Holland: Pepto Bismol Jihad

Dutch police arrest two (Methodist?) terror suspects


Dutch police have charged two men taken off a flight from the United States with “preparation of a terrorist attack”, ABC News reported on Monday, citing US and Dutch law enforcement officials.

A spokesman for the Dutch public prosecutor told the news network that the men were arrested “at the request of American authorities”, adding that “the investigation is ongoing”.

Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi, left, and Hezem al Murisi, were taken off a United Airlines flight in the Netherlands and have been charged by Dutch police with “preparation of a terrorist attack,” according to a U.S. law enforcement …

ABC News identified the men as Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al-Soofi and Hezam al-Murisi, and said Soofi was from Yemen, citing one of the man’s neighbours.

The men were apparently allowed to board a United Airlines flight from Chicago, Illinois to Amsterdam despite a slew of security concerns, beginning in Birmingham, Alabama, where Soofi appears to have started his journey. (ABC)

Other news from the RoP:

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The Dutch Dilemma

Dutch Conservative VVD aims to get tough Islamic ‘marriage migration’, rules out coalition with Labour PvdA

More Security, Less Immigration

Gates of Vienna

Four weeks from today the people of the Netherlands will vote in a general election. Geert Wilders and the PVV are poised to make significant gains in Parliament, despite the firewall erected against them by the Dutch state media and the political elite.  Read further…

“In the biggest cities, 60 percent of the Moroccan men are jobless. In Rotterdam, one in two Moroccan men have already been arrested twice.” “Increasingly large numbers of partners are arriving from the hinterland of Turkey and the Rif mountains (in Morocco)  Once again new generations of illiterates who do not speak the language. They divorce after three years, and then the next partner is again brought in from abroad.”

Wilders’ PVV party, unfortunately are not leading the polls, but it is clear people are listening, and more are willing to act to change this heading-for-the-cliff’s-edge policies.

NIS News/Islamization Watch/ THE HAGUE, 11/05/10 – Conservative (VVD) leader Mark Rutte believes a coalition between his party and Labour (PvdA) is not possible. The differences between the two parties appear to be too great, he says in an interview with De Dagelijkse Standaard website.

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Netherlands: Large Scale Mohammedan Immigration Causes Economic Disaster

Immigration Islamic Invasion comes at hefty price


Lets do a profit & loss on the value of Mohammedan cultural enrichment!

Immigrants are expensive for Dutch society, but few people want to say it out loud for fear of the consequences, a study by a Dutch scientist has found.

The economic effects of immigration have become a hot-button issue in Dutch politics. The mere mention of the subject is often greeted with suspicion and loathing. But that didn’t stop scholar Jan van de Beek from writing his doctoral thesis on the issue. In his PhD research, which he defended at the University of Amsterdam on Tuesday, he answered two related questions: what kind of economic consequences did mass immigration to the Netherlands between 1960 and 2005 have, and why is it such a taboo to study the economic effects of these immigrants?

The reluctance to study the matter has done well to conceal some unpleasant facts, Van de Beek claims. For one, the Dutch policy of recruiting workers from outside of Europe in the 1960s needlessly delayed the modernisation of Dutch industry. As the Dutch economy was modernised in the 1980s, many immigrants were laid off and became dependent on welfare. Even today, the Dutch welfare state mainly attracts immigrants that impose a net cost on the Dutch economy, Van de Beek found.Van de Beek has come to conclusions the Netherlands may not like. Since the 1970s, little research has been done into the economic effects of immigration, for fear of playing into the hand of the xenophobic right. As recently as last year, populist politician Geert Wilders asked the Dutch cabinet to calculate the net costs or benefits imposed on society by immigrants. Cabinet refused to do so, which led to uproar amongst several opposition parties. The minister responsible called it “improper” to reduce citizens’ contribution to society “to a profit-loss analysis”.

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Who is crazy in Holland today?

From the desk of Thomas Landen / Brussels Journal

God Bless Hitler cries Muslims

The former Soviet Union used to send dissidents to psychiatric wards and treat them for the mental disease of not seeing the benefits of communism. In Europe, we have not gone so far (yet) that people who do not see the benefits of the multicultural society are treated as lunatics. They are merely considered to be “fascists” or “racists.” Nevertheless, some intellectuals on the left truly seem unable to understand how anyone who is right in the head can be “right” in the head.  continue reading>>

“Geert Wilders is a racist.”

Those are the words of the respected Dutch opposition leader Alexander Pechtold. (“respected” for what? For pissing on Wilders leg?/ed) So far national political figures have been reluctant to express themselves so bluntly about the far-right Freedom Party leader.

