earth is scientifically millions of years old???, biblical calculations
    between 6000-13000 yrs, existentially it is timeless, the truth?, i don’t
    know ! do you know? YHWH plays a trick on everyone’s mind!
    I know that it doesn’t feel right; YHWH makes choices, we can’t
    explain the loss of human life and why, from our point of view it
    doesn’t feel right, but we are not perfect; YHWH is; it is possible that
    He only saves 6 million, or 60 million or 600 million people of the
    entire human race, in general it is not my decision nor yours.
    and we can’t really be the judge of that, can we?
    I have seen too much to get stuck on “only reason and logic”only,
    christians tried this with the Bible and it resulted in more than
    38000 denominations.
    Real Hope is never lost, for you it is delusion, for people without
    faith it is, because they can not understand the real spiritual things
    they are folly to you, you can’t dechiper it because you don’t have
    “diacrisis” in the Spirit so you can only approach this humanly,
    but millions of people have done this and they never got it.
    It is very personal your choice for or against Yahweh.

  28. Sm,
    your circular logic is maddening.
    and you ARE a doomsayer, your words admit that.
    your greatest fault, or revelation about your superstitions character, is that your think you know how much love I have surrounding me. typical religious arrogance.
    you are a perfect example of what we the Humanists have to contend with. your philosophy will be made errelevent, and a better world will come out of it.
    you may be a perfectly nice person on the outside but your mind is ultra superstitions, and its stuck on the wrong side of logic.
    We are human, thats what we are. our ancestors with there believes are understandable for there narrow understanding of the world, you have no excuse, not with the available evidence. the religious perpetuate the ignorance and fear of the past.
    I hope I have at least made you think about your position in reality,
    and hope you endeavor to find the truth without fearing that it may not be what you think it is .
    My job is done with you. I know people dont convert in public.
    But if you are as smart as you think you are, you will take the food for thought I have given you and fear not reality, discard superstition, and join the future of humanity, for whatever it may be, it will take real solutions, through hard work, and sweat, and tears, and sacrifices.
    And not yahweh, nor Zeus or Odin or Bahl, nor the Bile or the Koran or Hadith, or the Torah, or the tooth fairy. none will be coming to help ! sorry for your luck.
    a placebo if you will.
    I will not be responding to you again, you have work to do.
    But its been fun. I have other fish to fry. (no pun intended)
    Peace !

  29. Rudy,
    Your rage is understandable.
    But you are not even near objectivity.
    I am not a doomsayer nor a fair weather player.
    My future is bright, but for a person who only has
    this world; good luck! you’ll need it.
    You make too many assumptions and jump to
    wrong conclusions all the time. you’re really way off.
    faith is superstition to you, well realism as well as
    idealism can be superstition too, one thing is for sure;
    both are not good for general happiness, and are not mood-
    improving either, the way you react it’s obvious, you got
    an attitude problem, sorry i don’t believe that humanists
    can really reform this world, it is a scheme, playing the
    motivated dilligent possitive world improvers while
    thinking “apres nous le deluge” and “who cares”, it is a lot
    of pretending, look good and feel good.
    There is absolutely nothing new in your comments; i’ve
    read, heard it and experienced it all before.
    The thing is that you think you can replace Faith by logic
    and reason, well actually you can’t even judge my position;
    you don’t know, you don’t have the YHWH Ruach, you
    got no diacrises you only think you know, but you don’t!
    you are completely ignorant about spiritual developments.
    just another prisoner of existentialism, go on ignoring the
    difference between your existence, the reality and the truth.
    imagine yout perfect future humanist world someday,
    but someday never comes (ccr).
    anyway i wish you good luck in your efforts.

