Poll Results

Regarding the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Russia. What should Russia do?

32 %  voted Deport all Muslims to North Caucasus and give them independence

54 % Kill all Muslims and keep its territories

8   % Convert to Islam and pray for mercy from Muslims

3   % Just complain to UN and NATO

3   % Do nothing about it, just welcome more terrorist attacks/ must be  our Mohammedan lurkers….


New Poll Starts Today:

What is the solution to KRudds boat people disaster?

Internment and deportation

Blow them out of the water

Roll out the red carpet and welcome them as new Australians

Take them into your home and make them feel good….

Alright. Let us know how you really feel….

Winds of Jihad readers support "enhanced interrogation"

Poll Results:

Do you agree with harsh interrogation techniques?

48 % say “yes, absolutely”

13 % said “hell no”

25 % think its cool but only on Islamic terrorists

14 % believe it should be used in “extreme cases only”

ramirez92479  Reasons for supporting “Enhanced Interrogation”

* Meanwhile, Muhammedan agit-props and their leftist enablers can’t get enough of  “torture” crapola, the show must go on:

Helen Thomas’ been cookin’ your news since the early 19th century!

6a00e008c6b4e5883401156f61bfcf970c-300wiHelen Thomas: “What Sadist in the Bush Administration Came up With Torturing al-Qaeda With Caterpillars?”…

Sticking someone in a box with a caterpillar isn’t torture, sticking someone in a box with Helen Thomas is torture…..Rest from ZIP

Would these wankers protest for this tortured Indonesian maid? Don’t hold your breath:

(Saudi) Indonesian Maid Suffers ‘Horrific’ Torture…

Dennis Prager: Nine Questions the Left Needs to Answer About Torture




Pelosi: Officials said “they wouldn’t use” waterboarding

Nancy Pelosi sat down with CNN’s Candy Crowley tonight and gave her most detailed — and passionate — explanation of her muted behavior during an initial classified briefing on enhanced interrogation procedures in 2002.

Politico has more>>

New Poll

Poll Results: Can Israel survive Barack Hussein Obama? 

51 % voted yes

21 % voted No

27 % voted 50:50

Depressing indeed

New Poll:

Should Muslim Face Coverings be Forbidden?



Only in banks and other public buildings

We must tolerate those who don’t tolerate us

Poll Results: Are We At War With Islam?

70 % voted ‘Islam is at war with the world’

20 % voted simply ‘Yes’

5   % believe we only have to fight ‘radicals’

5   % voted ‘not’


New Poll starts now:

What is the biggest problem in the world today?

1. Global Warming

2. Stock-market Crash

3. Communism/Socialism

4. George W. Bush


6. Obamessiah

                      * Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer


Poll Results: Should Muslims who want Sharia be told to pack up and leave?

* Absolutely! Leave Now! came in at 94% of all votes

* No, they pose no threat received a mere 6 % of all votes

Great. Just goes to show that Winds of Jihad readers are seriously switched on and wonderfully non PC


New Poll starts today:

Which country in Europe will be the first to reverse the Muhammedan invasion?