Dutch City (Gouda) Under Siege By Muhammedan Thugs

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Police And Government Officials Look Away,  Cowed Into Dhimmitude

Cheese for courage? 


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October 5, 2008 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Dutch police are refusing to take action to quell the ongoing and increasing campaign of violence and intimidation being carried out by gangs of Moroccan Muslims in the city of Gouda. Rather than acting to halt the attacks against innocent citizens the police are ignoring the mounting terror, suggesting that nothing is out of order.

“A police officer was knifed this weekend in Gouda. As well, journalists continue to be attacked. But the municipality continues to claim that all is quiet.

Gouda hit the national news when drivers of bus company Connexxion went on strike last week. They refused to drive through the Oosterwei district any more because they say they are continually threatened and robbed there by Moroccan youths.” [source, NIS News Service, http://www.nisnews.nl/public/230908_1.htm]

The local city council is displaying the same resignation to being overrun, unbelievably even to the point of dismissing the knife attack.


“Gouda council continues to claim that it is all a matter of small incidents. “It is very unpleasant of course, but a knifing is too big a word,” said a spokesman for the police on the knifing of his colleague. “The knife only caught his buttock.” [source, ibid]

Murderous attacks motivated by anti-Christian and anti-Semitic bigotry perpetrated by Holland’s Moroccan Muslim immigrant population have been a fact of life in the near criminally tolerant European country for some time now, having most prominently come to general public attention in November 2004 when Mohammed Bouyeri, the son of Moroccan immigrants, murdered and nearly decapitated the controversial film maker Theo van Gogh because of his alleged “anti-Muslim” viewpoint.

The response has been less than tepid, with most Dutch officials pretending simply, that it is not happening. For example Amsterdam’s mayor Job Cohen has dismissed the concerns of the native population over the near uprising, which is taking place all over the country in areas settled by the Moroccans, and called debate over the matter in the Lower House, “out of proportion.”

In Holland’s Lower House MP Geert Wilders has been railing against the threat for years and is now demanding that something be done to quell the violence. Joined by fellow MP Griffith they are decrying being made the scapegoat in the case by police officials stating it should be their job to, “stop the hooligans,” rather than, “criticise the Lower House.”


Gouda is a city in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. Gouda is famous for its Gouda cheese, smoking pipes and its 15th century city hall. Lately Gouda is developing a different reputation, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish pogroms manufactured by Moroccan Muslim gangs. These gangs have no fear of the local authorities, in fact the opposite is true, the local authorities have become Dhimmis fearful of the Muslim Gangs. Read the story below:

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  1. This is coming to your city. I hope your “government” hasn’t disarmed you yet like so many socialist states have.

  2. Come on Holland! Remember how happy you were when we Canadians marched into Apfeldorf to liberate you from the nazis? Now it’s time for you to stand up for yourselves and propel every last sand weasel infesting your country back to his camel dung hut before the sons of the desert outbreed you. Time’s a’wasting!

  3. I honestly think that the socialist laws on gun control (one of Hitlers first goals when he came to power – disarm the people) are a prime catalyst for bravado in the upheavals. In Australia the only people who can freely own guns are criminals. If guns could still be purchased legally in the Netherlands it would be a disincentive to the Islamic shit causing the stir. Lets face it, the play is going to end in extreme violence given the lack of commitment to reality of the largely farcical leadership of the Netherlands.

    Lest we forget

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