  30. Jesus IS the WORD of God so all other words melt away including any islamic ones…(they even discuss breastfeeding adults and issue 1,000 new fatwas a month constantly IMPROVING upon allah what he left out of quran and are lost without and with hadith!)
    proof Jesus is the Word? and cannot be changed? (unlike quran which obviously has been changed)
    Jesus said I am and was and am again (meaning HIS death &resurrection has already happened) so to PROVE you cannot make THIS WORD A “LIE” this is why all humans.. atheists muslims or not..MUST AGREE that this happened by not being ABLE to speak of death in the correct tense!! ( He IS dead, he WAS alive) the tenses are reversed!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you CANT “IS” BE dead..
    we use IS (present tense for death..and WAS (past tense) for when they were ALIVE duhhhhhhhhhhh people!!! THANK GOD we dont know HOW to say it correctly!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!this is the WORD of God which cannot be changed.this is the MIRACLE of the WORD and silly muslims think the miraculous word includes such nonsense like “dont bother muhammad at dinnertime he is shy” ahahahahha what tards!!! but still they cannot deny the death and resurrection has already passed for Jesus who is the WORD cuz they cant say anything about death in the grammatically CORRECT tense cuz its notpossible yayyyyyyyy in ANY language!!! yayyyy yet quran looks idiotic when it gets tranlated proving its not from God.. cuz God didnt choose arabic for thousands of years.. and HE NEVER SAID ONCE “you must learn” this or that language… so everyone is a liar who says “oh you must know arabic”and arabic is NOT pure cuz poor “allah” couldnt even FIND a word for RAPE in arabic cuz they had no concept! so he left it out altogether! no rape in quran! no punishment for rape! 4 witnesses SICK SICK SICK!INFERIOR beyond belief!..yet the TRUTH they cant twist or lie (tense verbs of death) yayyy TRY IT! so every “muslim” IS BORN A CHRISTIAN cuz he cannot say otherwise about Jesus death resurrection already past!!!! (in verb tenses cant make the WORD (Jesus) of GOD a lie, every muslim MUST answer to this fact.

  31. o.k so I was like thinking about the Kab’bah and the black stone is hajar al aswad which means the black stone. hajar means stone. Hajar is the name of the 2nd wife of Abraham. So this is the stone that the builders rejected that Jesus was talking about in Matthew.

    I also think it’s a stone that fell from heaven and part of a much larger structure, that had some seed from some where else and it kicked off evolution.

    I was also thinking about the band Blue Oyster Cult and their abilities to travel back in time and do super cool Jesus moves!

    Than I was thinking about Bill Cosbie and the fact that Jello Pudding Pops which were soo good in the 80s contained gelatin a pork biproduct that only the Transformer movie would refer to as ‘the cube’ you know that big black kab’bah looking structure.

    Kabballah the Jews say kab allah the door to God some believe the black stone represents black people and their dominance at the end of mankinds line and stuff and than I was also thinking about that song by Willie Nelson Senior and how it said something along the line of “make him jump like Rod Strickland” yeah boy!

    Islam is gonna be the major religion of Greenland in 100 years and the kabbah can be moved … but not isolated and it cannot be defeated with anything that is yellow with in the paramater of 100 yards either.

    mushroom kit psychedelic evangelicals harrasing the Muslims with their mushroom kits!

  32. “So this is the stone that the builders rejected that Jesus was talking about in Matthew”


    “Be it known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him does this man stand here before you whole.
    This is the stone which was set at nothing of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.” (Acts 4:10&11)

    I doubt that islam will be much more than a bad memory in 100 years.

  33. One day u’ll be asked, what did you do for Christ? The WORD says Every knees shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. Abraham told Isaac (while going to sacrifice him) God will provide Himself a lamb 4 the Sacrifice. What did HE do 2000 later? Its NOT a MUST that you face the Kaaba in order 4 GOD to hear your prayer. Whoever said so, LIED. THINK THROUGH IT.

  34. Read Bible I, Bible II and Read Quran.
    and you will know which one is the true above the true.

  35. Black stone is not came from our solar system, there’s a small piece of this stone on london museum and they have proved that.

  36. notice the muslim hate speech in their responses to real submissions so sad answer me this muslims who Blessed Ishmael was it alilah who changed his name or also had the name allah the moon god or was it the true and living G-D the G-D of Avraham Ittzak and Yaacov who blessed him Ishmael and all people not alilah or allah the god of 360 in the kaaba an idol for idod worshipers so sad so real so factual

  37. JESUS said I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE no man can come to the FATHER except thru ME JESUS is the only WAY to G-D not thru the idol alilah (allah) muslims are worshiping the devil’s idol the moon god

  38. muslims fooled by satan decieved by your leaders there is no allah just a moon god idol you are bowing to worshiping it is satan’s tool to destroy you the jews and all mankind thru hate the bible says satan came to destroy to steal kill and destroy the perfect example of islam in our world satan’s plan to destroy but he will fail and be cast into the lake of fire hell

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