Australia: Study finds most non-Muslims still unaware that Islam has its own set of rules

Sharia: the great divide. “Alcohol creates ‘barrier’ for Muslims,” from The Age, via JW


*  “Australians should stop drinking to be more acceptable to Muslims”, sez bridge-builder and outreach expert Laurie Ferguson: “We all have a role to play in making our communities more inclusive and stronger for the future.

Alcohol, food and gender relations are the key barriers to social interaction between Muslim and non-Muslim Australians, a study suggests. 

The findings emerged from a study commissioned by the federal government to develop better community-based integration programs.

The project focused on Muslims who have experienced racism since the 2005 Cronulla riots. What race is Islam again? 

To determine social barriers, researchers interviewed a group of 10 Muslims who socialise predominantly with other Muslims. They also spoke to 10 non-Muslims from the Cronulla area who did not mix with Muslims.

Among the non-Muslims, it was not well-known that drinking alcohol is forbidden under Islam.

The concept of halal – denoting what is permissible under Islam – was also little understood.

Female Muslim interviewees said they could not understand how drinking by non-Muslims can be seen as responsible behaviour.

Their male counterparts said they would refuse invitations to events where alcohol was consumed to shield the women from it…

*  “Australians should stop drinking”, sez bridge-builder and outreach expert Laurie Ferguson: “We all have a role to play in making our communities more inclusive and stronger for the future.”

21 thoughts on “Australia: Study finds most non-Muslims still unaware that Islam has its own set of rules”

  1. What is so very revealing is that its ALWAYS the Kaffirs who have to change to accommodate the Muslims. Nowhere in any so called Multi Culti outreach BS do the PC Moonbats make a single suggestion or recommendation that Muslims should change a damn thing. No why do you think that is are these people total dhimmies or just stupid. My opinion is that they are stupid dhimmies.

  2. * ”Australians should stop drinking”, sez bridge-builder and outreach expert Laurie Ferguson:

    I’m not Australian but I will stand in solidarity with my Aussie brothers and sisters who love the freedoms that living in the civillized world allow us. And for that, everytime I drink, I will get falling down drunk and dedicate my hangover to Moe. lol lol lol lol

  3. * The concept of halal – denoting what is permissible under Islam – was also little understood.

    Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) is working hard to change that … fawning before
    the false god “allah”:

    Australian halal meat brand goes global

    A HALAL brand developed last year by Meat & Livestock Australia for use in the Middle East red meat market will now be sold around the world.

    MLA said the brand is set to appear with Australian red meat sold in Islamic countries around the world.

    MLA’s Middle East regional manager, Ian Ross, said 28 percent of the world’s population is Muslim and most lived in countries with growing economies.

    “It’s vital the Australian red meat industry positions itself in the best possible way to supply these important markets,” Mr Ross said.

    “The Halal brand shows that the Australian red meat industry is culturally aware and that we respect the laws of Islam. […]

    Respect the laws of islam? In Oz? Traitors.

  4. Oh, and throw another koran on the barbie, & grab a pork banger with dead ‘orse!

  5. Infidels always have to be the ones building these damned bridges to nowhere. The hell with it-I recommend that Australians drink more, eat more pork, dress as sexy as possible and have a good time in general. If Koranists don’t like it, deport them to such joyless paradises as Iran and Saudi Arabia. It’s your country so do as you damn well please!

  6. “Laurie the Fink”

    We’ll drink a drink a drink
    To Laurie the Fink the Fink the Fink
    The traitor to the Aussie State

    He dispenses multiculti bullshit
    That is fatal in every case

    (“Lily the Pink”)

  7. Laurie just got a piece of my mind – I suggest that you fill the moonbats email box with wisdom – I was perhaps not so nice. He is easily found in ALP web sites.

  8. This thread is so true. Only last week one of my workmates asked me what the hell “Ramadan” is, so I started telling him the basics in what it was all about. I was only able to briefly explain a few things about mooohamad and his evil antics, especially in relation to his ‘fav wife’ before I was cut short in that he didn’t want to hear anything more.

    I have family in the west of QLD who seem to think that they would be absolutely safe in a non-metropolitan area, the islamics are only interested in the major cities.

    Basically, no-one really wants to know about islam or what we’ll be in for if we don’t get off our collective arses and start educating each other.

    I’d like to have a network in that we educate everyone we can, anywhere in the world, about how absolutely evil islam is. Local-language letter-box drops, billboard posters and a universal e-mail address springs to mind. I’ve already thought of a motto, “Ignorance is NOT bliss”…

    Any suggestions? Ideas? Anything?

  9. outreach expert Laurie Ferguson said: ”Australians should stop drinking to be more acceptable to Muslims”,

    WHAT!!!! is this guy nuts, they come to our country and we have to change for them????,, WHAT ROT, they are here and they either except out ways or go home..
    This man obviously doesnt know what is in Muslim books, they are not here to intergrate, they are here to mutiply and when the time is right they are to cause us to become Muslims, or die..
    Ishaq:204 “‘Men, do you know what you are pledging yourselves to in swearing allegiance to this man?’ (Mohammad) ‘Yes. In swearing allegiance to him we are pledging to wage war against ALL mankind.’”

