Gangs of Asian youths Muhammedans are tormenting elderly and disabled people in Staincliffe, Yorkshire, with foul-mouthed racist abuse, according to local newspaper The Press.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson, the new mayor of Londonistan, is practicing the Shahada to be a better appeaser… 


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Residents living in a cul-de-sac on the edge of Staincliffe Estate say they are at the end of their tether after months of abuse.

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…”Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. But I fear-I fear greatly-the storm will not pass. It will rage and it will roar, ever more loudly, ever more widely. It will spread to the South; it will spread to the North. There is no chance of a speedy end except through united action….” Quote from – WINSTON CHURCHILL – HOUSE OF MANY MANSIONS SPEECH  20 January 1940.

I seached for a quote from Winston Churchill to help calm the anger and disgust felt upon reading the following headline and article from the The Press newspaper.


Gangs of Asian youths are tormenting elderly and disabled people in Staincliffe, Yorkshire, with foul-mouthed racist abuse, according to local newspaper The Press.

Residents living in a cul-de-sac on the edge of Staincliffe Estate say they are at the end of their tether after months of abuse.

The youths, aged from about 15 upwards, start congregating in Manor Way, close to Manorfields Infants School, from 4.10pm and hang around for hours on end, often up to midnight.

The yobs hurl abuse at passers-by, spitting racist comments at the elderly residents — all of whom are in their 70s and 80s.

The gang also makes lewd suggestions to girls and young women and on Saturday mocked a disabled man and threatened to tip him out of his wheelchair. In the past, street signs have been pulled down and bins overturned. Cars have also been vandalised.

Police have been repeatedly called out but residents say nothing gets done. Now the residents, most of whom are too afraid to speak out publicly, are fighting back.

Residents’ spokesman Tony Gott, 71, said old people shouldn’t have to put up with the abuse.

“It has gone too far,” he said. “People are at the end of their tether and don’t know where to turn.”

“No one should have to live their lives in fear like this and when we go out to ask these youths to move on all we get is abuse.”

“They called me a ‘fat, white bastard’ and the other day I was showered with a pile of bricks.”

“We had the police up here the other day and they spoke to this gang but they denied everything and the police said there was nothing they could do.”

“The police say ‘we’ve taken their names’ but all that is a slap on the wrist. It doesn’t stop them.”

Retired builder Mr Gott, who has four sons, 11 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, has lived in the street for almost 15 years.

On Saturday during teatime Mr Gott heard the youths hurling abuse at a disabled man in a wheelchair who lives further down the estate.

“They were wanting to have a fight with him so I went out and told them to stop picking on people in wheelchairs.”

“All I got was abuse and that it was nothing to do with me. They threatened to turn the wheelchair over.”

“The police think we are exaggerating but we are not. We are all poorly people up here and two of the residents have cancer. We just can’t go to bed and have a good night’s sleep anymore.”

The cul-de-sac is also a magnet for drug dealers and users who lurk in dark corners behind Manorfields school but it is the gangs that make residents most afraid.

“I think there should be a curfew to get them off the streets,” said Mr Gott. “Something has to be done.”

Insp Neil Money, of the Batley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said “We are working very closely with local schools, mosques, shopkeepers and our partner agencies in order to ensure that the quality of life for residents is improved.”

This an other blogs have regularly chronicled the muslim colonisation of the UK and the violence that muslims consistently inflict upon the British people with little or no recourse from our police service or judicial system. (References backing up any of these statements and questions can be found amongst my past writings.) We have had our taxpayer coffers plundered and have been spit upon, jeered, insulted, vandalised, attacked, beaten, raped, murdered and bombed – yet virtually nothing has changed except for an rampant increase in the numbers of muslims entering the UK to permanently live and the overt and covert Islamization of Britain (and Europe).

What is wrong with us that we are allowing muslim thugs (or anyone for that matter) to spit on, torment and terrorise our elderly and disabled?? Should we tolerate living in a place where young girls and women are regularly insulted and spoken to with with disgusting lewd comments and are afraid to walk alone? A place where fear is keeping so many of our citizens indoors because inaction has left them feeling they have NO where or NO one to turn to for help?

