The Glorification of the Bali Bombers

Pilgrim site planned for Bali bombers

* They are not executed yet. There is grave doubt that they ever will be, because Bucktooth Bashir, the instigator behind these terrorist attacks, has already (repeatedly) threatened the government with violent reprisals. But the Islamic propaganda machine is already in overdrive to turn the laughing mass-murderers  into  ‘martyr’s for the cause. Btw: “they’re laughing because they’re embarrassed” sez resident Islamo-shyster Yusuf Irfan.

Tom Allard Indonesia Correspondent/SMH

“A WEALTHY supporter of the Bali bombers wants to create a jihadi cemetery for the three men and other “holy warriors”.” 

Cecep Hermawan, a businessman and activist in Indonesia’s radical Islamist movement, says he wants it to become a site where “pilgrims” can pay their respects to “those who fought for the existence of Islamic sharia, those that paid with their life”. He has offered a hectare of land in the city of Cianjur, West Java.

He has discussed the proposal with the bombers on death row – who killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, when they bombed Bali’s tourist strip six years ago – during his regular visits to them.

“The families said they are OK with that. Their only complaint is about the distance, especially for the families of Amrozi and Mukhlas because they live in East Java. The family of Imam Samudra has no problem as it is not far from their home town.”

The families of the Bali bombers are fielding requests from Indonesian Islamists who want to bury their bodies together. Achmad Cholid, the lawyer for the Bali bombers, said Mr Hermawan was only one of about five people wanting to fund a joint burial plot. Mr Cholid said the bombers and their families would wait until they knew the time of the execution before deciding which, if any, offer to accept.

Last week, a spokesman for Indonesia’s Attorney-General, Hendarman Supandji, said he would announce the time and date of the execution on Friday. Under Indonesian regulations, he can do this only after death by firing squad has taken place.

That prompted widespread reporting that the executions were imminent but Mr Supandji later clarified those remarks, saying he would only foreshadow the month of the executions. He said they would occur this year and rejected suggestions that the killings were being repeatedly delayed for political reasons.

The Bali bombers have warned of a violent backlash if they are put to death.

A clear majority of Indonesians have no sympathy for the men. Even so, in a mainly Muslim country of more than 220 million people there is a significant fringe who regard them as slightly misguided heroes and accept the conspiracy theories that the murders were a CIA plot.

Gayle Dunn, whose 18-year-old son was killed in the attack, said the proposed shrine was inappropriate. She was not hopeful of the Australian Government’s ability to intervene but hoped it would object. “I think something should be done to stop it,” she said. “It sends a message to everybody that says it’s OK.”

Yvonne Iliffe, who also lost a son in the attack, said she was beyond caring whether the bombers were celebrated in death.

“It’s just been six long years of one thing after the other,” she said. “The day that I wake up and they’re dead, I will be happy. They can build the biggest shrine they like and I wouldn’t care.”


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  1. * He has offered a hectare of land

    … won’t hold a lot of explodees, let alone a Jihad Interpretative Centre & souvenir shop.

  2. So the bastards get a hectare of land, yet on the site where Paddies stood is now is a Surfers Store, and the site where Sari Club stood is now just an unkempt plot of land.

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