    Ishaq:471 “We are steadfast trusting Him. We have a Prophet by whom we will conquer all men.”

    Qur’an 8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

    Ishaq:327 “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’”

    Bukhari:V5B59N516 “When Allah’s Apostle fought or raided people we raised our voices saying, ‘Allahu-Akbar! Allahu-Akbar! None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’”

    And this idiot says that we must make things easier for them?????.. Right!!!!
    He and most of our politican also obviously haven’t read the last three quarters of the Quran and others of their books.. the first quarter is lovely, kind etc.. until their numbers became enough to become a force and they allah (Mohammad) because revengeful, hateful etc..
    Mohammad the man that they follow today, raped, plundered, looted, tortured, and murdered across the country, and on into Europe, and this man whats us to make it easier for Muslims.

  10. Rossco ,
    Send articles around on your email list..write to politicans , write to newspapers…don’t be deterred by negative reactions just drop those people from your islam awareness list. I am about to send Geert Wilders speech in New york around my network…few say it plainer than him.
    Most of the print media is controlled by socialist , multiculturalists so you will probably have to send letters to quite a few papers before you find one that will publish your letters. I have found in my area that the main daily does not publish my letters but a smaller free community paper almost always publishes my anti islam letters…I have developed a following amongst the local elderly..they are always looking out for my letters..only had one negative reaction..from a relation..others tell me I am brave etc.
    The way I look at it , in few years time hardly any papers will be oublishing anti islam letters..there will be more and more muslims in our areas and they will be making more and more noise…so write while you can.
    A Bnp member said when advising another member to write to the papers…””It creates a sea for you to dive into.” It creates awareness. Many people probably feel the same way as you but they are afraid to speak out.
    Be Brave…become a campaigner…and don’t let anyone knock you back for long.

  11. Rossco
    just one more thing. It may not be too wise to say much in your work place…You have to think of yourself also , especially in these difficult, economic times.

  12. I believe in freedom of speech.
    I think it’s great that your all sharing ideas and that this site is a catalyst for debate.
    Because without the option to comment i couldn’t tell you,
    that you people are all fucked in the head.

    Oh, and I’m a Catholic Australian.

  13. Gee, thanks Mak!!! I actually call the muslims who murdered three nurses last week “fucked in the head” – or didn’t you read about it??? So please tell us why, in your enlightened opinion, we are fucked in the head. Or are you just another muslim troll?? And guess what – I’m a Catholic Australian as well. Members of my family died so that people like you now have the right to enjoy the right of free speech. It is a shame to see you abuse that right. So please explain to us all why we are so wrong in being rather critical of a group of cultural invaders called muslims who contribute very little to any country.

  14. Rossco,
    Just point people in the direction of the truth. Some will read, some will not. The truth always wins, and it doesn’t hurt to give a winning horse a bit of an extra edge.

  15. Oh, have no fear kaw, I’m no “muslim troll” here to pollute your beautiful conversation. I was raised in a good Catholic home that taught me to have respect for people who dedicate their lives to God.
    Just so you know, i heard about the murders of those poor nurses.
    Unfortunately in the society we live in, terrible acts are carried out,
    but not only by muslims, by all different creeds of people.
    Some people kill innocents, others spread hate to hide their fear of the unknown.
    I never said you were wrong in being critical. In fact, i praised you. I think criticism and public forums are important in keeping society in check.
    The “fucked” part or parts are many.
    One that, rather than having a civilized intellectual debate, you (by you i mean you and other posters) must fulfill your stereotypes by being derogatory and misquoting the Qu’ran.
    Two that you believe ALL Muslim people want to do is steal “your country” and convert you.
    Third, that you call Muslims “cultural invaders” when it’s clear your is particular brand of culture is unfortunately alive and kicking.
    Fourth that you believe Muslims have contributed very little when they contributed massively to poetry, mathematics, art, literature, and were the most forward thinking religious affiliation in regards to women’s rights.
    And fifth, seeing as we’re making generalizations, and lumping all Islamic people together, I’m going to assume that your anglo-Australian and not in-fact indigenous to Australia. I feel it is rather “fucked” that you feel this is YOUR country. This is not your country, you stole this country from another group of people, who you also “fucked-up”.
    It saddens me you feel my views are an abuse of my rights as a human, especially when you parade you veiws so freely here and also because you clearly wish others did not have the same right.
    Members of my family died so that EVERYONE (not just “people like me” or people like you) would have the right to freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religious belief.
    I am glad you are a Catholic Australian, i was beginning to think we had nothing in common.

  16. Mak

    We do have nothing in common. Your general knowledge regarding muslim
    contributions is rather inaccurate – I suggest you do some study. I am curious about how you created your point list. Lets go through these points one by one – mostly for your benefit.

