Malaysia: Wife beaten for not finding new wife


A 57-year-old Malaysian Muslim man assaulted his wife and threatened to shoot her after she failed to secure him a young second wife, news reports said today. (But remember: according to a new fatwa she is allowed to beat him too/ed)

Mohamad Haris Daud, a local police chief in Kuantan in central Pahang state, said the man forced his 60-year-old wife to seek the consent of a woman in her 30s to be his second wife. The frightened wife then went to the woman’s house but found out that she was already married, he said.

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“After she told her husband that the woman was married, he ran amok and started beating her and threatened to cut her with a machete”, Chief Mohamad was quoted as saying by the Malay-language Utusan Malaysia newspaper.

Chief Mohamad said the man, a security guard and member of civil volunteer corps RELA, which rounds up illegal immigrants, also threatened to shoot her with a shotgun after she failed to obtain the consent from the other woman.

Muslim men in Malaysia are allowed up to four wives but activists and women’s groups say polygamy is cruel and has deviated from its original purpose in Islam, which was to protect widows and orphans.

Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, where more than 60 per cent of its 27 million people are Muslim Malays. Polygamy is illegal for non-Muslims.

Police have detained the husband and he is being investigated for criminal intimidation. 

5 thoughts on “Malaysia: Wife beaten for not finding new wife”

  1. I am a U.S. citizen and a retired U.S. Marine. I find it odd how often tales of muslim men beating their wives attains media attention. Why is it that nothing is really said of the abuse women in the United States receive? One of the common causes of death for women in the U.S. is being killed by their husband or boyfriends. My mother was abused by my father. Two of my sisters have been beaten, threatened, or hospitalized by their husbands. One of my nieces was hospitalized after being thrown down a flight of stairs by her husband. I can go on for a while from just people that I know. It would be excessive to describe any of the scenes I witnessed while working with Law Enforcement. My point is this: domestic abuse of women is a problem all over the Earth. Why is it that if the man is muslim that it gets so much more attention? Why the double standard?

    Oh yes… I am also a convert to Islam and grew up in a Christian household (as were all of the above mentioned examples. My father was a protestant deacon in a Baptist church).

  2. Sounds like you need professional help…

    Hint: we in the West have laws against wife beating. The West also providea women shelters which are full with (Muslim) women.

    In Islam wife beating is the law.

    Can you spot the difference?

  3. So you are an expert on laws in all foreign countries? How long have you lived in Malaysia? What is the domestic abuse rate as compared to the US? Could it be that you are judging all muslims based on personal opinion? Hmmm… No couldn’t be that. Not at all. Just how many foreign countries have you personally visited and lived in?

    Peace and love in God.

  4. Dear Yameen,

    I hope that you are not intellectually challenged because of your background. But to engage in a debate, you need to stick to the subject matter and the facts.

    You are curious about whether I lived in Malaysia? What gives you the idea I am judging all Muslims on personal opinion? What have your questions to do with the price of meat?

    The fact remains: in Islam wife-beating is permitted, in the West it is forbidden. I leave you to drool over statistics, (which tell us nothing about Islamic doctrine)

    But if you still doubt my authority on this matter, perhaps you accept his:

  5. As Sheik says , wife beating is illegal in the west , wife beating is encouraged even mandated in islam…One prohibits wife beating the other promotes it.
    You don’t seem to get the point. Why did you convert? In other accounts I have read by ex muslims , they all say they were told certain things before they converted and then told different stories later. In other words , they were deliberately deceived. You were probably deceived also.

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