Talib to Denmark: "Allah willing, we will wipe you from the face of the earth."

Allah is always willing. The slaves of Allah do the killing.

Al-Qaeda threatens to wipe the “worshippers of the cross” from the face of the earth

Of course the term “worshippers of the cross” goes back to the earliest texts of Islam, and was synonymous with the hated Byzantines. At the Battle of Yarmuk (636), one Muslim complained to Caliph Omar by saying, “Know O Omar that that dog of the Romans [Emperor Heraclius] has frustrated our efforts by the ubiquitous presence of the cross.” Two years ago, al-Qaeda threatened to slit the throats of worshippers of the cross. More on this story.

“Al-Qaeda threatens new punishment to Denmark,” from the Malaysia Sun, 

A video grab showing the Saudi suicide bomber involved in the attack on Danish Embassy in Islamabad


DUBAI (AFP) — Al-Qaeda has released a video featuring a senior commander who was rumoured to have been killed in Pakistan in July, threatening more attacks after a suicide bombing on the Danish embassy in Islamabad, according to the SITE group which monitors Islamist websites.

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Fitzgerald: Questions for the Danes

“AL-Qaeda has released a video featuring a senior commander who was rumoured to have been killed in Pakistan in July, threatening more attacks against Denmark after a suicide bombing on its embassy in Islamabad, according to the SITE group which monitors Islamist websites.” — from this news article

Now Danes have to intelligently consider the following:

1) What is the likelihood that some of the Muslims in their midst will agree openly with this sentiment, and wish to further the declared goal?

2) What is the likelihood that some of the Muslims in their midst will agree with this goal but, while willing to offer financial and moral and other kinds of support, will not themselves participate in furthering such a goal?

3) What is the likelihood that some of the Muslims in their midst may agree with the declared goal, or at least with the goal not of wiping out Denmark and Danes physically, but of ultimately wiping out Danish legal and political institutions, and taking over for Muslim rule? They hope to do this through demographic conquest — large families, continued immigration, driving native Danes to leave the country, and a constant effort to convert the psychically and economically marginal, whether among native Danes or other immigrants, so that from 2% Muslims become 10%, and from 10% become 20% of the population, and keep rising, and are given positions, to better “integrate” them, in the police, the army, the government.

Meanwhile, they vote as a bloc, the only bloc, and as such are able to control more and more Danish politicians. And in a few decades, not more, they will be able to work their will, or to prevent non-Muslim Danes from being able to work their own will, to continue to be part of NATO or, ultimately, of any Western alliance. They will be able to prevent Denmark from expressing solidarity with that West, and from summoning the strength to deal with what, all over Europe, will by that time be an inexorably rising Muslim population.

4) What is the likelihood that a Muslim who, at the moment, simply wants to make a living and has given little thought to Jihad, or to removing all obstacles to the spread of Islam, will be so grateful to the Danes that he will never have such thoughts, not even if he suffers personal reversals — loss of a job, loss of status, loss of a Danish girlfriend or a thousand other possibilities — that might cause him to turn to religion, that is to Islam, as his solace, his consolation, his Total Explanation for Everything, with results for non-Muslims that are not reassuring?

5) What is the likelihood that the children, the grandchildren, the great-grandchildren, of a Muslim who is largely indifferent to the duty of spreading Islam and ensuring its dominance, will themselves always and everywhere feel that same indifference, or even leave Islam altogether? Are the chances excellent that we can be assured that such a person will never change his mind, or that his children or grandchildren will always and everywhere tend to become less, rather than more, fervent in their faith? Do we have any evidence, one way or another, on which to base such a judgment?

6) Tolerance is an Article of Faith in the Western world, and nowhere more so than in the Netherlands and in Denmark. Every assistance has been extended to Muslim immigrants in both countries. How are things working out? Have Muslims been particularly well-behaved in the Netherlands? What happened to Pim Fortuyn (and don’t be fooled into thinking he was killed for any reason other than his opposition to Muslim immigrants)? What happened to Theo van Gogh? Under what conditions does Geert Wilders, or Ayaan Hirsi Ali when she lived in the Netherlands, live?

And what about Denmark? Any reason to worry about cartoonists such as Karl Westergaard? The editors of Jyllands-Posten? Every single Danish man, woman, and child who visits a Muslim country? We know, do we not, that death threats have been made against Danes, that is against non-Muslim Danes, in a horrific campaign of hysteria and hate led by, fed by, orchestrated by, Muslims who live in, and have been the recipients of every conceivable benefit from, the people and government of Denmark?

