Pals tell McCartney not to perform in Israel


(ANSAmed) – JERUSALEM, SEPTEMBER 2 – A Palestinian non-government organisation in the United Kingdom has asked Paul McCartney of the Beatles to cancel his forthcoming concert in Israel because “the expropriations from the Palestinians (by Israel) and the Israeli apartheid cannot be a reason for festivities”.
According to today’s issue of daily Jerusalem Post, the NGO, called Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has affirmed in a statement directed to McCartney that “performing in Israel in this moment is morally the same as performing in South Africa at the peak of the apartheid”. The same request was directed to McCartney, according to Jerusalem Post, also by a British pro-Palestinian lobby, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which has asked the famous artist to reconsider his performance in Israel since it is a state which “continues to violate the international law and the human rights with the illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and due to its attitude to the Palestinians”. The British branch of an organisation supporting the Jewish state, StandWithUs, has rebelled in defence of Israel, affirming in a letter to McCartney and his manager Stuart Bell that the statement of PACBI “contains just incredible lies”. According to StandWithUs, the appeals for boycott of Israel drive an increasing number of people to prove they are sterile. “Performing in Tel Aviv you can expect to meet an audience of Jews, Muslims and Christians, a thing which is just impossible in any Arab state,” StandWithUs affirmed. In the meantime the tickets for the concert of McCartney, to be held this month in Tel Aviv, are selling like hot cakes in Israel, despite their high cost. A total 25,000 have been sold so far. 


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  1. Let’s see if Paul has any guts. I hope he does. Then again he might be thinking about what happened to Lennon.

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