Mr Pechtold’s comments came after anti-immigrant politician Wilders had once again used shock tactics during a major political debate in the Dutch parliament.

But Islam is not a race….

The ‘Racism’ Canard [Victor Davis Hanson]

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Sharia for the UK

Global Tax Thuggery

  • Stealing from Jack to support Moe….

A meeting was held in Mexico City last week under the auspices of the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), whose implicit goal is to create a global high-tax cartel. continue reading>>

Lets get these wankers out!

EU: We would not want to hurt Muslim terrorists’ feelings

Gilles de Kerchove

Another unelected f*kcwit beaurocrit  inflicted on us by commie-bastard Xavier Solana: Gilles de Kerchove

KUNA — Nawab Khan

The European Union’s top anti-terrorism official said here Thursday that there should not be any stigmatization of any people or religion in the fight against terrorism.

These incompetent, unelected wankers are way past their use-by date. They need to be put out to pasture!

France to close Calais Muslim invader camp

Dutch Parliament Objects To Radical Islamic Headbanger

* Multiculti Madness:  “Dutch army recruits first imams”

However, one of the two imams appointed is deemed unsuitable to offer spiritual support to both Muslim and non-Muslims personnel, say MPs.


Dutch parliament objects to Muslim army chaplain

The appointment of Moroccan imam Aydin as an army chaplain has been criticised by the MPs.   According to the MPs, Aydin  earlier called Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende a hypocrite and said he was worth less than a doormat. He is also alleged to have said that Christians are still at war with the Muslim religion.

NRC Handelsblad

The Dutch parliament is holding up the appointment of a new Muslim army chaplain because of his ‘radical’ views.

The Dutch army was supposed to swear in its first two Muslim chaplains on Thursday. But deputy defence minister Jack de Vries was forced to postpone Ali Eddaoudi’s appointment after parliament raised questions about his political views.

Dutch City (Gouda) Under Siege By Muhammedan Thugs

* Islam4UK: Out With UK law, in With Islamic Law

Police And Government Officials Look Away,  Cowed Into Dhimmitude

Cheese for courage? 


Hat Tip Yid with Lid

October 5, 2008 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Dutch police are refusing to take action to quell the ongoing and increasing campaign of violence and intimidation being carried out by gangs of Moroccan Muslims in the city of Gouda. Rather than acting to halt the attacks against innocent citizens the police are ignoring the mounting terror, suggesting that nothing is out of order.

“A police officer was knifed this weekend in Gouda. As well, journalists continue to be attacked. But the municipality continues to claim that all is quiet.

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Islamic Radical to Judge: "We reject your system. We hate you. I guess that about sums it up."

* Not that his attitude has anything to do with Islam, of course not. Islam is a ‘RoP’, right? Any idea what the judges were referring to when they cited their adherence to a single violent belief system? What could it be?

                      International Herald Tribune

Dutch court extends prison for 4 terror plotters

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: An appeals court on Thursday increased the prison sentences of four Islamic radicals accused of plotting attacks on Dutch politicians, convicting them of the additional charge of membership in a terrorist organization.

The Hague appeals court re-convicted the four Dutch nationals of Moroccan descent for plotting attacks, and said trial evidence showed they were part of a single group, as prosecutors had argued.

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Rotterdam: Islamo-Shyster Mohammed Enait won't stand for the judge

 Enait claims that standing up conflicts with his religion. 

Rotterdam: Lawyer may stay sitting

Muslim fundamentalist and lawyer Mohammed Enait does not need to stand when the judges enter the courtroom.  Enait claims that standing up conflicts with his religion.  The court in Rotterdam agreed with him, reports NRC Handelsblad Friday.


From Islam in Europe

*  Big Shaker comments:

“According to Enait, who recently became a lawyer, Islam states that all men are equal.”

Has anyone challenged him to point specifically to a Koranic verse or hadith or anywhere in Islamic doctrine that states that ALL men are equal? This is simply a lie on his part, and especially offensive because it is the Christian West that originated and championed the notion that all men (and women) are equal. For Enait, infidels, who must be subjugated, converted, or killed, are most certainly not Muslim equals. And of course, neither are women, whose hands he will not shake.

The fact is, he won’t stand because Islamists do not acknowlege the authority of infidel courts or law. And he knows he can humiliate the multicultural Dutch wimps by making them back down and grant him his exception in the name of religious tolerance.

This is contempt of court and he must be jailed for it. It is time to stop being jerked around by the Islamists who express open contempt and hatred for the West.