European Commissioner: “Islam Is Welcome. Immigration Is Moral Necessity”

It’s been frequently observed that Muslim immigrants to Europe don’t assimilate to their adopted home; the natives are required to assimilate to them. 

All the more repugnant for this corrupt, unelected mandarin of the EU to mouth off about what is “moral and necessary”.    

“We will replace the natives with a Muhammedan proletariat- what’cha gonna do about it?”

More myopia in Europe, via the Brussels Journal, October 18 (thanks to DW):

Le vice président de la Commission européenne, le conservateur Jacques Barrot (Image de la Commission européenne)

Barrot: “I am the slime…”

Jacques Barrot is the European Commissioner for Justice. In an interview at Café Babel [in French] he gives some revealing answers which indicate that the European suicide is underway. He calls immigration an economic and moral necessity, adding that Islam is welcome in Europe.

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Mr Barrot is a former deputy in the French National Assembly, from 1967 to 2004. He was one of the founders of today’s UMP party, an institution that claims to be conservative. UMP is the party of Nicolas Sarkozy, who is known to the media and the world as a politician of the “Right.” Barrot had previously supported Jacques Chirac, and before that had been a leader of the centrist movement. In 2000 he was convicted in a French court of “abuse of confidence”. The case involved the diverting of government money to his party. He received an eight month suspended prison sentence but was pardoned by Jacques Chirac. Since 2004, Barrot has been a European Commissioner. He is also a Vice President of the European Commission.

Below are excerpts from the Barrot interview:

Does Europe need immigration? Barrot: Yes. The demographic situation of Europe requires a migration that must be concerted. Europe’s mission is also a desire to facilitate exchanges between countries. Immigration is both an economic and a moral necessity. […] Islam is perceived by some as incompatible with European values of democracy, peace and equality of the sexes. What is the EU’s position with regard to this problematical situation?B: This way of looking at Islam as antagonistic to European values is a totally partial and erroneous view. Islam is a monotheistic religion that seems to me to be compatible with our principles of laïcité. What is not compatible, are all the fundamentalists, not only Islamic, who wish to segregate and exclude other religions.

As soon as pluralism is accepted by Islam, in any case in Europe, Islam is welcome. What IS true is that we will always fight against the fact that in the Islamic milieu Christian communities are not always respected as they should be. But that is characteristic of a certain number of Islamic States, it is not characteristic of Europe. Europe favors religious pluralism and it is obvious that if Islam wants to exist in Europe, it must accept this pluralism.Here Barrot seems to be setting clear conditions for a large-scale presence of Muslims in Europe. Yet what apparatus is he setting in place, or advocating be set in place, to make sure that “pluralism” is or will be “accepted by Islam”? He seems to realize that it isn’t accepted by many Muslims now. What is he doing to change that? Or is he simply favoring massive immigration of non-pluralist Muslims into Europe, and hoping for the best?

But is this really true? Christian fundamentalists are routinely equated with Islamic jihadists, and in reality it is an extraordinarily unfair comparison. Christian fundamentalists are not blowing anything up. Christian fundamentalists are not crowing about how they will soon take power and replace Constitutional rule with religious law. Christian fundamentalists are not preaching that non-Christians must accept a second-class status and pay a special tax for the privilege of not being robbed from and killed.


 Why do we keep on taking these difficult, dangerous immigrants? What is the “root cause” of our ongoing, reckless immigration policy? Why are our politicians lying to us, for they clearly are. To get votes? Could that be all? Are they being bullied? By whom? I feel (hopefully) that if we can get to the root cause of our folly we might be able to start doing something.

Because we can’t just talk, even though talking helps.

I’m not positive about this but I believe our immigration policies are dictated to some extent by the despicable, corrupt, putrid United Nations. We’re probably not legally obligated to comply with their demands to accept specified numbers of third world savages (muslims), but since the State Department and most of the Washington elite just adore the worthless U.N., they bend over backwards to do their “share” by dumping some of the surplus people of the benighted, undeveloped world in small American towns and big American cities, where they wreak havoc on the natives and create numerous problems. The desolate places these immigrants call home produce nothing but the last thing the world needs—-millions of illiterate, radical muslim maniacs.

It is very obvious that some sort of a master plan has been in effect for decades involving the mass importation of non-Western people into Western societies. This is what the pundits and politicians constantly refer to in glowing terms as diversity and multiculturalism, the two defining reasons for America’s greatness according to them. Most Americans have been brainwashed into parroting this canard as if it were a divine decree sent down from heaven. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted my society turned into a multicultural, Balkanized jungle and I have never seen a referendum on this issue. Multiculturalism isn’t mentioned in the Constitution, so when did it become the official, legal policy of the United States, and by whose decree?

The illustrious social engineers of the political and academic elite have concluded that the white race is responsible for all of the world’s evils and they have been working feverishly for decades to eliminate the white majority populations in all Western countries. This sounds very radical, I know, but all you have to do is look at the immigration trends of Europe, Canada, and the United States over the last thirty years and what do you see? I am old enough to recognize and actually see the drastic demographic changes in this country but if you want a real eye-opener, check the statistics from about 1970 to present day. They will shock you.

Whites comprise less than 10% of the global population. Now that’s a real minority, wouldn’t you say? Yet we are told every day of our lives that we must defer to “minorities” in the United States to ensure that they are not deprived of their rights. There are so many special interest minority groups that I can’t count them all but in a few years, whites will be the minority in America, just as planned. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate the white race entirely and when the U.S., Europe, and Canada are finally transformed into third-world dumps, everyone will live happily ever after.

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  1. “As soon as pluralism is accepted by Islam, in any case in Europe, Islam is welcome.” Islam is not cabable of accepting pluralism and so, as the French used to say – OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.

  2. Idiots to the slaughter. Calling them sheep would be a insult to sheep & their vastly superior intellect compared to these EU officials. Noting that Islam is worse than Nazism and twice as deceptive…

    Someone should ask this knucklehead if he would accept immigration from various ethnics if they “adopted Nazi type fascism melted into a fatalistic murder cult that not only wants to destroy any Religious freedom, but any Government, Cultural ideology that doesn’t conform to their doctrines”. You’d have this joker caught in his own snare if he said yes or no.

  3. Well, he is French! What else can one expect?

    A White flag in one hand – a White feather in the other.

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