UK: Hate-preachers daughter an 'animal in the sack'- sez ex-boyfriend


Hot ... Yasmin Fostok at work

Mullah’s daughter Yasmin at work…

THE pole-dancing daughter of hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is an “animal” in bed, her former lover revealed last night.

The 20-year-old told The Sun he was left SHAKEN by Yasmin Fostok’s insatiable demands — andDISTURBED by raunchy photographs of herself she eagerly sent him.

Speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, the Londoner said: “We had mad sex. She was very athletic in bed — it was loud.

Hate ... cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed   

Hate … cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed


“But then what did I expect? A pole dancer does not just have ordinary sex. She was an animal.”

But one steamy session with the party girl — who he did not know was the daughter of the notorious Muslim extremist — was so over-the-top it convinced him to end the romance.

He explained: “It was so wild I thought she was a bit mad. When I got up in the morning I thought ‘This cannot go further’.”

The barber says he met Yasmin, 27, in March when she contacted him on Facebook and asked to hook up.

Their first date, to a comedy club in central London, ended with a simple kiss — but the wildcat quickly showed she was after more when she emailed him 11 sexy photos.



Some snaps showed her naked, and in others she sported kinky gear — including a POLICE girl’s outfit.

He said: “She sent me the photos after the first date.

“It was a nice surprise, but one of the strangest things a girl has ever done to me.”

The son of Brazilian immigrants claimed Yasmin, who works in London’s pole-dancing dens, was so shamelessly hot for sex he was leftEMBARRASSED.


Lover ... couple had mad sex together   

Lover … couple had mad sex together


He said on one occasion they were in a Honda Civic with another couple when Yasmin began pawing him.

He said: “She wanted to go for it. I had to tell her to relax. It was embarrassing as my cousin and her friend were there.”

The two broke up in June, and the man is still reeling after reading of his wild lover’s true identity in The Sun last week.

We told how the twice-wed mum-of-one, of Catford, South East London, is the daughter of Bakri — who rants against Western depravity.

Evil Bakri, 50, even heaped praise on the 9/11 bombers.

The cleric — who raised his family in North London on £300,000 of taxpayers’ handouts — now lives in Lebanon after getting the boot from Britain.

Last night the lover said: “She told me about brothers and sisters but not her dad.”

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  1. “THE pole-dancing daughter of hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is an “animal” in bed, her former lover revealed last night.”


  2. I find this reporting disgusting, her sex life is no concern of ours, what we should be concerned about is how she can live the high life at the taxpayers expense, also how much money is going out the window because of this family of islamic parasites.

    I would like to add, I am not surprised we are not making headway in this unholy war if people are more interested in rubber tits than the threat that faces us

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