Libya halts oil shipments to Switzerland

* You can smear Ronald Reagan all you like, but he did the right thing when he bombed the megalomanic, inbred despot of Libya, who sired this PoS in the picture below by the name of Hannibal.  If anything,  you can blame Reagan only for missing the target. The Gaddafi clan terrorizes, blackmails and intimidates just like the Barbary pirates did 200 years ago.

Targeted assassinations are a political necessity:

* More blackmail & intimidation from the Gaddafi-clan in Libya:

The Associated Press

Analysts have speculated that the latest move by Libya is an attempt to increase diplomatic pressure on Switzerland to close the case against Gadhafi. (update: the case has been closed but the hostages still remain in Libya/ed)

Swiss oil officials have said that they would turn, as needed, to other suppliers to secure the necessary crude.

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