    Point 1) The Quran is not misquoted here – at least by members who post here and who are certainly more knowledgeable about its contents than you appear to be. Please provide an example of where the Quran has been misquoted!!

    Point 2) I have made no claim that muslims want to convert me. Perhaps this is a projection of your own psyche. As for “stealing my country”, we are now seeing concessions that are being made simply to afford some accordance with islamic beliefs at the cost of others. For example we have idiots in FNQ who wish to cancel Christmas celebrations because they are deemed offensive to muslims, PC officials tried to remove Christian religious symbols from a Chapel in Sydney for the same reason. Sydney police have been not allowed to crack down on muslim criminal gangs in Sydney on order of PC fools (like yourself) with the consequence that muslims (specifically lebanese muslim shiites) now control most of the criminal activity in Sydney and are rapidly expanding into Melbourne and the Gold Coast. I provide only a few examples of many. A muslim sues a Christian school because she was not accepted for a post as a teacher! I wonder if a Christian would be employed as a teacher in a Madrassa. You seem to be particularly ill-informed. I interpret the sum of these activities as being counter to the Australian spirit and that they constitute an invasion, You are free to disagree,

    3) Muslim have, and the following point of view is supported in every country within which they have appeared, attempted to usurp and destroy the local culture and customs. This statement is supported by history itself – there are simply so many examples!! Muslims are cultural invaders because they have been trained since childbirth to accept all that is non-muslim as inferior. This can also be seen in numerous islamic statements and references from the Quran, which you can find yourself! This observation also supports the interpretation of muslim behavior/goals briefly noted in 2).

    4) Muslims have not made any meaningful contributions to science since around AD 1300 which marks their last significant contribution to optical science. Muslims made minor contributions/extensions to the Greek mathematics, they did not develop the concept of zero or negative numbers – Hindus did. Their greatest mathematican probably was Al Khwarizami who was a Persian and made some contributions in algebra. The use of base 10 was popularised by Arabs but was developed by others, including Hindus, The major advances were made by people like Euler, Bernouli, Newton, Fourier etc etc long after the epoch of islamic civilisation had passed. The muslims were never the protectors of womens rights and to say so illustrates your ignorance and is an insult to the millions of women who are now and have been enslaved by Islam. In short, muslim contributions to all the aspects which you have alluded are minimal, and are mostly contributions taken from other subdued cultures – presented as arab/muslim accomplishment for uncritical thinkers such as yourself.

    5) Wrong again – I came to Australia effectively as a refugee from a nasty Asian war. My parents have contributed significantly to Australia, without receiving any handouts from the various Australian governments, and I try my best to continue their example. No one stole Australia from the Aboriginals unless you wish to accuse the Aboriginals of the same when they first crossed the land bridge that existed many 10s of thousands of years ago and almost certainly displaced another race – though this point is not fully certain. In point of fact, open war existed between the Aboriginal tribes and the Europeans in FNQ for over 150 years. Actually, it was illness carried by Europeans for which the native Australians carried no natural immunity that caused most of the damage. The Aboriginals are rather lucky that the Spanish didn’t visit first (almost total destruction of several AmeroIndian civilisations in Caribean and Mexico), or the Arab muslims (massive destruction over 10 or so centuries in Central East and West Africa. Your friendly muslims basically refined slaving to an art and were the main suppliers to European nations before slavery was outlawed. Still exists in muslim countries though!! The Europeans didn’t steal – a culture that was technically more advanced usurped one that was less advanced. It has happened many time before and it is part of the natural evolutions of cultures. It is not nice, but it has happened many times in the past and has usually been more violent and disruptive than that which occurred in Australia.

    Every point that you have raised is easily refuted. Do your homework before you speak – you might then have something to say. As I also said members of my family died so that you have the right to free speech. At least try and honor their sacrifice, and that of your relatives (apparently) by thinking before you write. This was the point of my original statement – you can say what you wish but you must also justify your point of view. And, in case you have quite woken up yet – if muslims had been capable of living in peace with others this site WOULD NOT exist. Heard of an anti-buddhist site? – no? – I haven’t either. Anti-Shinto – no? (and yes Shinto is not Buddhism). Anti Hindu – well perhaps in India where Hindu extremists behave a little like muslims. Anti-Taoist?? No?? THERE IS ONLY ONE RELIGION THAT HAS GENERATED SO MUCH WORLD WIDE CONCERN DUE TO ITS TOTAL DISREGARD FOR OTHER BELIEF SYSTEMS AND NON-ARAB CULTURES. As a rhetorical question tell us which one that is. And then tell us why. Learn to read and to then think – it is often useful. You are also not correct in your last sentence – we have nothing in common. Have a nice day.

  17. yeah, ok, I’ll cut back on the drinking… when these retards come ouy of the 7th century and act like humans.

  18. yeah, ok, I’ll cut back on the drinking… when these retards come out of the 7th century and act like humans. {typo above!}

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