Indigo Jo's inverted reality: "Proof that vilification leads to violence?"

 A ‘Revert’ Feels Vilified. Reverts have feelings too, (reverted feelings)

‘Indigo Jo’, otherwise known as ‘Yusuf Smith’, is a revert to islam and has a blog. We know him from rather ridiculous attempts to ‘defend his faith’ on Jihad Watch, where he comes out in support of polygamy and female genital mutilation, among other things.

Here’s one of his morsels:

* Yusuf Smith: “So, you would like to see us ditch much of our religion and, thereby, become non-Muslims”.

Here’s his latest blog entry:

In the Wake of “Obsession” Hate-DVDs: Muslim Children Gassed in Ohio Mosque |

* The Ohio ‘gassing’ is a canard. No proof for any such gassing was found. ‘Obsession’-, like Geert Wilders ‘FITNA’,  merely exposes the hatred Muslims preach in the mosques on a daily basis. Both Obsession and Fitna expose the evil Muslims do in the name of Islam, and Yusuf Smith aka Indigo Jo has a problem with the truth.

Yusuf whining:

For the last few years the Daily Express, in the UK, has been running a front-page hate campaign against Muslims, continually harping on every petty concession they hear Muslims have received from some council or other, and crowing about every purported move to “get tough” on Muslims, as with the cover story on the most recent Sunday Express. My contention has been that media vilifications of ethnic or religious groups can lead to violence, and said as much in my letter two months ago to Standpoint, which they finally got round to printing in the most recent edition. While they printed most of the letter, they omitted that bit, despite the low hum of violence which has sounded for the last few years: an imam blinded in London, another suffering brain damage, a mosque being destroyed in Basildon, a man threatened with a chainsaw in Bolton, and this past weekend, a Muslim cemetery vandalised in Southall, west London. (As usual, Yusuf offers very little proof or truth, but grievance theater. Many imam’s are blind and brain damage seems to come with the job/ed)

* There’s more if you can bear it. But the vilification of unbelievers by Muslims does lead to violence, that much we can see every day. Muslims are not Jews, they hate and kill Jews.  And increasing numbers of unbelievers had enough. Besides, with the vile texts of the Koran and the hadith being widely available, the cat is out of the bag. Less and less people can be fooled by smiling da’awa and taqiyya spin-doctors, and it is very possible that a crackdown is imminent, perhaps as soon as the next islamic terror attack kills another 50, 100 or 1000 Britons.


A few days ago we posted this here re the ‘Jewel of Medina’

So yes, it looks like Britain’s comical ‘Mr Bean’ lookalike Inayat Bunglawussi smells the increasing ‘Islamophobia’. Strange that ‘Indigo Jo’ still seems to prefer camel urine.

“A criminal attack on the Jewel of Medina publisher should not distract us from recognising that we all rely on free speech…”

* The Bungla may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he certainly smells the coffee:

“To those who are sending out emails urging Muslim organisations to call for the Jewel of Medina to be banned on the grounds of “provocation”, just imagine if members of the BNP were to threaten to riot because they found the publication and distribution of the Qur’an to be offensive”. 

* That will most certainly be the case. Sooner or later  irritated and much maligned infidels will have to take a closer look at the hateful teachings of the Koran and the hadith. That dreaded ‘backlash’ will come. Its only a question of time.