7) Is it possible that the word “religion” is entirely inadequate to describe Islam, which is a Total Belief-System, more akin to the totalitarianisms of the twentieth-century in its ability to control, to such a great extent, the lives and minds of its adherents? Is it possible that Islam is to be distinguished from other alien creeds (Hinduism, Buddhism), because Islam, uniquely, is both alien and hostile to the West, as it is to all non-Muslim peoples, societies, states, civilizations? Is it wrong to refuse to avert one’s eyes from what is contained in the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira? Is it wrong to note that the Perfect Man, the Model for All Time, Muhammad, regarded with pleasure the mass killing of the bound prisoners of the Banu Qurayza? That he was pleased when informed of the murders of those who had mocked him in satirical verses, Abu Afak and Asma bint Marwan? That he attacked the inoffensive Jewish farmers of the Khaybar Oasis not because they had done anything to him (they hardly knew of his existence) but merely to seize their women and their property? That he married and had sexual intercourse with little Aisha when she was nine, and because Muhammad is the Perfect Man, Ayatollah Khomeini on coming to power promptly reduced the marriageable age of girls in Iran to nine? That he told Muslims that “war is deception” and practiced what he preached when he entered into the Treaty of Al Hudaibiyya with the Meccans in 628 A.D., a “truce” that was to last ten years, and that Muhammad found a pretext to break after 18 months, once he felt his own side had become sufficiently strong to attack the Meccans without further delay?

8) Is it possible that the political and media elites in the Western world were not paying attention, and certainly not heeding the real experts on Islam, though they did have time to heed the army of Western hirelings, including academic apologists for Islam — see Olivier Roy or Gilles Kepel on one level, and even lower down, John Esposito and his henchmen Voll and Haddad. Or simply google “MESA Nostra” for more details on the scandal of a virtual Muslim monopoly in this country — here and there aided and abetted by non-Muslims eager to curry favor with their Muslim colleagues, or keenly aware of the vigilance of such colleagues in monitoring others, and not daring to incur their wrath — of academic teaching and “research” on Islam, the history of Islamic conquest, and the attitudes and behavior of Muslims toward non-Muslims over the past 1350 years, and — immutably — today?

These are a few of the questions that the admirable Danes ought to ask themselves. Perhaps someone in Denmark may see this posting, translate it, and allow it to be seen by a wider audience in Denmark, that country in Europe which so far appears to have better grasped the potentially mortal threat of Islam better than other countries in Europe. And this has happened before with Denmark, and that is why so few of us, at least in the United States, hearing that the Danes are putting up the stiffest and most intelligent resistance, are surprised.


“We have warned previously — and we warn once more — the Crusader states which insult, mock and defame our Prophet and Koran in their media and occupy our lands, steal our treasure and kill our brothers that we will exact revenge at the appropriate time and place,” Mustafa Abu al-Yazid said in the video, SITE reported on Thursday.

The June embassy bombing killed six Pakistanis and came amid anger in the Muslim world over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed first printed in Danish newspapers in 2005.

There were reports that Yazid was killed in a July air strike on a hideout in a tribal region of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan, but the identity of the slain militant was never confirmed.

Yazid, an Egyptian Al-Qaeda commander based in Afghanistan, was identified by the 9/11 Commission as the group’s chief financial manager.

The US-based SITE Intelligence Group said the video, released by Al-Qaeda’s media arm Al-Sahab, shows the Saudi suicide bomber who carried out the attack and an “animation” of the bombing itself.

Yazid said the embassy attack “is but the beginning…if you don’t end your errant ways and aggression,” SITE said in a translation of the video message, adding that the date it was recorded was not known.

“As for my final message to the worshippers of the cross in Denmark, I tell them… this isn’t the first nor the last retaliation,” said the man identified as the bomber, Abu Ghareeb al-Makki. “Allah willing, we will wipe you from the face of the earth.”

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Pakistan has denied that one of its nationals was involved in the embassy bombing.


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  1. AQ do a lot of talking and threatening. However, are they actually capable of pulling off anything in Denmark? They make a lot of noise to keep themselves in the public eye but have lost an awful lot of their leadership. They got their arses kicked in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Palestinians told them where to go.
    They (and other islamic organisations/countries) keep referring to us as Crusaders. For me that is ancient history, almost 1000 years ago. They mean to be offensive, but I’m getting used to the term and I’m starting to think of myself as a Crusader, I rather like it.
    If it comes to a fight I’m backing the Danes, there’s still plenty of Viking blood running through their veins, the only question is what will finally push them into dealing decisively with the problem.

  2. Any Muslim when asked by a Mullah, “Do you believe Mohammeds words”, will say YES, as a NO may mean a Death sentence as an Apostate. Eventually all Muslims are influenced or coerced into financing and supporting the Islamic revolution against our societies.
    Only the true Apostate of Islam can be trusted, the rest are a 5th column that will be activated for WAR in the future.

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