"Deep Thinkers"

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Wakademia explains “empty inside”

Why do so many British career women convert to Islam?

Kevin Brice from Swansea University, who has specialised in studying white conversion to Islam,  explains: ‘They seek spirituality, a higher meaning, and tend to be deep thinkers.”

Funny that. While the “empty inside” part sounds believable, none of these ‘reverted’ airheads strike me as “deep thinkers”. Nor has any of them ever produced anything that would deserve the label. But  we had an article up here not so long ago where one of these reverts stated that the burqa “liberates me from thinking”, so which way is it, mister Kevin Brice from Swansea University?

We're all "racists" now… Desperate Housewives Turn to Jihad…

Second American female convert to Islam arrested in plot to kill Motoonist

The faces of jihad: Jamie Paulin-Ramirez….

The self-dubbed “Jihad Jane” - The Will of Allah & the Slaves Who Are Willing To Do The Killing…

Brandnew “revert” 35-year-old Alicia Gamez: Al-Qaeda claims Spanish hostage converted to Islam: Possibly Stockholm Syndrome?

    Yvonne Ridley wrapped herself in shrouds and calls everyone a “racist” who criticizes her newfound belief-system.  Yvonne is carrying some heavy mental baggage: she said Muslim women were expressing themselves both on spiritual and worldly matters and nobody can stop them or ignore them.Their fight is against the new world order created by imperialism and Zionism which has become a global threat.

Jihad Fritz

    In mid 90s’, as a teenager, Fritz  Martin Gelowicz converted to Islam calling himself “Abdullah” or “Feliz“, became a follower of Dr Yehia Yousif and a friends of Turkish born Tolga Durbin, an “Islamic Jihad Union” -IJU operative, who was arrested inPakistan on 06/10/2007 and handed over back to Germany on 08/15/2007. Global Jihad
    Retard Jihad
    The Case of Nicky Reilly, the Retard Revert Who Prematurely Blew Up the Loo

Yet another convert to Islam misunderstands the Religion of Peace and gets involved in this jihadist murder plot. “For the Love of Islam: A Second American Woman Is Arrested in Cartoonist Case,” by Vanessa O’Connell, Stephanie Simon and Evan Perez in the Wall Street Journal, March 13 (thanks to JW:

Last Easter, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, a 31-year-old mom with a $30,000-a-year job as a medical assistant, announced to her family that she had converted to Islam. A few months later, she began posting to Facebook forums whose headings included “STOP caLLing MUSLIMS TERRORISTS!”

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Muslims in Spain (again)

* Unfortunately, the writer of this highly biased ANSAmed article conflates race with ideology. As we all know, Islam is not a race, and if Spanish youth rejects aggressive Musulmanic invaders they are perfectly within their rights. The article also blames ‘xenophobic feelings’, which is idiotic. Spaniards are clearly not ‘xenophobic’.

Racial intolerance by young people towards Muslims is on the rise, according to a survey realized in the Spanish schools. The feelings of the Spanish teenagers towards foreigners, based on the survey, are currently being examined by the Racism and Migration Study Centre. Before the deadly attacks in Madrid, the gipsies were the racist target of the Spanish youths who today turn their xenophobic feelings towards Moroccans even if from 2002 up to now the percentage of those who do not want North Africans in Spain fell from 48.6% to 39.1%. (ANSAmed).

* As we can see here from an older article, Muslim ‘reverts’ are causing a fair bit of irritation. About 20,000 of Spain’s estimated 1 million Muslims are Spanish converts, many of whom were drawn to the religion in the 1970s. These ‘new Muslims’ are highly priced cannon fodder in jihadi-circles; blue-eyed or Western looking people arouse less suspicion. Three converts were among those arrested in the British planes plot this summer.

From Gallia Watch

When Free Speech Becomes a Crime

On December 1, Bivouac-Id postedan article on the sanctions being instituted by the European Union to punish racists, by which is meant… Well, read for yourselves.

Indigo Jo's inverted reality: "Proof that vilification leads to violence?"

 A ‘Revert’ Feels Vilified. Reverts have feelings too, (reverted feelings)

‘Indigo Jo’, otherwise known as ‘Yusuf Smith’, is a revert to islam and has a blog. We know him from rather ridiculous attempts to ‘defend his faith’ on Jihad Watch, where he comes out in support of polygamy and female genital mutilation, among other things.

Here’s one of his morsels:

* Yusuf Smith: “So, you would like to see us ditch much of our religion and, thereby, become non-Muslims”.

Here’s his latest blog entry:

In the Wake of “Obsession” Hate-DVDs: Muslim Children Gassed in Ohio Mosque | MuslimMatters.org

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The Trouble With 'Reverts'


Al Jazeera TV focus on Irish family who want hijab in schools

By Claire Murphy Al Jazeera 

The plight of 14 year-old Shekinah Egan who wants to wear the hijab at school in Gorey has been featured by Al Jazeera's English channel. (Picture posed)

The plight of 14 year-old Shekinah Egan who wants to wear the hijab at school in Gorey has been featured by Al Jazeera’s English channel. 

ARABIC news network Al Jazeera has taken an active interest in the plight of an Irish girl who wants to wear a religious headscarf to school.

The Egan family from Wexford, who were caught up in the row over the wearing of the hijab in Irish schools have been featured on the Al Jazeera English channel.

Liam and his wife Beverley requested that their 14-year-old daughter, Shekinah Egan, be allowed to wear the religious headdress to Gorey Community School last September, sparking debate on the issue.

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