How far has the mental disease of political correctness warped the way we think and our long held values? –So much so that we fear being called a “racist” more than stopping violence against our people? How long will we all allow the altar of failed multiculturalism to be a funeral pyre on which our British customs, traditions, culture and society are tossed and slowly burn to ashes? How long will we allow slick tongued dhimmi politicians and self serving bureaucrats to sell out OUR country and people under the guise of the EU? How long will we allow our dhimmified police force to be crippled by politically correctness and treat the native population with disregard?  How long will we allow ourselves to be victimised by those who are appointed and elected to serve the will of the people yet really serve their own agendas and wallets? Aren’t we delusional to believe that waiting for the next election and the inevitable revolving Labour/Conservative door will change anything?

Why are so many silent when we should be shouting out that the current state of Islamisation of the UK is abhorrently WRONG, unacceptable and must cease?

How long will mosques be allowed to flourish as grotesque examples of the victory of Islam over the Western world with minarets piercing our skies and the hearts of those of us who are proud to be the indigenous British? Even having to use the word “indigenous” to describe ourselves sticks in one’s throat – isn’t it like saying we are the anomaly and heading for placement on the “Endangered Species List”? Are we?

The call for answers and action is boldfaced infront of us all. So I will end as I began – with a quote – this one is from Shakespeare’s Henry V :

And you, good yeomen,

Whose limbs were made in England, show us here
The mettle of your pasture. Let us swear
That you are worth your breeding; which I doubt not,
For there is none of you so mean and base
That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot!
Follow your spirit; and upon this charge
Cry ‘God for Harry! England and Saint George!’




  2. Are these stories mainstream? Why is your country home of my ancestors not outraged. My fathers your fathers have died for its salvation and English leaders betray their line their family with every appeasement. They act as though they we were responsible for the world’s woes when in fact we largely gave it sanity regardless of the lies that manifest in every multi-culti argument.

    We must see these acts for what they are and ACT accordingly.

  3. Ah me, the gallant *warriors of islam* NOT.
    This is typical, get a gang and go and pick on pensioners, people in wheelchairs, lone women and girls. They really are abject cowards, they have been allowed to get away with this for too long. I don’t remember seeing much if any of this in the national papers. Either they aren’t picking it up (I doubt that) or there is a policy, maybe coming from NuLabour, to keep it quiet for fear of *civil unrest*. That would fit – NuLabour would always pick sticking their collective heads in the sand to actually tackling problems. They are spineless and a disgrace to this country.
    I think the pensioners need to get together and really pummel the police (verbally) on their inability/unwillingness to protect them. If the police won’t take action then I think the pensioners need someone to lurk around and film all this, it will back up their story and should force the police to arrest those responsible. Sounds like PC gone crazy, but then the pensioners won’t be threatening them will they. They could also write to the Chief Constable of their area and demand protection or he will be held PERSONALLY responsible if any of them are injured.

    As far as Britain is concerned – NuLabour appear to be living in a parallel universe where they can do no wrong and that the turgid mess they have made of this country is not their fault. They are delusional. They appear to have no idea how much they are hated. That would include about 40 million English for a start. They have been punishing us for not voting Labour (at least in the South) and have been trying to chop up our country and sell us off to the EU. That’s just a start.
    Our problem is that we all act as individuals and so it takes people with real drive and committment to lead. If we had that we could support them, otherwise it is very difficult.
    Lib Dems are wet and the Conservatives (David Cameron) should have been fighting NuLabour tooth and nail for years and have been too busy fighting amonst themselves for too long. The EU vote in the spring was a good example of this. If the Tories think they can sit back until Brown HAS TO call an election and the votes will come to them then they are going to be in for a shock. Britain is heading towards breaking point and when it starts to tip it will probably turn very quickly and the politicians will take the brunt of it along with those who want to destroy us. I have a very bad feeling about this.

  4. This is absolutely disgraceful and downright degenerate.

    The targeting of helpless and infirm indigenous elderly Britons by hate-filled non-white racists of Middle East Muslim origins, is unforgivable and cannot go on being tolerated without the severest forms punishment being visited upon these alien perpetrators.

    I suggest the persecuted indigenous senior citizens of that area get in touch with the party I recently joined, ie, the British National Party and start giving this Party their fullest backing both with their votes and financial support.

    I also strongly advise them to cease voting for the Lib/Lab/Con Alliance forthwith if they value their very lives and properties, that is.

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